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NBA players and others celebrate Jason Collins' decision

Inspiring stuff today as NBA player Jason Collins came out as the first openly gay athlete in major American professional sports. Players around the NBA and other celebs showered Collins with support on Twitter after Collins' story appeared on

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Nice Joe

Why is it that most liberal/progressive people I know are the least 'tolerant' of other people's views?

I guess I now need to feel ashamed of my feelings and beliefs. Where is the public applause for me stating what I've always felt in my heart?

Pray for the US!

Man, this is the wrong time for the Heat to be between series'.

Now we have to swallow this crap ad nuasem for the next few news cycles?

Any other crimes against humanity that we need to embrace?

Still looking to hear a good answer as to why two straight men aren't allowed to marry. Is it because of their sexuality? That doesn't seem right. If we are going to bastardize the meaning of marriage, why stop with just the gays?

Almost everywhere this subject gets put to a public vote it is voted down (gay marriage). But it only takes one liberal judge to deny the people's will, and that state endures the consequences.


Reference Chris Broussard - ESPN interview

its not IGNRORANCE to disagree with homosexuality theres a reason the consensus natural choice is to NOT be gay... more cultural feeding to dull our youth to homosexuality smh YOUR LIFESTYLE (NOT RACE)


Like our leader said, this is "progress". I guess that all depends what your final goal is for this country POTUS. If it's the destruction of our morals and our families, "progress" it is. If it is the condemnation of anything Christian, "progress" it is. What it had been "progress" if Obama's dad was gay, and he was never born?

Aren't we glad D-Wade's father wasn't gay, or LBJ's father, or CB, or Pat Riley, or UD, or Ray Allen's father, etc.....? I know I am. So let me be happy with myself as Mr. Collins so poetically put it.

We should ALL be free to do WHATEVER, well, except get caught singing Christmas carols, don't want to offend someone, right? Let's don't enforce our laws if it offends - 'certain' people. Let's bastardize the word marriage to make it mean something entirely different, because it makes us feel good.

Will it be progress when the first 'undocumented worker' plays for a major sports team?

And the humor that this is the first pro-gay athlete is ridiculous. WNBA anyone? Billy Jean King, Martina N., Greg Louganis.

Thanks for working with me Joe.

I'm beginning to learn where my boundaries are on this site. There are certain people that are off limits to any criticism, and certain point of views that, despite being the majority opinion of most Americans, are not allowed to be voiced.

Nice job Comrade. I'll be sure to march with straight legs as I go to my Indoctrination Ceremony.

Long live the USSA!

I think the most important thing is that nobody is asking, where is black the trucker?

hello, I know I'm a couple of days late, but I would like to add my 2 cents.. One I am a bible believeing Christian. I know quite a few, and have gay friends. They know how I stand when it comes to homosexuality, I love the person, but i dont agree with the lifestyle. Now with that being said,
I dont understand why the media wants to push this equality for everyone, except when it comes to Christians? Every movie, every show (I.E. Law & Order, CSI, ETC), everytime their is an es-stranged serial killer they make them out as hearing voices from God, and making Christians or people who believe in God seem like crazy psyco-paths, but when it comes to Gay-Rights, or anything against Christianity it gets pushed to the forefront of media and praised as the best thing ever?? When did we become so Anti-Christ in America??

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