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To keep streak alive, Heat must accomplish a first

If you don't think the Heat's streak is jeopardy on Monday in Boston, then you haven't been paying attention for the last three seasons. The Heat is 0-5 at Boston during the regular season since 2010.

Yes, the Heat has knocked the Celtics out of playoffs the last two seasons, and, yes, ultimately that's all that matters, but if the Heat is to extend its winning streak past 22 games, then Miami must accomplish a first since LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in Miami.

A few days ago, Paul Pierce said he wanted not only for the Heat’s streak to end, but for Miami to lose every game for the rest of the season. Pretty much every soul in Boston is wishing the same thing. Dwyane Wade expects a hostile crowd on Monday and, despite the Celtics not having their star point guard and likely their All-Star power forward as well, the game represents arguably the most difficult game of the Heat's streak.

“It’s always a great atmosphere when we go there but obviously now they’re going to want to see us lose,” Wade said. “They’re going to want to see [the Celtics] beat us. We’ve got to step up to the challenge at the beginning of the game. It’s going to be loud.”

The Celtics are without Rajon Rondo, who suffered a season-ending knee injury before the All-Star break, and Kevin Garnett is questionable because of soreness in his hip. On paper, the loss of Rondo and Garnett would seemingly give the Heat a definitive advantage, but the Heat knows those things sometimes don’t matter in Boston.

“They still got a championship coach and championship player on the court,” James said. “We expect a challenge.”

The championship player is Pierce, who on Friday said he would like it if the Heat lost every game for the rest of the season. Pierce, of course, has said plenty about the Heat since Wade, James and Bosh united and has always, in the regular season at least, found a way to back up his trash talk at TD Garden.

“We’re going in there and we know they’re going to be ready for us and we’re going to be ready for them,” James said. “It’s a team that we could possibly see in the playoffs. I’m not worried about our level of focus.”


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Well, seems like Paul Peirce has more to say than his teams play has brought to the table... Injuries or not, this team has always brought their best when we come in... We have to come to play... We should have won the last up there...

Stay aggressive... Defense first... The Ref's will come into play here too, stay focused... This is just 23, there's more...

I like the draw for UM... I think they could win the whole dam thing...

They have to stay aggressive, and use their inside players early...

Should be a great one tonight but I'm sick of this streak, it's enough already. I'd love for the Heat to willingly lose (rest the Big Three for a game) just to show the rest of the league that they have perspective on meaningless regular season records and know what their goal is.

I don't follow college ball that much, but I did watch two of the ACC tourny games this weekend. The thing that strikes me most is the level of play and the athletes. I firmly believe that my feeling of being 'not that impressed' with the play is that we are being SO SPOILED watching the best basketball on the planet being played out, game in game out by the HEAT!

Really, as we blog about coaches, players, snowboarding trips, dance videos, sellouts, and whatnot....we ALL need to be cognizant of the fact of how our team is playing right now. We haven't lost a game since before the SUPER BOWL?? We are going on a month and a half of competitive excellence! I'm pretty sure this is what Pat had in mind when HE put these players in motion. THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

E-BUST, just to follow up with you - whichever occured first - the players jelled and the coach got better or the coach got better and the players responded - I'm OK with it. Whatever the formula, it's clicking now! If that's the only subject we fans are going to debate, that signals to me that our team is doing just F-I-N-E!

Paul Pierce, lace 'em up tight tonight homey! You are either going to be checking Wade or Bron or Allen. I like the Heat chances either way!

Doles - From what I've heard from the players, they ARE keeping the streak in perspective. They all refer to the bigger prize as the championship. I don't want them to lose just to break the streak - and CERTAINLY NOT to the C's. When we get closer to the playoffs and we need to rest players, that's fine, we can do that, and let the non-starters get some burn. I'm pretty sure SPO isn't coaching the streak. They are all trying to progressively get better as a unit by playoff time.

Black - did you see Ray's 4th quarter stats from yesterday? Didn't look like sell-out numbers to me. I'll be watching the game tonight (after a basketball banquet that I'm obligated to go to) and will be trying to see if he mouths anything to the C's like, "don't worry Truth, I'll miss the last shot for you and my buddy Rondo". I would bet he wants this win as much as anyone on the squad.

Yeah I agree. We need to watch Ray like a hawk tonight. Hopefully he will mutter something that espn can pick up unlike last time. Yunno since black the trucker was the ONLY human being that picked up on it!!! Mind you with all the microphones near the court and the 25 cameras all over the place. Lmao!

Oh, for sure, gotta go all out against the Cs, every time!

I'm looking at getting to 29 wins and then keeping the big three home for the trip to San Antonio. Teach Pop something about respecting other teams' paying customers.

Couldn't agree more on college basketball, it's not just bad compared to the Heat either, it's bad compared to any NBA team. NBA has the most distilled talent in the world, 15 spots for 30 teams.

People say college players play defense? No they don't, they just can't create their own shot or move the ball, they get shot clock violations with 35 seconds to shoot!

You can see how one true NBA talent will take a team deep into the tournament every year. That said, go UM!

23 in a row 2nite... Let's get it....

I know they got to lose eventually but I hope it's not against Boston. I don't like the Celtics. A Heat blowout tonight would be almost better than winning 23 st8. Let's go Heat!

Let Bron and Wade go buck wild on the Irish
What a stupid name Celtics! Just don't get it. It must of been a white Man that gave them that stupid nurdy name. Hahahahaha. I really don't care if they lose it's about wining the championship title! And that's trying to beat this team four out of seven. Ouh! That's tough to do! GO HEAT KICK THOSE IRISH REDNECK NAME!

Never in doubt! A little worried about Lebron screaming at Juwan Howard in the 3rd quarter. Maybe Goodman can ask after the game?? Would love to know what happened.

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