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Dwyane Wade aims to surpass His Airness against Bucks

More than anything, Dwayne Wade's resurgence has fueled the Heat's 20-game winning streak.

During the run, Wade is averaging 24.1 points, 5.8 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game. He was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for games from March 4-10 and his consecutive-games streak with at least one steal (23 games) ended on Wednesday in Philadelphia.

Most recently, Wade has shot at least 50 percent from the field in 12 straight games. It's the longest such streak of his career. He shot at least 50 percent in 11 straight games last season (Feb. 3-21, 2012) and did it in nine-straight games in 2009.

So, while LeBron James is having another MVP-caliber season, Wade is putting up some of the best numbers of his career. Is Wade currently second on the list of the league's most valuable players? A case can be made. Consider this: In his last 11 games, Wade has shot at least 50 percent from the field while also scoring at least 20 points in every game.

The last player to pull off that type of efficient and productive run was Michael Jordan way back during the 1995-96 season. Jordan did it in 11-straight games. Wade can surpass His Airness on Friday night in Milwaukee.


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Are we all living a dream ?

Hope they aren't too busy being fabulous...

take them down in the post... their guards are too small, they can't hold you... don't give this team any life.. if it's by 20, than that's what it is... but don't let them feel like they can compete with us in any way... take it to them...

the 8 teams in the east are all but set, the Bucks are actually trying to lose games so they face us in the first round.. why??? good question... take that thought out of their minds...

not only will this win extend our steak, but show them, they may be biting off more than they can chew by wanting to face us in the first round...

hey bky, where you at tough guy????

black the trucker, please consider the irony of you calling someone else a "tough guy" and saying you have better things to do than to fight with people on the internet when in my short experience here that's the bulk of your posts.

Into the home stretch of the season and with #1 in the east locked up Spoelstra is going to have to start thinking hard about how important it is to have home court over a team that may not make it out of the west.

That decision should be made soon after the streak is broken. If the streak is broken...

Just got back from Disney World with my wife and kids. I see you cant control yourself. Lmao! A little riled up there black! You know where I'm at. I have said it 3 times on here. Let me know if you need directions, for the 3rd time.

Here is what we have learned from the never wrong black the trucker. 1. Ray Allen was sent here on a mission to miss shots on purpose. 2. The refs screw the Miami Heat every single game. 3. You say "I'm just sayin" to end almost every post. 4. You say "We move forward" to begin every post. Well that pretty much sums up what he brings to the table on this blog. Anyone else want to agree with me? My guess is no because I'm the only one that will call someone out on here besides Greggembe.

@ bky,

send me directions so I can roll through, hopefully your standing in the street when I come through, I;ll be sure to toot my horn before I run your Ass over, saying, we move forward, I'm just saying...

@ bky,

Have they started incorporating Star Wars into the theme parks yet?

I really think why the streak has gone on is because wade has been healhty and lebron has not had to carry the team every night. I really do not care if they get too 33 or not doubt it happpens. But would be funny if they were at the 29 mark heading to spurs and spo decided to send bosh lebron wade and allen back home

Damn i forgot one thing black. 5. The always hilarious trade scenarios on a daily basis, boy were those sone doozys let me tell you. My personal favorite was the Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis combo to the Kings for Evans and Cousins!!! Lol, your rational was to bring those 2 guys back to Seattle to finish out their careers because that is where they started. By far the most ludicrous trade idea I have ever heard! That would of been great for the new fans in Seattle to see. My god. And I couldn't remember 1 trade that 1 person agreed with you on, making it even funnier. @Joe Star Tours at Hollywood Studios Orlando is the closest thing your going to get. Not sure if you were messing around, but that's my answer.

Regarding the Kome 'non-foul': Is the league going to go back over every game this jerk has played and make a ruling on every play? Really? I heard they were going to rescind the foul that Doug Christie was given against Kome when Kome threw the elbow into Christie's face and Christie got called for the foul. What? You didn't hear that either. What a transparent pile of crap the league/media is when dealing with this adulterer.

Jones DID NOT foul Kobe! Kobe - the league needs to protect the shooters better? Hell, every rule they've made the last 30 years has benefited the offensive players. 3pt line / no hand checking / safe zone in the lane, etc.... Big boy pants are calling Kobe, you going to put them on?

RP - jealous of you. I used to have a goal of watching the Showtime Lakers play in the Forum. Obviously, that time has passed.

BKY - got to add Dole to that list as well. Not only for attempting to call out Black, but as a blog spell checker. (ship, not chip). I, like Joe, want to know the answer to the Star Wars question. Never was a fan, was a teenager when that stuff hit the theaters, but never watched any of them until I had kids. Now, I know more about them than I ever wanted to.

Black - I'm not a hater, again, what you blog isn't close to being the most offensive thing I read on here. Things like "SPO used to be the weak link, now he's a Hall of Fame coach". Nope, you just can't fix stupid. The Ray as a sellout theory is quite puzzling though. I'm going to reserve my right to disagree with that thought, but then again, I can't read lips as well as some. (Berrera - now that, I read)

Slow day at work right now - more drivel to come.

Well, it's Friday, you aint got no job, might as well piss off bky... I'm just saying...

What's up Heat Nation???

