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Bron-Bot dances through Chris Bosh's post-game interview

Chris Bosh is the king of the "photobomb," which makes him an easy target.

As the star of Friday night's victory against the Bucks — he had 28 points on 16 shots — Bosh was participating in the perfunctory post-game interview with Heat court-side reporter Jason Jackson when LeBron James danced through the shot during the robot.

The whole thing seemed a little planned. Why else would play-by-play man Eric Reid allude to it before the interview and why would the camera suddenly pan out if it was supposedly spontaneous? But whatever. It was pretty funny.

Should we call that dance the Bron-Bot or Robo-Bron? Here it is: 



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Yeah Greg .. it was a trip ! Only the players now have more skills and the women are alot better looking ! Still can't pick between the blonde or brunette Miami Heat Sun Sports/Fox girls !

Maybe Larry Sanders needs to be exiled to China ? He'll be happier there...endorsing a noodle company or some other stupid thing.

Guys...come on ! We're in basketball nirvana ! No need for a fist festival...BKY & Black just agree to disagree & forgetaboutit. I'm not personally interested in Black's "in the huddle" talks either ...but as he would say "we move on".

Guys...I still think Juwan Howard will be making nightly locker room appearances once the playoffs begin. This year... Pat will be going with an ever new motivational approach this time bordering on a "Shake-type / Broadway-esque like nightly excurson probably choreographed by Carnival with Howard playing the lead role. Well...what else could it be for signing him ? Maybe he'll do something to that Justin Timberlake tune "Suit & Tie"...cause that's all I ever see him in !

Are you kidding? I think black is a rock star!

Good game... Good win... 22 and counting...

Up next, The Celtics...

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