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24-game winning streak returns home but first a look back at that crazy game

First, here's an excellent video I found on YouTube reviewing the Heat's come-from-behind victory against the Cavaliers. Sure, the Cavs were grossly undermanned, but considering the circumstances and the size of the deficit (27 points), it has to rank up there with on of the most memorable regular-season games of since 2010.

And now we have this: A picture of James shaking hands with the fan who rushed the court. It was a surreal moment. First, a person runs onto the court and all hell is breaks loose, and then James is shaking the kid's hands and patting him on the head as he is hauled off.

The person wrote a nice message for James on his shirt โ€” "We Miss You" on the front and "Come Back 2014" on the back โ€” but did anyone find it a little odd that James was so understanding of the fan's actions? After the game, James sounded almost regretful that he didn't have a chance to speak with the fan.


The Heat returns home to AmericanAirlines Arena on Friday for 7:30 p.m. game against the Pistons. While the Heat has won four games in a row against the Pistons and will be a heavy favorite, anything seems possible after the last two games. Miami is 30-3 at home.


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well, when trying to keep a streak going, the most important game, is the next one... 2nite, we play the Pistons... now, we can not just think we can walk onto the floor and they will lye down and give us this game... we can not take any team lightly no matter how bad their record is.. They would luv to be the team that will go down in history as the team to end the streak... we must come to play... they beat us earlier this season... don't take them lightly...

come to play... stay aggressive... defense first... have fun... welcome home... 007...

My analysis is, we will have more points than the Pistons when the final buzzer goes off in the 4th quarter. Thanks.

cheer up bky, you know I like to mess with you...

I'm cheered up! And you know I like to mess with you! Lets go Heat! Praying we stay injury free! ๐Ÿ™


Good first win... The defense looked good... Rebounding, with the bigs' looked good too... Larkin is the floor general, so, space the floor and feed off him... Where it's a drive and kick or drive and lob, stay aggressive and look to score... Scott, plays a good two guard, stay aggressive and stay out of foul trouble... Jones and Brown, on the wings can score and play solid defense, gotta step up as the tourney moves forward... The rotation of bigs' will end up causing to many problems for any team in the nation, use them the right way though... The lobs are there, they gotta crash the glass, hit your free throws, play solid defense, stay out of foul trouble...

On to thew next one...

Black, The UM blog is 3 clicks over on the home page. Thanks for you cooperation in this matter. This is a Heat blog only. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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