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Listen to the audio of LeBron call out Jason Terry

So, here's the raw audio clip of LeBron telling reporters he was "glad" it was Jason Terry who was on the receiving end of a nasty dunk "because I think we all know what J.T. talks and he talks too much sometimes."

At the end of the sound bite, you can hear reporter Brian Windhorst audibly exhale with shock. So hysterical.
(Right click and open in new window if you click on the audio file and can't hear it.)






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That wasn't Windhorst audibly exhaling with shock. That was Windhorst breathing.

Bored and at a crossroad....check this out

Lol Windhorst was polishing off a sausage! He is vile! Anyway, incredible comeback tonight!!!

Amazing game.. Good solid come back win... 24 and counting... We move forward....

Up next, the Pistons....


Thank You black the trucker.

Damn that Ray Allen for trying to throw another game ! Wait...he played great again ! Sorry Black...

FOUR blog posts about James dunking on Jason Terry, zero analysis of the Celtics game, nothing about last night's Cavs comeback.

Didn't mention that we are all thankful for the team you put together Mr. Riley... Thank you... 007...


that was a good one RP, guess I should be eating my words right now, but hey, this season will come down to winning it all... So, let's just wait and see...


Come to play... Y'all have as good a shot to win the Tourney as any team out there... Stay aggressive... Crash the boards... Defense first... One game at a time... Get hot from three... Hit your free throws... Y'all can win it all, stay focused...007..

Hey jpejeff,

that youtube skit was hot... three days later and still say, DAAAM....

@Michael, My first priority is the homepage, then twitter, THEN the blog if I have time! You can leave the blog if your not happy. Troll.

You are extremely professional Joe, stay classy.

And my point was you do have time. For four blog posts about a dunk, with linked content.

But not game analysis.

PS - it's spelled "you're".

And yes, like everyone else I will leave this blog and follow the Heat on ESPN.


take bky with you...

I thought we were friends black? I loved your commentary on how u would run me over saying we move forward! Buck up man!

i said finally Miami is no longer competing with current teams but with greatness i.e. they are competing with other great teams from other eras. The Heat said as much. Who said once the Heat started competing with greatness instead of other teams, its over for them...hmmmm

This is where the Heat need to be. Yes, there will be tough games, but they are dominating teams where teams feel no lead is large enough. They are in other teams heads. I loved how the Celts from Avery, Pierce, Jason Terry, etc. were posturing with grimaces and chest pumps while they were winning, but had sheepish, embarrassed grins as the finals seconds ticked off the clock. Awesome job.

And Lebron took it to another level against Cleveland. He came in like Nas (I...will...not...lose) and ethered Cleveland. He let them know he wasn't going to lose though they were up by 15 and that there wasn't anything they could do to stop it. Greatness has found its new air. Kobe was a stop gap but Lebron last night, was definitely like his most serious coming out partof being the next great since Jordan to ever step on a b-ball court.


I love THE HEAT!

Yeh! The Heat put some real what's happnin on the Celtic's and showed that they really MEANT that, (what they did to the Celtics)when they did it again against the Cleveland hopefuls. The fact that I live in Atlanta, but am from Miami, and I stand here alone and listen to all the people hate on Miami because of Labrone James,It's real gratifying for me to see the faces of the fans on TV,as well as the team bench players, they're so happy, jumping up and down, waving their towels on the bench and giving each other clumsy high fives in the stands; but when it's all over and the Heat has won yet another game, they should see these 58 year old legs dance on my Atlanta living room hard wood floor!!! I GET THE LAST DANCE!!! James Brown: (I GOT THAT FEELING) and Eddie Roy: DANCE ALLNIGHT

Michael schooled Joe

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