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Paul Pierce wants the Heat to lose every game

From here on out, it’s the Heat vs. the NBA. Everyone wants to be the team that ends the Heat’s winning streak.

“Teams want to beat us more and more,” Dwyane Wade said. “They’re tired of hearing about it on ESPN. They want to watch ESPN like everyone else. They’re tired of hearing the Heat.”

Or, if you’re Paul Pierce, you just want the Heat to lose period.

Pierce was asked about the Heat’s streak on Friday morning and quipped, “I really don’t even care. I hope they lose every game the rest of the season.”

The Celtics host the Heat on Monday at TD Garden. If the Heat’s streak survives Friday night's game in Milwaukee and Sunday’s game against Toronto, then chances are Pierce’s comments will be used as a source of motivation inside the Heat’s locker room.

Of course, it’s not like the Heat needs any more motivation against Pierce and the Celtics. Upon defeating the Heat in Miami back in 2011, Pierce took a shot at the newly formed super team on Twitter with some unforgettable trash talk.

“It’s been a pleasure bringing my talents to South Beach,” Pierce wrote.

Udonis Haslem responded to the dig by calling Pierce a “studio gangster.” Since then, the rivalry has only gotten better. The Heat knocked the Celtics out of the playoffs in 2011 and 2012 and former Celtics star Ray Allen joined the Heat last summer.

Wade shrugged off Pierce’s comments on Monday and agreed with Boston’s star. “He should” want the Heat to lose, Wade said.

“Why would he want us to win?” Wade asked. “I understand, you know. So, I would feel the same way.”

The Heat’s victory against the Sixers, win No.20 in the winning streak, moved Miami one game ahead of Pierce’s 2008-09 Celtics in the record books. That team won 19 consecutive games and, before the Heat came along, held the NBA record for most consecutive wins by a defending champion.


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It's too bad Pierce didn't die during that stabbing years back. I can't stand that mother fu**er!!!

PP needs to shut up and find a urinal.

Whatever miami the bomb

21! (Shoulder shrug) We move forward! 😉 For my man black the trucker.

Paul Pierce is a low class moron and if anyone takes anything serious that this guy has to say, then you need to lay off of it. Pierce was a nobody and he played for nobody team before Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen joined him in Boston. It's funny how winning one fluke championship can give you this much motivation to spew crap out of your mouth as much as this punk has. Let him run his mouth some more. I mean, after all, Miami defeated Boston twice already in the playoffs and this idiot still insists on running his mouth.

Good Game.. Good Win.. The match up looks ok for the first round, but we can't take anyone lightly... We move forward...

Up next, the Raptors...

The Celtics wanna talk, we have to stay focused... One game at a time...

The Raptors will try to be the team to end the streak, come to play...

I see this going for a while, stay focused...007...

I saw Rick Ross and he said," Going for number twenty-two, Gonna win number twenty-two. Only two won twenty-two. Get back home on March twenty-two. Lil' mama super thick, she say she twenty-two. She want that twenty-two, we in room two twenty-two."

In the M I A YO!

Paul Pierce: “I really don’t even care. I hope they lose every game the rest of the season.”

Old Pee-Pee doesn't even understand that he's contradicting himself; how can you not care and still "...hope they lose every game...”? Sounds like he cares A LOT, to me. That's like saying 'I'm not broke, but will you please loan me a dollar'.

Of course Pee-Pee cares -- his Celtics just got erased from having the most wins by a defending NBA champion -- and, not one, not two, but THREE of their OTHER wins have been downgraded as they have been taken down a notch. Naw, Pee-Pee doesn't care; he LOVES being downgraded...or is that DEGRADED(?) by the Heat. Apparently, his balling is a little bit better than his rap -- and that's degrading, too.

Love the idea of trying to keep the streak going until SA and then keeping the big three home.

Sends a message to Popovich about respecting other teams' fanbases and sends a message to the rest of the league that this team is not about regular season records.

I disagree, this team is to special to think so petty, we have our own legacy to create... Keep this going as long as possible, at the end of the day this is the Heat's time... Make history... Watching all things Heat... 007...

To the Miami Heat Team( True to Dade County ) I hope that you guys continue to be successful. And for those who demonstrate hatred towards your success, take it as I blessing. I watched Rashad Lewis demo last night before the game and he made the best decision by coming to Dade County. Rashad you deserve a ring and my wish is that the Miami Heat bring it on again. People are jealous of the Heat and everyone knows it but guess what all that haterade taste "GOOD"

Go Bron, Wade, Bosh, Haslem, Chalmers, Allen, Anderson, Cole and the entire Team.

Do like mommy taught "CLAIM IT"

Much Luv to you guys, HomeGrown in Dade County

Whoever, whatever and whenever they say something it's logical 'cause my grand mother used to say : if you're shine and you're the source of the lights; all eyes gonna be on you. The Heat, you're the source keep shining !

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