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Professional-athlete treatment with Heat team doctor Harlan Selesnick

First, the bad news: the left ankle is purple and blue and swollen after a bad fall last week.

The good news: It's not LeBron's ankle; it's mine!

Even better news: Heat team doctor Harlan Selesnick says I'm going to be fine.

Sunday night's game against the Pacers was my first day back from a snowboarding trip to British Columbia. Long-time readers of this blog will know that every year my wife and I take a snowboarding trip in March. Well, this year's trip was to Whistler-Blackcomb and it didn't go so well. 

I wrecked my ankle on the second day and spent most of my vacation laid up in my hotel room. I'm man enough to admit that my wife is about 10 times a better snowboarder than I'll ever be. I was trying to keep up with her on the slopes and down I went, tumbling, tumbling, head over heels, rolling, never stopping, and then popping something in my left ankle. Thought it was broken. And, yes, ski patrol had to sled me down the mountain. The shame!

Anyway, I was limping around the Heat's locker room on Sunday night and Selesnick asked me what happened. I told him about the injury and he asked me to come see him on Monday to make sure nothing was broken. Hey, sometimes this job has its benefits.

I've covered athletes for many years now but Monday was the first time I have ever received the "professional-athlete treatment." Selesnick and his staff were excellent. They checked out my ankle, cleared me to walk and set me up with a physical therapist.

Recovery time: two to four weeks. Good thing I'm a writer. Thanks, Doc!


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First the good news - the Heat's beat writer is back from vacation.

And the bad news - this entry isn't about the Miami Heat's franchise record winning streak, finally hitting the #1 record in the league, or the decimation of the Heat's biggest challenger from the East that happened while he was away.

Here's a question if you get a chance to talk to someone from the Heat's front office - if one of the Big 3 DOESN'T opt out after four years, can they then opt out after five?

In other words, does the opt out carry over or do they have to decide whether or not to stay for two more seasons?

Also, it's been a given that Mike Miller was the amnesty when the tax kicks in next year - do you get the sense that it will be more difficult to trade away expiring contracts in this brave new NBA?

Thinking specifically about Joel Anthony and whether the amnesty might be better used on him?

to be honest, at this point of the season, we're just focused on the playoffs... these are the guys we have to go to war with, and talking trade right now just doesn't help...

support and encourage... these are our guys... no more trades at this point... so, plz, let's focus on the rest of the season, and the next title run...

but to answer your question, wait and see who's out there, and if these guys are valued by other teams before anything...

Jesus, get a grip bro, you're not on team and no one cares what people are talking about on a sports blog.

Let THEM focus on the playoffs.

thats where your wrong... you would be surprised at how many players read sports blogs around the nation in different sports.. And, I got a firm grip, thank you..


up next, the hawks...

Alrighty then.

Delusion's a hell of a drug.

Got a good one going on NBATV - Spurs lose to OKC tonight Miami will be in sole possession of #1.

Get used to it mds, black the trucker is in his own world.

Damn man, SA is up for this one.

Hey BKY...the guys are right about your stat sheet. UD's stat sheet probably didn't look as good as he played having butted heads heads with West during that key 2nd half win against the Pacers. West was on fire the 1st half...2nd half...not so much.

The more I look at the standing, there's about 6 teams that could get the 8th seed in the east...

Who would you want to play in the first round??? why?

here's my western conference first round match ups...

Spurs and Warriors

Thunder and Rockets

Clippers and Lakers

Grizz and Nuggets

in the east:
Heat and Hawks

Pacers and Bucks

Knicks and Bulls

Nets and Celtics



Nuggets playing some great ball right now - I'll take that 5 seed over the 4 in the West.

In the East, I see possible upsets with the C's over the Nets and the Bulls over the Knicks.

Just a note: I'm not sold on the presumption that the Lakers finish that high. Maybe it's just me hoping that when the playoffs start, we won't have to hear about Kome and his drama. I'ld rather HEAR from him (ripping his management/coaches/players/owner) as they get shutdown in the postseason, than ABOUT him.

schedule might be in the Lakers favor to grab the 6 seed...

as far as upsets go, the warriors over the spurs...


at this point, we have 21 games remaining...

if we could win at least 17 of the remaining games on our schedule, it should be enough for a #1 seed throughout...

we will have to rest some guys before the postseason, so, 17-4 isn't bad... but 21-0 is a lot better... i'm just sayin...

look at what we have remaining...

we these teams twice...
14 games we should win...
and out of the other 7 games we should win at least 6 of them...

well, things look bright down the stretch this year, to say the least... i'm just saying..

Black - Warriors over Spurs is very unlikely. Did you see how they finished the game v OKC last night? Doing that without Tony Parker, who, prior to his injury, was in the conversation as to who was going to finish second in the MVP voting this year. Don't sleep on the Spurs. Remember they had a long winning streak going last year, before OKC caught fire.

I would like to see the Heat win out the rest of the season, but that's not likely. More realistically, I just want us to be healthy going into the playoffs. We are deep enough to rest our core players a little longer during games and not have to worry about losing. Heck, even sit a rotation player every game or so (that is, with David Stern's approval, of course). We wouldn't want to allow the coaches/teams to regulate the players minutes - no that should come from the league office. Can I get an amen, Coach Pop?!

Tonight's game is being picked up by NBATV. I'm a happy camper!

to be honest, winning out isn't a must... i mean, would it make for good trash talk with other teams fans, well yes, but for the team and long term goal, no...

but, you gotta think, 65-17, or 67-15, i mean, this has been a really good regular season...

let's keep the focus though, health, get all the treatment needed guys... this run will be tougher than the last run... be ready...

Black - agreed this has been a great season for Heat fans!! And yes, 65-67 wins is outstanding.

But I'm not sure that this year will be harder than last year. The C's aren't as strong as last year, the Bulls aren't as tough, the Knicks have improved a bit, same with Nets, and the Pacers continue to be a tough team to deal with.

I believe we are better than last year, because:

1-Ray Allen
2-Shane Battier has another year of comfortability with us and visa versa
3-Birdman, yeah I said it. Birdman is a better option than JA at this point.
4-Bosh knows that he is going to be expected to play more 5, and has accepted that
5-Norris Cole's continued improvement
6-EC Player of the Week - DWade's play has been amazing
7-LBJ is at a level few will ever achieve.

The West has it's contenders, but we only have to face one of them.......we'll be waiting.

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