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LeBron's dunk on Jason Terry, game-winning shot highlight comeback

I can't decide which play was better, LeBron's alley-oop on Jason Terry or his game-winning shot to cap a 17-point comeback.

I'm going with the dunk, despite the stone-cold nature of the game-winner. Hey, give Terry credit for hanging in there. Of course, Terry was feeling pretty guilty after just giving up a turnover at midcourt. Wade stole the ball from Terry and found Norris Cole, who lobbed the ball to James.

LeBron received a technical foul after the play. What officials mistook for taunting was actually LeBron checking for signs of life after nearly sending the Jet to that big airplane hanger in the sky.

James finished the game with 37 points, 12 assists and seven rebounds. He now has 33 triple-doubles, which is a career high for a single season.

The Heat clinched its division with the victory and a loss by the Hawks. The 23-game winning streak now moves to the Cleveland. The 17-point comeback was the Heat's largest of the season. The Heat trailed by 13 points with eight minutes left in the game.

The Heat lost 10 consecutive regular-season games in Boston before Monday's victory.


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That mg man king James!

Doesn't matter that Heat couldn't move their feet on D after playing their 5th game in 7 days...nor that Jeff Green had a career night, or that both Pierce & Hubie Brown irratated everyone. Let's hope any type of game like last night...gets them better prepared for the playoffs.

Dig Wade's Wil Ferrell quote "if you ain't first...your last" !

"With its preponderance of tatted and African-American participants, NBA players don’t fit the American stereotype of hard work, discipline, humility and unselfishness. James and the Heat fit the stereotype to a T. They might be the hardest working, most unselfish, humble and fun-loving team we’ve ever seen, and that statement doesn’t even take into account the money James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh sacrificed to play together." - Jason Whitlock

RP - are Hubie Brown and Mike Turico annoying to listen to? They shrug off the Heat's accomplishments like it's just another game.

Jeff Green, WOW, what a game!! Great performance!!

The two calls the officials took time to look at, I believe they got both right. One went Heat's way, the other the Celtics.

LBJ and Wade are 1 and 2 in the league with points in the paint - amazing.

Chalmers playing huge - not ready to hand over the reigns to Norris quite yet.

Like coach said, "grind it out". Down 13 in the 4th? No problem. Get some stops and get good looks on the offensive end.

My man BLACK, catch anything from Ray last night to pad your theory? I didn't, just checking with the insider.

The Jet got knocked out of the sky by a Lebomb. His mouth had to catch up with him eventually. Wade and Chalmers was balling last night. All is well in the M-I-Battier-O!

Yeah, he missed a couple of 3's so that put the nail in the coffin. Yep, he's definitely trying to sabotage the season for sure.

With Miami looking a step slow in the first half, they came out in the second half and showed some of the best defense the NBA has seen this year! Amazing energy and rotation! Great job guys.

Watching this team play as a team should be a class taught to all high school players. The definition of 'team'!

Anybody get what the dust up was between LBJ and Grandpa Howard was about? Doesn't really matter, it'll get blown out of proportion. Remember the Wade v Payton timeout blowup? It was 2006, a ring year for the Heat. How about last year's shoulder bump with SPO? Yep, 2012 - ring year. Let's hope this incident is a precursor to the next ring year, 2013!

Andrew Bynum - chump. Reminds me of a Steve Miller song - take the money and run.

Kobe flu and sore ankle. Well, if we can equate what was said about Howard's torn labrium (or whatever it is) "you can play with the flu" or "you can play with a sore ankle". Big boy pants calling, you answering black mamba?

Good game... Good win... We move forward...

They came to play... Give them credit...

The one thing we can control game in and game out is our effort, we can not let team out work us...

23 and counting... Up next, the cavs...

come to play...

gotta love how lebron put j-terry in a coffin! so glad it was him, can't stand that guy

Amen Eddie!

Let's keep this in perspective guys... No one has won this many games in a row in almost 40 years...

Every one has been giving us their best all season, now we have to keep up the strong play to yet again, surpass a league record... WOW...

one game at a time.. 48 minutes... come to play... stay aggressive... defense first... we can do this.. make history...007..

had to check my history books, it's been 41 years since the Lakers went on their streak...

Good call Black.

Here's a request from one Heat fan to the rest of you: When the Heat DO lose a game, and they won't run the table from here on out, let's not lose all faith in this squad. We KNOW what they are capable of, and their best ball is better than everyone else's best ball! Let's don't second guess the coach, the players (including Ray), the GM, or the owner. We got it all perculating and it is excellance being displayed on a regular basis.

Maybe the best streak of regular season basktetball ever played by any team! (The '89 Lakers playoff run was pretty damn special as well, until they lost their whole backcourt in Byron and Magic.)

I gotta say Greg, I think we could run the table... Now, I know it sounds crazy and all that, but why not win out...

One game at a time... 48 minutes... Why not???

right now, the only game we should be focused on is the cavs game...

I'm with you Black. We have obviously beaten every team in the league this year, so we should fear no one. But, upsets happen, and now, like was said on this blog earlier, everyone wants to be that team. I think this only sharpens us mentally for our playoff run. You look at the attitudes on this team with Wade, UD, LBJ, Battier, and, yes, even Ray and you can see the top tier of professional athletes in the sport. I'm talking about how they approach their jobs, not necessarily the best at their positions.

I'll be right here every step of the way if they do win out, but I don't believe it'll happen. It would be nice to take the Lakers record down though.

They hand out a trophy every year, but this record has stood for 41 years.

Could we get both? To even be talking about it seems unreal.

This team is special!

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