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Pre-Game 2 Twitter Q&A

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Andersen was 4 of 4 in Game 1. This is a pretty interesting prop bet, if it's actually out there. I'll going with the over, considering Birdman told me after the game that he was a little nervous in the first half and that those jitters were gone by the third quarter. I'm going with six attempts.

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"I love you Christopher Bosh, go get'em."
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The Harlem Shake, for starters, and then probably his Easter-egg shoes. In all seriousness, LeBron's ability as a leader is what I'm going to take away from this season. Oh, and this:

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If Chalmers struggles with his shot, he'll keep shooting. In the history of sports and sports movies, there probably isn't two more diametrically opposed personalities than the weak-minded Pedro and Chalmers.
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Miller didn't come off the bench in Game 1. Clearly, Spoelstra is saving him for The Finals.
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Loved it. I watched the ending three times. Daenery has her army, three dragons, Ser Jorah Mormont and Ser Barristan Selmy. What could stop her now other than ... can't give away any spoilers! Natalie Dormer's portrayal of Margaery Tyrell continues to amaze. She has Joffrey in the palm of her hand. It's easy to see why the directors decided to expand Marg's character for the show...The relationship between Brienne and the Kingslayer has been spot on...I could go on, but I'd be here all day.
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No, but not because he's physically unable. His role on this team doesn't allow him to be the same player. He's focused on efficiency, which he hopes to improve upon in Game 2. Wade was 5 of 12 from the field in Game 1.
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In-series adjustments are always fun. The Bucks can't have Sanders in foul trouble if they hope to steal a game tonight. Sanders played less than 19 minutes in Game 1. That said, I don't see Battier getting the starting nod to exploit that mismatch. It would have happened already. As for Birdman getting more minutes with Bosh, why alter what's working? 
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Caron Butler is a salty dog. Andre Miller is a salty dog. Ray Allen is a salty dog. LeBron James is a lion.
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Yes. Prediction: Heat 108, Bucks 95. The line on tonight's game opened up at 13 1/2 but the Heat is now a 14- or 14 1/2-point favorite, depending on your betting house. I'm going with the under.
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I sure hope so. Ray is also rocking some new shoes for the playoffs. They double as boots ... or something.

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Another blowout. The games probably will get more interesting in Milwaukee.
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Right on, man.
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Fourth quarter.
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Wild Turkey, in honor of Birdman.
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It depends on the pre-game media meal.
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I usually go with a handful of gummy bears.
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Haven't seen any books yet. Give it time.
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The Heat out-rebounded the Bucks by 15 in Game 1. Bosh had seven of those boards in less than 28 minutes of work. It was a nice effort, but I think expecting him to out-rebound the entire Bucks team is asking a little too much.
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Hope so.
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You know, Cole's haircut isn't a traditional fade. I don't really know how to define it. It's a little thicker in the back than, say, your traditional 1980s look.  I'll ask him tonight and get back to you. As for Birdman, that Mo-Hawk could cut through steel.
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Hard fouls? The Heat was a little too gracious in the paint with Jennings in Game 1. He'll probably find things a little more difficult tonight.
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Greed? But seriously, TNT has the option. Went with Knicks-Celtics.
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Because he's a warrior poet. Why should Spoelstra change? The Heat won 27 straight games with Haslem in the starting lineup. Seems to be working pretty well. Haslem had five rebounds in less than 17 minutes in Game 1. That's a significant contribution.
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Great question. After 27 points in about 35 minutes in Game 1, I'd say yes.
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Wise guy!
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Micky is going to be paying some luxury tax. The question is how much is he willing to cough up. If you want to help with the effort, I'd suggest drinking five beers at tonight's game.


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