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The show will go on...and by 'show' we mean 'nonsense'

Haters and critics be damned, the pre-game dunks will continue.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra called it the "theater of the absurd." LeBron James said he doesn't care. People have apparently criticized James about his pre-game dunks—no one actually knows who these people are—but despite all the blowback ... the show will go on!

"I don't care," James said. "I've been criticized for everything. It doesn't matter to me. That is a small thing on my agenda that I'm getting criticized by what I do in the warm-ups. Stop. Like Shane say, 'Stop.'"

Seriously, if ever there was an instance of the media blowing a story out of context and out of proportion, it's this "pregame dunk controversy" nonsense. The only people who have said anything negative about James' dunks are a few anonymous haters on Twitter. James mentioned the Twitter comments after Tuesday's game — it was probably just one, but who knows and who cares — and now the TV media (local and national) is running wild with the story.

Media availability on Thursday was the "theater of the absurd," as Spoelstra said. TV reporters were shouting over each other to ask LeBron and others about these nasty "critics." As they like to say, slow news day.


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Skipping with the girls on the 1st take set. Let em play while the Heat stay......CHAMPS!

The HATERS are just angry white GOP racists, that are just upset that their culture of no fun, dress and dance like white people is about over. I want entertinament and dunking is FUN...


Damn, dude, stereotype much?

I think you missed adding Christian in their.

As I said before, we are at a point in our society where the only set of people that aren't supersensitive about everything said about them and make a big todo over every supposed slight are the white Christian males. Try adding any other ethnic group, women, or religion in your diatribe and this post would be toast.

Funny, cause it was mainly (not solely) the white Christian male that built this country, that fought and died for this country, that gives idiots like this a right to spew this nonsense. Sort of ironic, isn't it.

Alittle angry for a "Christian aren't you. I am whte, but let's face the country was built on the backs of others poor, minorities, slaves etc. That party of our history you forget. Maybe you should rad some history andd not just listen to the 700 Club types!

So, you are saying that the minorities (the 10% of the country's population) did most of the heavy lifting and the military service was made up mostly of minorities?

And it's MY history that needs adjusted?

So Gary, take a chance and try to post what Miami Mark did using another ethnic group's stereotype. Let's see if it stays posted.


And just because I noticed the double standard in our society and mentioned it, doesn't make me a male, a Christian, or caucasian. It just makes me observant.

Got your post up yet?

So Gary are you saying the poor, the minorities, and the slaves couldn't be Christian? Are you saying they couldn't be male? And are you saying they can't be caucasian? Sounds to me like you want to make them exclusive of each other.

Sure there were a lot of poor white males working the fields in the mid-west. Same goes for the beaches of Normandy.

Men are a gender minority sunshine.

So black slave owners sold black slaves to white men from Europe. Who pays the reparations to who there?

OHHHHH NOOOOOOOO.... I came to read a Heat Blog and landed right in the middle of a "Cry Me A River" gang of minority whiners..... Let's see... The Nation was built on the backs of the Chinese who helped build the railroads, (Whites paid for it)... But the Chinese who where seriously abused racially have stepped up to the plate. They have not only become a strong middle class force in America... They have two and three generations graduated from Colleges and are CEO's and wealthy citizens. The Chinese American culture has THRIVED in America.... Same can be said of the Spanish, the Cubans, The Vietnamese... Russians, Italian, Irish, English, German, Swede, East European, Japanese, Indian (Domestic and from India)...... It seems the only group that is still whining and complaining about how "Unfair" and how "Whitey has a foot on they're Neck" is African Americans. Except of course those who have made it through study, hard work or being talented in some way and having the discipline to use it for themselves and they're families...

Take that "Poor Mouths built America" shiznit somewhere that someone cares.... Loser.. We ALL built America... and yes... some of us paid more money then labor, but you cannot have one without the other. Now stop whining and take responsibility for YOUR OWN ACTIONS AND FUTURE..... loser....

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