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Winning streak inching closer to history

The Heat's current 19-game regular-season winning streak is tied for fifth all-time in NBA history with the 1999-2000 Los Angeles Lakers and the 2008-09 Boston Celtics. A victory on Wednesday in Philadelphia would move Miami into a tie for third. Here's a look at who's ahead of the Heat on the all-time list.

1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers
Winning streak: 33
Lakers coach Bill Sharman introduced the morning shootaround at the beginning of the season and the extra work had a profound effect. It also helped that Wilt Chamberlain and David West were in the primes of their careers. The Lakers won 14 straight to end Novemeber and then won all 16 games in the month of December. Four games into January, the streak ended with a loss to the Bucks.

2007-08 Houston Rockets
Winning streak: 22
Yao Ming suffered a season-ending injury during the middle of the run but the Rockets, led by Tracy McGrady, still reeled off 14 straight victories after Yao went down. Shane Battier endeared himself to Rockets fans for forever with his gritty defense and clutch shooting.

1947-48 and 1948-49 Washington Capitols
Winning streak: 20
Hall of Fame coach Red Auerbach made a name for himself in Washington after coaching the Navy basketball. 

1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks
Winning streak: 20
The Bucks traded for Oscar Robertson, formerly of the Cincinnati Royals, and paired him with Lew Alcindor. Alcindor converted to Islam the following the season and changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabaar.  


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David West played for the Lakers before he was even born? Or could it have been Jerry West?

Very cool, I remember the Rockets streak, real flukey, even as it was happening.

Great hot streak there in! I can see them passing 20 wins but i'm not so sure about the 33 winning streak, but i'm hoping they do. Go Heats!

Jerry West, not David, right?

Wow David West has been playing that long!

Let's get things crack-a-lackin' this morning.

Heat up ten with a few minutes to go in the game:

ESPN - Heat lucky, not good. FA Q! They are the defending champs and won 19 straight prior to this game. Luck? Again FA Q!

Lebron - missing FTs at the end of the game? I think I saw him say, "I'm going to miss this for my Cleveland homies". He's such a sell out.

Ray Ray - Nailing a three at the end of the game. Bet he tried to miss that shot. Either that, or he's trying to win support from the Heat fans so he can really stick that dagger in us come playoff time.

D-Wade - I can't be the only one to notice how many plays that he's been making near the basket lately. Offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, blocks, etc....He is the best shooting guard in the league, ON EITHER SIDE OF THE MISSISSIPPI!

Bosh - making plays, not always scoring a ton of points, but producing none-the-less

Birdman - bring him back next year

Kobe - Cry me a freakin' river. Now we have to hear the talking heads carry his lame-ass arguement about shooters being protected by the refs? Figure-please!!

Sorry but Chamberlain and West were not in their primes, but a little bit past as both were in their mid-thirties!

Good game.. Good win... We move forward...

Up next, the Bucks...

Now, this team says they can beat us in the first round... Well, let's show them that maybe trying to get the 7 seed is more of their benefit...

Come to play... Defense first... Stay aggressive.. Post up their guards... Redick has been shooting the ball well, lock in on him... Crash the glass... The Ref's will give them a chance, be ready... Let's win this game...

My god...

After the ATL game, MIA had less than 20 hours for tip off in Philly. 1200 miles and less than 8 hour sleep would have killed them in the past. I got to give coach credit for keeping these guys with fresh legs. It don't hurt when RILES construct a 12th/13th man of MM AND JJ.

20 IN A ROW....WOW!

The LJB of a LBJ crowd is getting smaller and smaller. LYING, JEALOUS, BIETCHIN', Heat hating, bust ya asz ice skating bustas are definitely in the minority. What a difference a year makes.

The big difference here is with most of those teams, exception being LA and Houston Miami would have wiped the floor with their current roster, The athleticism of players nowadays is much greater than it once was, it's also much more diffucult to real off a 20 game winning streak with the current talent in the nba.

@ bky,

sooner or later you might get a chance to make a good point or post something that makes sense...

you like to comment on other peoples posts, which is ok, but what do you have to say about our games moving forward and how would you gameplan the next game... smart azz...

we're going for our 50th win of the season and 21st in a row...


Is this too good to be true???

hey bky, you think we break the Heat's win record this season???

wait, this ought to be good...

what you got to say tough guy???

for the last time, bky, when I come home, I enjoy watching the Heat and spending time with family and friends... See, we grown folk, have much more to do with our time than look for a fight with people online... but hey, maybe a strip club might work for you... something...

More to do with my time than look for a fight with people online.

Said the guy looking to start a fight with someone online...

Well...this will date my ass. I saw one of those 33 Laker wins at the Forum going way back. Sat under one hoop watching Wilt & Jerry vs Celtics. Yep...Riles was a Laker sub...they had Gail Goodrich, Jim McMillan, & Happy Hairston as the starters. If I recall, Elgin Baylor retired after the first few games...then they went on their streak.

Don't wanna get Black all roused up & cranky...but that 33 game Laker win streak was broken @ Milwaukee. Hope our dudes come out smoking !!!

The bucks can be a trap game. The schedule is pretty rough as it is with hardly any rest. This is a Miami that's not dominating in the sense that they are routing every team, but they are indeed dominating in the sense that they are finding ways to win while everyone is bring their A game. Everyone wants to be the streak stoppers so make no mistakes that every game - even if it's the lowly Toronto Raptors, Miami is getting a tough opponent and game. So it shouldn't be taken for granted even if the opponent has a below .500 record. Miami is putting in work.

This team really goes as far as DWade takes them. They struggled when DWade's game was off. They were inconsistent. However when DWade is on and Lebron struggles, Miami still finds a way to win. The Birdman has really completed the Heat's roster. I hope he comes back next year.

And Spo...the weakest link, has become a great asset and is now getting the most out of his players. He's becoming a Hall-Of-Fame Coach with what's happening this year. He deserves his credit.

Let's Go Heat!

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