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Spoelstra's dilemma: Start Chris Bosh or Kyrie Irving in All-Star Game

Should Erik Spoelstra award Chris Bosh a starting nod in the All-Star Game or should 
the Heat's coach replace a point guard with a point guard and elevate Cleveland point guard Kyrie Irving to starter?

For the next few weeks, that choice will be debated throughout the NBA. Spoelstra suggested on Sunday in Toronto that he would start Bosh.

Both Bosh and Irving are worthy of starting in the game. Bosh, arguably the best mid-range shooting big man in the NBA, has a career high in field-goal percentage. Irving is averaging 24.0 points per game (sixth in the league) while shooting .412 from three-point range.

Spoelstra will not have many responsibilities during All-Star weekend, but it is his job to name a replacement starter for Rajon Rondo, the Celtics guard who recently tore a knee ligament and is out for the season. Spoelstra didn’t come out and say he was going to use his authority to start Bosh, but he offered a big hint.

“Look, I’ve only given this thought for the last nine minutes, but I will tell you this, unequivocally, that my loyalties, first and foremost are always with the Miami Heat,” he said with a smile.

For the conspiracy theorists out there, putting James and Irving on the court together is out of the question. James and Irving are close friends and rumors are circulating throughout the leauge already that James would like to play with Irving in Cleveland after next season.

Bosh, an eight-time All-Star, has started two All-Star Games in his career. The last time three players from the same team started in an All-Star Game was in 1990 when Magic Johnson, James Worthyand A.C. Green represented the Lakers.


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I likE Kyrie, he's an awesome player, best point guard to come into the NBA since Rose. But yea go head and slide Bosh into the starting lineup at the 4, put melo at the 3 and bron as a guard. Heat players wont play alot anyway.. But I do hope that the EAST come out with win this year!

Good game... Good win... Although, I do think something should be said about how the ref's are calling these games...

On the topic of All-Star starters, it would be nice to have all three Heat players start the game... When you think about it starting the game with our three guys and having Coach there is perfect and after last year's run and with how we have been playing even with all these badly called games, we're still in 1st place and deserve to get all the shine for getting the job done...

So, in other words, yes start CB...

can some one tell me when we're trading ray allen???

We win by 15 points and your still COMPLAINING about the refs??? Ate you ever happy??? And for the 18437th time!!! Ray Allen is not being traded!!! Joe, your thoughts in the officiating??? And Jie has already addressed the Ray trade, it's not happening.

My bad on the spelling errors. Damn IPhone. And also black, Ray has been struggling lately, it happens to everybody.

Spo's real dilemma...send Chalmers to D-League or not ?

... Chalmers doesnt need to go to the D-League, he just needs to start playing like he's a top 10 PG in the league like he says he is. Dont look for the flashy play, look for the right play.. and start defending as well. Norris Cole has been way more consistant this year, and has passed him on both offensive and defensive execution so far this season

I just watched the repeat of the Boston game... I read Ray Allen's lips say, 'they know', and he also said, 'y'all road to the title just got easier', do to Rondo's injury...

Now, if y'all don't trade his ass, we will end up not making a run at the title this season... You heard it here first... Ray Allen didn't take a pay cut, they had a plan for Ray to come sign here to sell us out... Tell Doc, it didn't work.. Not with 007 on the job....


Give me a break! Your reaching for something that isn't there black!

Fire Spo!!

On The Decision. Irving or Bosh?

We All Know Spo Doesn't Like Tall Players! Even With A Group of All Stars!! Expect Spo To Play The Worst, Smallest In The Group!! And Play Them All Game Long!! Expect The Starters To Play 40 Minutes A Piece! Without Using The Bench!!

At Least Look at the Bright Side. The Coaches Don't have To Coach At The Allstar Game! FITS SPO STYLE PERFECTLY!!

He Can Coach His Pointless Basketball!

So this garbage of a coach gets us to the Finals 3 years ago, wins it last year, and were 1st in the East this year? Am I missing something? He got outcoached by Carlisle in the Finals, no question. What would your solution be?

I still think the Heat should look into acquiring Mozgov

Lets face it, the Heat have basically been playing Power-Forwards (UD, Bosh, Joel, Birdman) as Centers this whole year, (and I get the whole position-less lineup thing) but the problem is rebounding, what does a true center do? REBOUND, protect the paint, block the shots, I think if Miami brought in a true center (Mozgov, Greg Oden (when he's not injured), Samuel Dalembert) they would be that elite team that everyone sees and not a team that loses to the wizards, or barely wins to the bobcats.

Good solid win... we move forward... I still say go get Evans and Cousins... Make that deal... this homestand we must hold down our home court winning ways and get each one... take Ray out at the end of games... can't trust'em... he might give one away.. bring UD, Rio, Cole, even Birdman would be better... just don't use him...

If you have watched Allen over the years, you can't tell me, you don't see what he's doing... COME ON MAN... get rid of him fast...

I forgot to add Battier in there too...

Black, my man, nobody here is seeing the Ray sell-out you are. The man stays in impeccable shape, not typically signs of a sell out, has been a late game assassin for 3 (now 4) different teams, and why you think he'ld intentionally miss shots for us because he still has love for Rondo, KG, and Pierce is beyond most of us. You're certainly entitled to assess his play however you want, but none of us see it.

Small ball or fast ball, as I like to see it has us at 19-3 at home, pretty damn good home record.

Chicago just lost to the red hot Indiana Pacers, and David West scored a lot of points. Hmmm, I wonder if they need better interior defense than Noah, Boozer and Dang can deliver. Maybe it's just a height thing and they need 3 7'ers in the post. Think they are giving Oden a tryout today, just as a knee jerk reaction.

