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LEBRON: 'Nothing that comes out of Boston surprises me'

LeBron James spoke up passionately about what he perceived as unnecessarily hard fouls against him in Wednesday's game against the Bulls. For Boston GM Danny Ainge, LeBron's complaining was "almost embarrassing."

"I don’t think either one of those were flagrants, and I think the one — LeBron against Boozer — was flagrant, yes. I think the officials had it right…," Ainge said during a weekly radio-show appearance in Boston. "I think that it’s almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating.”

Why the heck is Ainge calling out LeBron? Who the heck knows, other than Ainge just wanted to take an easy shot at LeBron on a pro-Celtics radio show.

"Nothing that comes out of Boston surprises me," James said on Friday morning after the Heat's shootaround at New Orleans Arena.

We do know for a certainty that Ainge is no stranger to complaining himself.

As a player, Ainge was recognized as one of the league's biggest whiners. During last season's postseason matchup of the Heat and Celtics, Ainge raised a stink with the president of referee operations after LeBron James attempted 24 foul shots in Game 2. (OK, he might have had a point there.)

It seems unlikely at this point that the Celtics will match up with the Heat in the first round, but just in case things shake out for another Heat-Celtics postseason matchup, it appears Ainge is already prepping the officials.


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Why is it that Paul Pierce KG and Rondo go to the line, well, because their great players... That the game of basketball.... But for Danny Ainge to question how hard Bron gets' fouled is CRAZY.... Hey, FU, bro.... T he fouls that Bron has taken this season are Crazy.... Hey, FU, bro....

Lebron is a crey baby


Some of the few comments on this message board are embarrassing. Why are 4th graders voicing their opinions on here?

Speaking of Boston, I sure as heck hope the Heat don't face them in the first round of the playoffs (or any round of the playoffs). I still perceive them as dirty, thuggish and arrogant. I know Rondo is out for the rest of the season, but I wouldn't take my chances with them. But as it seems from here, the Celtics will lose on purpose just so they face Miami in the first round.

Hey HeatFan4Life and Prometheus, The both of you are absolute freakin IDIOTS!!!!!

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