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LeBron on finishing second in voting for Defensive Player of the Year: 'It sucks'

MILWAUKEE — LeBron James is not happy he finished second in voting for Defensive Player of Year behind Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies.

“It sucks,” James said on Thursday before Game 3 against the Bucks at Bradley Center. “It just sucks.”

James was named Eastern Conference Player of the Month for the first five months of the NBA’s six-month season and will likely be close to a unanimous selection for his fourth MVP Award in the last five seasons. He prides himself on defense just as much as offense, so finishing second isn’t something worth celebrating.

“It definitely sucks, finishing second,” James said. “Who wants to finish second?”

James has finished second in voting for Defensive Player of the Year twice in his career. He was runner-up for the award in 2009. James averaged 8.0 rebounds per game this season, a career high. He had 1.7 steals and 0.9 blocks per game.

When asked if this season was his best as defender, James said “probably” and then presented his case.

“I guard everybody on the floor,” James said. “I don’t if it’s one player in NBA history who guards one through five. So … it’s over with now, but that’s OK.”

There have been times this season when James has guarded opposing point guards and centers, though his primary defensive responsibility is normally guarding an opposing team’s small forward. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra calls James “One Through Five” for his ability to guard each position on the floor.


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hahaha he's right. he has a point. does the others have too? just asking.

Short list of players who could guard 1-5: Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman (when @ Detroit), Anthony Mason, and yes, Lebron James.

NO DOUBT, Lebron was the BEST DEFENDER in the league this year, ZERO DOUBT. The award to Gasol was as much a team award for the Grizz as a personal award. Hell, Gasol might not be the best defender on his team, Tony Allen was. But the NBA heads didn't want LBJ to get the MVP, the DPOY, and Finals MVP in the same year - although he worked his butt off to earn them.

Brandon Jennings - when did we decide this guy was an elite player in this league? Shot selection is poor, defense is poor, and looks like he was never introduced to the weight room. Some of those things can be improved by a college coach, but hey - show me the (European) money, right?

Black - still waiting for Ray to sell us out? Maybe he was waiting to set that record for most career playoff 3's. Other than having trouble dribbling the ball a few times, he's looked pretty damn good so far.

Good solid road playoff win... we move forward... game 4... close out game... come to play... watching all things Heat... 007..

Good solid road playoff win... We move forward... Game 4...

Who said Jennings was ever elite? He is all over the place. And Yes, I'm also still waiting fir Ray to sell us out too. Very concerned about Wade's knee. If it was me j would sit him for game 4, start Miller and give Wade 5 days off. A no doubter if you ask me.

LBJ is the best defensive player by far. Who's Gasol?

The player they gave it to... crazy..

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