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Beers on Shane Battier, the working man

So, this happened over the weekend. Bud Light "surprised" Shane Battier with a truckload of beer for drinking its swill during the Heat's winning streak.

"My father always had a beer and I want to be just like my dad," Battier said on Monday. "There’s nothing wrong with Bud Light. That’s the assembly workers drink and that’s what I am."

Definitely not a surprise, but it makes for a good story. And, hey, beers on Shane!

***The Republican party, which apparently already has huge aspirations for Battier immediately upon retirement, approves this message.

OK, we're kidding ... maybe. Definitely not kidding when I say Anheuser Busch totally stuck it to Milwaukee-based Milwaukee Brewing Company with this one. Oh, those crazy beer wars.


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Gameday.... Lets keep our foots on them... Home court dominance... Watching all things Heat... 007...

If Bron doesn't win both MVP and Defensive Player this year, their just not watching the games....

I didn't have a DPOY vote, this year but you're probably right. Afraid voters will share the wealth, though. (Disclosure: voted LeBron for MVP and Paul George for most improved.)

"Alcohol - the cause and solution to all of life's problems" Homer Simpson

LBJ definitely the best, most versatile defender in the league. Tony Allen does work, but only guards 1's, 2's and the smaller 3's. (does the fact the CP3 made his game winner, while being guarded by TA effect the voting? Shouldn't) LBJ isn't mismatched against anyone on the court. If we wanted to, we could put him on lil Brandon Jennings and he might re-consider his match-up mantra.

Not nearly as surprised with the Bulls win yesterday as I was with the margin of victory the Nets showed in Game 1. I got the Bulls in 7.

Never thought the Warriors would challenge the Nuggs, but they definitely will look overmatched without their one true post threat in Lee. Denver can send everybody out to the perimeter to defend now against GS's shooters.

Game time - HOO!

NBATV - at least I won't have to hear Bill Walton announce this game. Hopefully not those Riley-haters Miller and Kerr either.

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