Hey bky, nice to see you haven't loss your sense of humor... I mean, really, I wouldn't really run you over, I'm just playing... But, we need to really take it to this team 2nite guys... come to play...

No, really, I DO have a job. I'm one of the lucky ones that actually do have that opportunity to work for a living. Work for MY living, supporting a host of others who are 1 - just too damn lazy or 2 - are willing to work but can't find a job or 3 - could work but don't want to work for the only employer that seems to be hiring right now, the federal gov't.

Steamroll the Bucks tonight and wait for the league to revise the officiating after the fact. Oh, that was a foul on Sanders when he wacked LBJ on the dome. Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Wade with another monster game? Bet on it!

Greggembe, quote me correctly if you're going to quote me. Now of all people to call out...we have battled for a few years now, so its nothing out of the ordinary - but you should know by now, I have reasoning behind my statements.

'And Spo...the weakest link, has become a great asset and is now getting the most out of his players. He's becoming a Hall-Of-Fame Coach with what's happening this year. He deserves his credit.'

What I meant by this comment is - just by the Heat with this historical streak, Spo commanding such a great team, coaching the team to a championship, this year, if he wins a second title, he will definitely go into the hall-of-fame as a coach.

Spo was young and inexperienced when he first started. More video coordinator than coach. More trying to be a Pat Riley clone than a Spo original. Now that he went and found his own way - as I always stated - he has found his way. When was the last time you heard Spo talk about the energy bus and the human condition? He talked like that to avoid deep basketball strategy cause it didn't seem he was comfortable with his own knowledge of the game. After he started admitting he didn't know how to do certain things, he grew as a coach by seeking answers from other great coaches, whether it was riles or football coaches that told him to spread the floor. Now Spo has grown to where he can talk big boy basketball. He can motivate. He gets respect from his players and staff. There is definitely a big difference with the organization and with this new culture, the Heat has responded by winning.

Good Afternoon E_Bust. Here's what I got:

1-Obviously you are throwing dirt on Riley's decision making. While he himself would admit mistakes along the way in his almost-incomparable NBA career as player/coach/GM, hiring an inexperienced video coordinator to continue coaching the team and organization that he has put so much energy into was NOT one. You can keep calling him that, but almost everybody changes careers a few time in their life. It's like saying the President of our country is really a community organizer with no comparable experience to run our great country. Try posting that one on here. Do you know what a video coordinator does? He probably sees more basktetball than all the other coaches or players. Riles knew this cat had the drive, the intelligence, the personality - ALL the needed qualities to lead an NBA team. Remember, Pat had never been a head coach prior to coaching the Lakers to 4 championships. I think he was doing some commentating when he got his first gig. You don't have to be a great player, or even a known basktetball entity to the general public to coach effectively. It was obvious EARLY ON (actually from day one) that SPO had Wade's respect. But that still didn't convince some of you. You knew better than Riles and Wade. Where is Avery Johnson at now? "He doesn't have a set rotation" vs "he never makes in game adjustments" - that is just some of the inane crap that we had to meander through on this blog.

So I see your point boiling down to the age old question of what came first - the chicken or the egg. (GOD didn't create eggs, he created chickens) So, did the team get better and SPO was riding it's wave, or did SPO get better and the team improved because he suddendly figured out how to coach? Doesn't matter to me. I knew from day 1 that Riles wouldn't give the company car keys to someone unworthy - HE WAS NOT THE WEAK LINK. That's a bold statement from a team that had first team all under-achiever supercoolbeas on the squad....and SPO was the weak link?

Have a super weekend!! Enjoyed talking with you.

Bucks tonight - #21!

I agree Greg and I never said he had to have that experience. I merely stated his inexperience and lack of confidence displayed in some of his decisions. As he gathered himself and got a more solid knowledge base he has become a contributor.

I can wash semi's all day, but it doesn't mean I'm a truck driver.

To answer your question - I think the team carried Spo and covered a lot of his inexperience, but now I think Spo has caught on and is a solid contributor. How is this a bad thing or unintelligent comment? We do agree on one thing: LET'S GO HEAT! :)

I love the banter on here. Lets go heat!!!

@Michael Scott Doleac you played for the heat if that is actually you!!!!!
B ball player right their

Larry Sanders needs to be suspended. His hit on wade was intentional.

I've got a feeling Sanders will have a short NBA career. In addition to committing what should have been at least flagrant 1's, he is also emotionally out of control. And by not calling his over-agressive fouls, referees are baiting him into hurting someone. In my view, he won't stop as long as he can get away with it. I'm willing to bet he will soon mess with the wrong guy, who will put him out of his misery. He seems to want to keep fishing; I can almost guarantee that he'll soon get a "bite" -- and before this season ends. Mark my words.

Lol joe! GO HEAT!

On sanders.. It s not often a kid will come back to the one he put on the floor and reach to him saying ru okay? .. And on spo.. I was born raised in Miami . It's kind of a delicate balance the culture n such .. To me, he's the perfect one.. He embodies so fl. To me.. And I think it goes w the territory etc. . These players live breathe Miami . I consider myself one lucky SOB to have them in my city.. I remember being 12 and watching Jordan and the bulls school any and all in their path ..
now I get to watch my own team do it.. Word .

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