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Check out what LeBron had on his feet at shootaround

And now for the corniest joke ever...
If LeBron's slippers could speak, they would say, "This is my house!"

Check out what LeBron had in his feet at shootaround


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Wow! Yeah that was a really bad joke.

Good game... Good win... happy to see the guys back in action... gotta get that rhythm back in focus... We move forward....

The Bulls come in on Sunday... Now, this should be fun... there is a bigger picture.. Come to play...

Just turned on the radio, and heard about Kobe... Dam, sad, but you gotta think, this won't be his last game, hopefully he come back.. Watching a NBA Legend in his prime was a gift we got to see, hopefully he recovers and gets backs.. Much luv Kobe...

just got through my meditation routine...

we have to stay focused.. this is our time.. as we move closer to the start of the postseason, remember the feeling of losing the finals in 2011... this will not be easy... preparation for the up hill battle will be key... stay focused..

Yeah listening to the radio is my meditation.

Hey Chuck, wassup....


Could you change this to a subscription site before the playoffs just see the fanbase... can I work on it???

Really bad joke

@Black, I don't understand your question.

@Joe, could you change this blog to a charged subscription type blog where as blogging can now be viewed as a way of the future in terms of social media and entertainment, and could I help by being part of it, in terms of working for the Herald???

@Black, No your sentence structure and grammar is just off.

I could fix that...

@Joe, ok, I'm going to show better sentence structure and grammar. But think about it.

I'm just saying.

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