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PAT RILEY: 'Danny Ainge needs to STFU'

The career-long beef between Pat Riley and the Celtics rages onward.

On Friday, Riley delivered a message through the media to Celtics general manager Danny Ainge that needs no interpreting.

"Danny Ainge needs to 'STFU' and manage his own team," said Heat spokesman Tim Donovan, who passed along Riley's message to Heat beat writers before Friday's game against the Hornets. "He was the biggest whiner going when he was playing and I know that because I coached against him."

On Thursday, Ainge criticized Heat star LeBron James for complaining about several hard fouls he received on Wednesday against the Bulls. Ainge didn't wait long to respond to Riley's statement. Mere minutes after Riley's words went viral on Twitter, the Boston Globe reported Ainge's retort.

"We're both right," Ainge said. "LeBron should stop complaining and I should manage my own team."

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra had a funny take on the back and forth between the warring basketball executives.

"I love direct GM-to-GM communication," Spoelstra said. "That's awesome."

Celtics coach Doc Rivers had fun with the drama as well.

“I think it’s cool," Rivers said. "I think they should duke it out.”

Rivers was asked if the GM bickering would impact an already intense rivalry.

“Not unless they are playing,” he said.


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