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Beers on Shane Battier, the working man

So, this happened over the weekend. Bud Light "surprised" Shane Battier with a truckload of beer for drinking its swill during the Heat's winning streak.

"My father always had a beer and I want to be just like my dad," Battier said on Monday. "There’s nothing wrong with Bud Light. That’s the assembly workers drink and that’s what I am."

Definitely not a surprise, but it makes for a good story. And, hey, beers on Shane!

***The Republican party, which apparently already has huge aspirations for Battier immediately upon retirement, approves this message.

OK, we're kidding ... maybe. Definitely not kidding when I say Anheuser Busch totally stuck it to Milwaukee-based Milwaukee Brewing Company with this one. Oh, those crazy beer wars.


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