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With streak on line, Dwyane Wade back against Bulls

Dwyane Wade couldn't miss an opportunity to make history against the Bulls, his hometown team.

After missing a pair of games with a sore right knee, Wade is back in the starting lineup for tonight's game at Chicago's United Center. The Heat is gunning for its 28th victory in a row. The streak is the second longest in NBA history behind the Lakers' 33 straight.

“I think I’m ready to give it a go,” Wade said after Wednesday morning's shootaround against at United Center. “I had two situations I’ve been dealing with. One of them is gone and the other I’ll have to deal with. I just want to get back out there and see how it feels.” 

Wade has rested his knee for five days since last Friday's victory against the Pistons. He scored 19 points in the win but aggravated an existing injury in the process. The Heat rolled through a home-road back-to-back despite Wade watching from the bench but the Bulls are a few cuts above the Bobcats and Magic, and the Heat will need its full cast to extend the winning streak past Chicago.


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Welcome back Joe. Another vacation?

28 easy!

No rose no Noah no Hamilton no belinelli we should be fine lol

The Bulls make history!

Well, the streak ends at 27... Have to say, I enjoyed every game through this amazing run... But hey, let's just give them credit for sticking to what they do and competing... Well played game and they won...

I'm not sure if complaining about anything right now would be appropriate... So, the best way to sum this up is, WE MOVE FORWARD....

Up next, the Hornets....

Now, let's get ready for the postseason...

get all the treatment necessary... rest up if need be... something tells me, they will allow this kind of hard fouling throughout the postseason... but when you listen to what was said about how to beat us, this was what they thought would get the job done... so, we have to be ready... if they're not gonna call a fair game, then we have to outwork the other team even more this time around...

gotta say, we can not lose our heads... we must keep the same focus even when we're getting robbed by the Ref's...

hopefully, this get's us so focused, that we run through every team we play come playoff time...

It sad to see the streak come to an end at the hand of two clearly comprised officials Derrick Stafford and Gary Zelinski. James Williams tried his best to maintain balance but he was far outweigh by his fellow veteran colleagues. First time ever I've seen Lebron clearly upset at the pathetic officiating. With that said, Heat should have distroried this sorry Bulls team inspite of the obvious obstacle presented by the officials crew. Good win for Chicago. It will be their highlight for this season. Wonder how much money Stafford and Zelinski made tonight? Just saying! Maybe somebody should check that.

It was fun while it lasted but all good things must come to a end. Hopefully the Heat can stay healthy and complete the only streak that matters.


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10.. 4.. jpejeff...

my opinion, Louis, as long as it wasn't Scott Foster calling the game, we can rebound from this...

Thank you Heat for the wonderful ride! Now...they can focus on the real prize.

Too bad Lebron had little or no help last night. Should've known to expect the rough-house play & crappy refs.

Spo certainly did not help either. First, he waited about 2 minutes too long before putting Lebron back in the game in the 4th. Then...why was Wade guarding Deng while Lebron checked Hinrich with 6 minutes to go ? That certainly he never changed this out. Chalmers should've been guarding Hinrich...with either Battier or Allen sitting. Also...with the Heat getting battered on the boards once again even with Noah out...why not play Anderson with Bosh at the 4 more often earlier during the game ? Bosh was getting tossed around like a girlie-man doll most of the game - again.

Spo resorts to tightening the rotation way too much as the stakes rise....Stubborn Spo.

The Officials were paid off I can see that very plainly but the money they get will not last and GO IS Still Sitting ON THE THRONE.

Lebron and members of Heat Team Thank You Thank You

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