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The show will go on...and by 'show' we mean 'nonsense'

Haters and critics be damned, the pre-game dunks will continue.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra called it the "theater of the absurd." LeBron James said he doesn't care. People have apparently criticized James about his pre-game dunks—no one actually knows who these people are—but despite all the blowback ... the show will go on!

"I don't care," James said. "I've been criticized for everything. It doesn't matter to me. That is a small thing on my agenda that I'm getting criticized by what I do in the warm-ups. Stop. Like Shane say, 'Stop.'"

Seriously, if ever there was an instance of the media blowing a story out of context and out of proportion, it's this "pregame dunk controversy" nonsense. The only people who have said anything negative about James' dunks are a few anonymous haters on Twitter. James mentioned the Twitter comments after Tuesday's game — it was probably just one, but who knows and who cares — and now the TV media (local and national) is running wild with the story.

Media availability on Thursday was the "theater of the absurd," as Spoelstra said. TV reporters were shouting over each other to ask LeBron and others about these nasty "critics." As they like to say, slow news day.


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