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EMAILS I GET: Cole the Jennings stopper

Norris Cole performed well in the fourth quarter of Game 2, knocking down a key three-pointer during the 12-0 run. All seven of his points came in the final period and he played every minute of the final quarter.

While Cole's offense was spectacular, emailer Leonard Kreicas points out that the reserve guard's defense is actually more valuable...

By Leonard Kreicas,

Last night Norris Cole stopped Brandon Jennings, especially the overlooked play of Jennings driving and Cole stealing the ball from him, just like Cole stole the ball a few nights ago to seal a W.

Cole is a much quicker defender than Chalmers, and can shut down the opponent's top driving threat. In the second half I could see Jennings fear of Cole, because Cole was too fast for him.

Cole is too short for people like Durant, but he could shut down Westbrook and Chris Paul, thereby stopping OKC or LAC play-making routine.

I don't think Cole got enough kudos for his defense in the second half, because without Jennings the Bucks lost their confidence and seemed in disarray letting the Heat bigs do their thing.

With Cole on Jennings for the next 3 games, the Bucks do not have a chance.


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agree hes a much better overall player than chalmers who is a 2 guard with a point guards body

Well, let's see. How many buckets did Jennings and Ellis have in the first half compared to the second half? SOMEBODY from the Heat was playing D in that first half as well. Let's put the actual numbers out there.

Love Cole's game/energy/attitude!! That being said, the Heat's defense is based on two things: individual on ball defense, and help defense. I think they are the best help defense in the league. Everybody will get beat on the perimeter occasionally, (even the best defender in the league, LBJ), that's why rotations are so important.

I'm just not ready to $hit on Rio's game to give props to Coles, they are both very nice pieces on a GREAT team.

Well.......tonight s Game 3 against Milwaukee and that is when these Playoffs really begin for the Heat.It will be a desperate Bucs team that will come out on fire with their crowd.Likely even get ahead by 10 or more points early too.THAT said Miami9 likely will absorb the hit and crawl back into the game by halftime.Hopefully......Miami s defense becomes more fierce in the 3rd and 4th quarters to eke out a close win.It only requires 1 point and they d be up 3 games to zip.I ll take it and GO HEAT.

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