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Friends of Ray Allen affected by Boston Marathon

A friend of the Ray Allen family was badly maimed in one of the Boston Marathon explosions and remains in intensive care, according to Allen. Allen's family members have run multiple Marathons and Allen has stood on Boylston Street to cheer them on at the finish line.

"We have a family friend that was there and she’s in intensive care now because she lost her leg," Allen said.

Allen, who played for the Celtics, won a championship in Boston and has many close ties to the area, said he felt anxiety when he learned about the blasts.

“One of the things that have played over and over in my mind is how we would have been sitting at the finish line, me and my whole family, waiting on my mom and my wife to cross the finish line," Allen said. "This year they would have been running if we were in Boston, so that presented some anxiety when I thought about it."

Allen's mother and wife both moved to Miami when Allen signed with the Heat.

"When it happened, I was thinking of all the people that I knew in the vicinity and I knew as the days went by that there would be a couple people that came out that said they had friends or family," Allen said. "If it wasn’t someone that I knew closely or directly I knew it was going to be somebody that I knew that had friends or family. It’s still touching to you just the same."

The 29-year-old killed in the Boston Marathon blast was the manager of a restaurant owned by one of Allen’s close friends, Pat Lyons. Lyons also had an assistant chef badly maimed in one of the explosions, according to Allen.

Allen told Lyons that the best thing he could do for the memory of Krystle Campbell, the deceased 29-year-old, was to run in next year's Marathon. Allen said he expects the number of participants for the race to double next year.

"I was going to run," Allen said. "When I retired I was going to. I still believe it at some point I’ll run the marathon. I don’t know which one, but I will once I finish playing basketball."


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