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In memory of Jason Terry

The Internet went into overdrive on Monday night after LeBron's alley-oop on Jason Terry. Here's a collection of some of the best memes people sent me on Twitter. If you have your own, provide a link in the comments section.


Obligatory Wikipedia page sabotage.

Brandon Knight and Jason Terry on permanent vacation.




Down for the count.






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Lmao! Classic

It couldn't happened to a better guy.

That dunk was right on point, luv the stare down...

I loved Tirico's call "Cole to Jamesssssssssssssss, the crowd goes ooooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh" Lmao!!! I can't stand stand Terry!!! And that moron Pierce, when he drives completely out of control to the basket and gets hand checked, then throwing his arms up like a monkey. Epitomy of a freaking clown! He looks 45 years old out there!!!

Just looking at the games out west and how things could change depending on match ups...

See, the team that looks hot right now is the Nuggets... How many of you think we face Denver in June???

I know one, whom ever we face, they will be battle tested, because it will be a clash of top teams throughout the western playoffs...

We have to stay focused... I was just listening to espn radio, they say we will win 34 in a row but not win the title... Well, I think we have our sights set on the title more than anything... But, the schedule we played early has given us a good road to end the season.. We play who's on our schedule, just like everyone else... So don't start hating, and saying, we're not playing anyone.. STOP HATING...

Let's look at things in another way... What if we didn't lose to GS AND CHI at home early this season or lose to POR, MIL, DET earlier this season, would we be going for 70+... And how would they feel about that???

I say, Just Win Baby....

This team will be compared to the greatest teams of all-time, when its all said and done...

I think it'll be San Antonio, with an outside chance of it being the Nuggs. Nuggets just lost Chandler to a separated shoulder, don't know how long he'll be out, but he's a key rotation player. Did you see Faried's (volleyball spike) block on Westbrook's layup? Sic!

We've had too much success vs OKC to be concerned about them.

Clippers? They are deep, but will have problems scoring against us.

Memphis - no

Had to check that injury your talking about there Greg... Chandler isn't injured... But, the Nuggets have a good chance to come out of the west as any team out there...

What I see with their standings and schedule is that the Nuggets should finish with the 3 seed... And they mach up well against GS and if they get there OKC...

I think the Clippers beat the Spurs in the second round..

Black - thought I saw where Chandler separated his shoulder. Maybe they popped it back in and he is good to go.

Another question: What is it about the Spurs that people doubt? They've run through the league with the best or second best record for most of the league. They have at least three guys that can create good shots for themselves. They have an outstanding coach. They don't have any real knuckleheads (Steven Jackson still there?). They play some good defense, don't rely solely on their outside shooting (Warriors). They don't get rep'd on Sportscenter.....oh, I think I know why they aren't given due respect.

*bky* true pierce does look 45 years old out their and I also can't Stand kg or terry

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