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LeBron, Wade and Chalmers out versus Knicks

The maintenance program has officially started.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers will sit out Tuesday night's game against the Knicks at AmericanAirlines Arena. This is the second game in a row the three starters have rested minor injuries. James, Wade and Chalmers also did not play on Sunday against the Spurs.

Officially, James is skipping the season finale with the Knicks due to soreness in his right hamstring and Wade is out of action due a variety of minor injuries. This is Chalmers' third-straight game to sit due to a sprained ankle.

"These are minor nicks and knacks that happen during the course of a season," Spoelstra said.

The playing status of the three players is day-to-day, according to Spoelstra, who wouldn't commit to playing the James, Wade and Chalmers against the Bobcats on Friday.

The Heat's starting lineup will likely be the same as Sunday's game against the Spurs. Chris Bosh started at power forward in San Antonio with Norris Cole, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis and Udonis Haslem rounding out the starting lineup. The Heat defeated the Spurs 88-86 on a three-pointer by Bosh with 1.1 seconds left.

On Sunday, reserve Shane Battier referred to the pared down lineup as the Fighting Clowns. On Tuesday, he called the Heat's split squad "Expendables Part Three."


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Good call guys.... rest up.... but can the shooters out shoot the knicks...

Bet on it

I will love watching this game without our backcourt and LBJ. Cole, Allen, Miller, Jones, Warden, all of those guys are probably juicing at the chance to get on the court and take down the 'nicks.

They are a big part of who the Heat are, and our depth is vastly underrated.

Heat up!


Thanks for keeping this blog rolling. I've been busy and wanted to comment on Ainge v Riley, the win streak, the Spurs game, etc... Probably start spewing more tomorrow after the victory tonight.

I'm back now, although under a different handle.

good game... even with the loss, we're ok... we move forward....

Just left the game. And what I witnessed was absolutely ridiculous. First off, Carmelo Anthony is by far the most selfish player in the NBA!!! This man had 2 assists and 2 rebounds in 40 minutes! Pass the ball you idiot. 2nd, the way the Knicks celebrated as if they just won the championship was laughable! What a bunch of morons!!! Congratulations on beating the Heat's second team. Lmao

BKY - you do mean the most selfish player this side of the Staples Center, right?

Wow.The Heat is absolutely in panic mode now.(Not).Geez folks...sniff,sniff.We lost 3-1 in games to the Knicks.Oh my gosh...."the sky is falling...the sky is falling"...mercy me.What will the Heat do now????Guess they better just quit and suddenly become scared of the Knicks or the Pacers,or the Bulls or the Thunder or the Spurs.Oh man....whoa is me.Lord have mercy.NY fans crack me up....those sorry losers.Too too funny.BTW.......Heat KNOW they will win it all again against..."whoever".NO NBA team can beat the Heat this season 4 out of 7 games.Get real people.

OK, where to start?

Luv your sentiment Pepe! We will fear NO ONE in the playoffs.

We only need to win 5 (or combination of Spurs loses) to cement home court through out the playoffs. Nice!

Mike Miller with some ups?? I think he got tired at the end of the game, OK, the entire second half.

Where was the Warden last night? Thought he could have gotten some burn.

Riles cursing? Please. Next issue. Ainge a beatch? Who knew?

LBJ getting hit in the head, not just getting fouled, but getting hit in the head when he drives to the basket with no foul, is happening TOO FREQUENTLY!! Don't try to compare this with mj's skinny frame being protected by the league. His errorness bitched and whined as well as anyone, and got to the FT line on phantom calls more than ANYONE in the history of the league. There is no way the officials can be accused of trying to protect LBJ the way they did mj, NO WAY. It's so easy to see who and what the NBA wants to protect. When Shaq was with the Lakers, he got to the line frequently by lowering his shoulder and displacing the defender. When he got to Miami, not so much.

SPO, congrats on Coach of the Month. That probably won't sit well with the SPO haters in south FLA. He is near the top of the line as far as classy and intelligent (well spoken) coaches. Oh, and he has a history of winning, which is really what he has done since getting rid of supercoolbeas.

Now, with that reference, we should know that Greg G changed his handle. The real reason is that I don't trust society too much any more. Most of the bloggers on here, I'ld love to watch a Heat game with. But I don't think I'm comfortable with my name being put out there constantly with controversial subjects being tossed around. Never know who the loose cannon might be.

Lastly, loved, absolutely LOVED LBJ's hard hit on Boozer's screen. The rest of the league (Bulls, Pacers, Knicks, Celtics, etc...) will all come at us like that, but I know we'll be ready.


are u eyeballtwo???

you don't trust society??? well dam, greg...

u ok???

I'm one in the same.

I thought the Beasley reference or the SPO love would 'out' me.

I don't fear any of the regular Heat-lovin' bloggers on here, although I think bky could kick all of our asses. (that's why I'm glad he's on our side) But, like you, I think it's time to go with a different handle. Too many weird individuals out there, and society's morals have all but vanished.

Point: That Rutger's coach getting canned? For what - not yelling at his players (every coach does that), not tossing the ball at his players, nope, in this PC world we live in, he got canned for daring to use a term used to describe gay men. Pathetic! I know for a fact John Thompson used to berate his players during the game on the sideline with - you can't let these white boys beat you (St. John - Mullin/Wennington). Public outcry? Nope. Not that there should have been. I like John Thompson and was a huge Hoya fan in the 80's. We've just allowed society to become too freakin' sensitive about everything (except Christianity). Luckily, I know how this world ends, and the idiots DON'T win!!!

Like the name switch.

Eyeball2, I have seen Kobe play, he had a triple double last night. He passes the ball. Carmelo rarely does. Just saying.

Correction on the Rutgers coach:

I know the clips of him throwing the ball at his players are going to be run on a loop ad nausem, but - you can't throw a ball at your players every time they make a mistake. What I saw was a coach that couldn't motivate his players with words or actions, so you throw balls at them? I've thrown balls at the wall above my players heads to get their attention, because they weren't listening to what I was saying - and I'm pretty sure they were going to make the same mistake that I was talking about - but you never throw AT a player. Fire him, he seems a bit insecure to be leading those young men.

Cole should have been taken out of NY game. Wasn't
a good night for him and his turnovers were many
His play is sporadically good for few minutes even
with wade and James. Why leave him in? Give
some others known to be better a chance to dust
the rust off since they haven't played a lot. I know
game strategy to keep wade and James out. Would
have been nice to see if could have won without
Cole making so many bad judgement calls

Well, I think Cole has been doing a good job... Last nights game wasn't Coles' fault... We're ok... I think the rest will do the guys some good, and as a team get the shooters some rhythm... I do think Joel will be needed come postseason... Maybe give him some playing time to get a feel for the moment... But hey, we're ok...

I'm not touching that Rutgers topic... I wanna finish strong, going into the first round... Wanna see who we face and what the seeds are...

BH, and who would be our point guard if Cole was to be taken out?

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