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Haslem, LeBron nearing statistical achievements

Two statistical notes entering Friday's game against the Celtics...

Heat forward Udonis Haslem needs five rebounds to tie Rony Seikaly (1,474) for second on the Heat's all-time career list for offensive rebounds. Haslem has started 58 games this season and is averaging 4.1 rebounds per game. While it's his lowest rebounding average since his rookie season, Haslem's activity rate remains high. He is averaging 10.4 rebounds per 36 minutes.

Haslem missed Wednesday's game against the Wizards but expects to play on Friday. He leads the team in charges (28) despite playing averaging just 18.8 minutes of work. Below is a chart of the Heat's all-time leaders in offensive rebounds entering this season. Haslem leads the franchise in overall rebounds (5,154), which is the fourth highest in NBA/ABA history by an undrafted player.

From the media guide...
Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 7.27.21 AM
Haslem also leads the Heat in career games played (668 entering Friday).

LeBron James needs eight points to reach 2,000 points for his season. James has scored more 2,000 points seven times in his career, or every season except his rookie year and the lockout-shortened season.


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You know something??? I really dislike the Celtics... plz win this game 2nite...

Looks like 104, not 4

does anyone see the Warriors beating the Spurs in the first round???

can the Hawks grab the 5 spot???

Hey Mike and Mike, whats' up...

Warriors can NOT beat the Spurs in round 1. Spurs AREN'T weak, just not covered in the media. OKC, on the other hand, looks beatable to me.

I think Pierce and KG are sitting for the C's. Time to shine Heat nation!

Just got into it with my cousins from New York, their Knicks fans... I told them the Knicks can't get pass the Pacers in the second round... Hell, can they beat Celtics in the first round???

I no one thing, the haters are on the prowl, we gotta stay focused... Get ready guys, they will try everything to stop this train from moving forward... Stay focused...


we would shine even if they were playing...

I've been impressed with Ray Ray's game lately....ball handling, attacking the rim, etc...

Also a little concerned with the amount of jumpers (and 3pters) that CB is throwing up. Hopefully he doesn't get too comfortable with that shot, and mixes up with the shot fake and drive and ball reversal.

Playoffs soon boys and girls - this is OUR TIME!!! Wade gearing back up - yep, LOVIN' EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Cole, stay aggressive on both sides of the floor... Both you, Rio and Shane have to come to play during this years' run... 007...

hey eyeball2, if you had to set a 9-man rotation for the postseason, who would you trust to bring home???

maybe trust, isn't the right word... more like, who would you put in a 9-man rotation for the Heat during this playoff run???

or can you set to a 11-man rotation???

Come on Skip, you just had a player break a pitcher's shoulder, KD is ok...

Starting five plus Cole, Allen, Battier, Anderson would be my 9-man rotation.

Miller, Lewis, and Anthony are the next off the bench.

And I still trust JJ to do work when called.

Howard and Varnado are there to rebound shots during the pregame warmups.

Certainly matchups, injuries, fouls, and game scenarios come into play - but if a game ever became a war of attrition - I like our depth over every team's bench.

Black, you thinking the same?

Well, this is my rotation...

starters: Bron, D-Wade, CB, Rio, UD...

reserves: Cole, Shane, Birdman, Miller..

then you have to think Allen, Lewis, Joel...

48 minutes, attack at will, defense first, take the lead and extend it, stay of their necks til we win 4 games before they do type of mindset... just my opinion... i'm just saying...

hey I forgot to add Jones, put him in with Allen, Lewis, Jones and Joel...

C'mon now Black. You know Ray's going to be one of the first guards off the bench - before Miller.

You've been watching the games, hasn't he been playing well, in facets of his game other than shooting the 3?

Heck, for that matter, Rashard has been playing well also. And Miller.

But that all will be a memory when LBJ and Wade get back onto the court.

@black the trucker,

Nice lineup, but as the saying for the playoffs, you trust seven and play eight. I think for the first round the Heat doesn't change anything and goes with ...
Chalmers, Wade, LeBron, Haslem, Bosh
Ray Allen, Chris Andersen, Shane Battier

I could see Cole and Miller getting some spot minutes in the first round but not anything close to what they're getting now. They won't be getting regular-rotation minutes. Now, that could all change in the second round. If we know anything about Spoelstra, it's that he's not afraid to change things up in the playoffs.

Interesting... But, lets say one of the shooters goes cold, and seeing how Miller has been shooting the three-ball, do you see him getting into the rotation or Cole seeing the floor???

my bad you answered my question...

eyeball2, yeah i guess you have point about Allen and Lewis... We'll see how it all plays out but I really wanta see if Allen comes to play and if he is on, in terms of his shooting and if Lewis brings his A game too...

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