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First-round schedule for Heat-Bucks

The Heat will kickoff its defense of the 2012 NBA championship at 7 p.m. on Sunday at AmericanAirlines Arena, the NBA announced early Thursday morning. Here's the Heat's first-round playoff schedule:

(1) Heat vs. (8) Bucks

Game 1 - Sun April 21, Milwaukee at Miami, 7 p.m., TNT 
Game 2 - Tue April 23, Milwaukee at Miami, 7:30 p.m., NBA TV 
Game 3 - Thu April 25, Miami at Milwaukee, 7 p.m., TNT 
Game 4 - Sun April 28, Miami at Milwaukee, 3:30 p.m., ABC 
Game 5 * Tue April 30, Milwaukee at Miami, TBD, TBD 
Game 6 * Thu May 2, Miami at Milwaukee, TBD, TBD 
Game 7 * Sat May 4, Milwaukee at Miami, TBD, TNT

A complete list of the NBA's first-round playoff schedule can be found at Here's a link. CLICK ME! 


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Game 3 is same night as NFL draft! Looks like I'll have to move TV from bedroom to living room to watch both simultaneously :)

Just brought a new broom... I'm just saying...

They say this team sucks... Thats a first... They say CB can't be taken seriously... Man the haters are coming out... tbc...

OH, ok, old Earl don't think we any good... tbc...

Man, all I see is sweep, in this series...

Just thought of a solid plan...tbc...

It's going down in Mass.. Get that MF asap..


Although the MSM openly hoped for a White American to be responsible, I don't give a crap about skin color, but I wasn't surprised to learn that they were part of that peaceful religion. Many more lives lost in Texas than Mass. Any loss of life is horrendous, especially children - that's why I'm hoping that the murderer doctor (Bosnell)at the Philly abortion clinic is put to death slowly and painfully. Oh, you didn't hear about that - it didn't fit the MSM agenda, so it didn't get covered. Apparently mom's have a right to kill their babies, and doctors can kill born babies as well. After all, children don't belong to their parents, they belong to the community, right?

Enough of that - it's FRIDAY!!

HEAT NATION - GET READY TO RISE UP!!!! This is our time of year!! Pretenders and wanna-bees can fall back.

eyeball2, you know you crazy right.. I'm just saying..

hey beyeball2, you hear jennings talking smack?/

Not recently, but when we were about to play them earlier in the year, he said he thought the Bucks "matched up well" with the Heat. That's not exactly saying 'yo mama' but, it might be something you keep in your locker room.

It shouldn't affect our professionals though. I think we will be motivated no matter who we are playing......with just an extra little bit for the Bulls, Pacers, C's, and Knicks.

Black, you on the road Sunday or will you be relaxing at the crib for Game 1?

I'm on the road... But I'll get a room or truckstop and catch the game...


You think jennings maybe biting off more than he can chew?

Should the Heat just run these guys off the floor, for jennings talking too much?

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