Again, if you've played any amount of ball in your life, you know that you've matched up with guys a few inches taller than you and you absolutely KNEW you were going to get the better of them - size be damned. Also, we've all played against guys shorter than us that took our cookies and our lunch money.

I wonder if Manute Bol or Shawn Bradley are still available? We could sit down one of our scorers or perimeter defenders and put them in the paint to, you know, collect 12 boards a game, average 5.6 points and 4 fouls a game - in 24 minutes. Bosh, UD, Batt, Birdman, take a break, we now have found our missing piece.

We have the league leading scorer in the paint, in LBJ. Do we think that number would go up or down with a Jermaine O'Neal lumbering around 10' from the basket?

We are at the top of the league in just about every major offensive catagory, and we want to temper that with a 7' boat anchor?

....and yet another coach trying to keep supercoolbeas down.

News from Arizona that he was caught doing 71 in a 45, with NO liscense plate, NO temporary liscense plate, and his Arizona drivers liscense has been suspended. What is it with that damn Sheriff out there. He is profiling all 6'10" NBAers that play NO defense and wear their braids like Alfalfa from little rascals.

"just wait Gembe, he'll go somewhere other than Miami - where they know how to develop talent, and he'll be an All Star". Fire Coach SPO.

We should still be apologizing to UD for EVER thinking this P.O.S. was worthy of his minutes!

Black, Doesn't it get old that people rip you on a daily basis? Your so out of line with your statements it's ridiculous. First off, it wasn't a solid win. We should be embarrassed. For the 17372th time. We're not getting Evans and Cousins!!! We're not making any trades! We're first in the east for God's sake!!! Wake up from your fantasy!!!

For the record, I wasn't ripping Black, I just don't see the same angle about Ray that he does.

I don't think the Heat will EVER want Cousins, but he's free to throw that out there (but daily?)

Just another passionate Heat fan, like the rest of us.

you make good points with the fast ball approach. thats why Birdmad and Anthony thrive in the HEAT system because they run.. thats why if we get a Javale Mcgee/Deandre Jordan type of center that can still run the floor and do all those other things we would be awesome.. but I was saying add mozgov because when its playoff time, and their in that half court game, and the wear and tear of a whole season is on Bosh and Haslem, we have Mozgov who can grab us ten or more boards a game..

If Birdman can give us 20 solid minutes a night. We will be just fine.


Not hatin' on Mozgov, but I don't see any major trade happening in MIA this year. It's hard for me to believe that just adding a 10 reb/game player in our lineup means that everything stays the same, and we just rebound 10 more boards a game. It's the same as having the top 5 scorers in the NBA on one team and think that you are going to average 125 points a game. It doesn't work that way.

Jordan plays like a beast when I watch him - bring him to MIA this summer.

McGee is a physical phenom and a mental midget. Keep him away.

Gortat, yep - but not until this summer.

Guys, How are we getting Jordan? He makes 10.5 million a year till 2015? And Gortat makes 7.7 million next year? Did you guys think they were free agents?

OK, look, the target of Gortat is a good one... And yes he is under contract, but we could make a trade for him... I personally would like to add Cousins and Evans... I think they would flourish in our system, and we would have to teach them both how to adjust to bad officiating and how to become better professionals... But let me be clear, they're available...

Another thing, Bron got fouled last night on the one shot he missed... The ref's have been HORRIBLE this season...

@BKY - i was merely giving examples.. not saying we should actually attempt to acquire them.

@Black - yes we know you are all for cousins and Evans, but think about that.. will there be enough ball to go around with all those guys wanting touches? with Bron, wade, Bosh, Evans, and Cousins? all them are among top tier players at their respective positions. All of them would want the ball, I dont see it working out right.. would it be amazing to see tho? YES, because thats basically an ALL-STAR game lineup every night they play! but realistically .. I dont see that happening

I'm with bky - Birdman fills the space in the middle nicely. Cost effective, high energy, not worried about FGAs, just plays hard.

Ref's will continue to officiate from a 'marketable player' standpoint.

Now the latest rumor trying to gain ground is the HEAT won't be able to compete after 2014, because LBJ will be gone, Wade will be too old, Bosh doesn't rebound, blah blah blah. Black - I see more Heat-hate coming from writers and commentators than the officials. Though they can't specifically alter the game, they control most of the viewing publics opinion by how they shape their comments. And if any of the major leagues are prone to sway with the public opinion, it's the NBA. I feel free to say that, as I'm not in their target audience.

The hate for Heat will always be there especially when other teams and their fans aren't the ones with a group of great players representing their team/city...

I do think, that there are teams using this as a way to get to the Refs... I have seen both players and coaches say, 'they're a dam all-star team'... Now i'm not sure if that's why we have been getting these bad called games or what, but, when players get fouled, it's a foul, period... So, this is and will cause somewhat of a problem, but if you take a team for the names on paper and not for what they bring to the table now, I think its a wrongfully told truth... What i'm trying to say is, if both Allen and Lewis came to us five years younger but right now, then ok.. But that's not the case...

Another thing, I think we would be fine with Evans and Cousins... The goal at the end of the day is to win championships.. I think, with these two added players and loss of some players, we would have a great chance to get everybody shots and chances to get the shines they deserve as great players... The reason I have been targeting Cousins is, this kid is really good, but the team sucks... And the coach, well, he sucks too... But if you bring him here, then now he will soon become one of the games better players... And watch the hate get even greater...

Bottom line guys. We're not making any trades. We can talk about it all day, this is the team. I really think throwing Birdman in there in 5-7 minute spurts we will be fine. Ray isn't going anywhere, Miller WILL be amnestied next year, and I will be stunned if we pick up Rio's contract option next year. Cole will start, and we pick up a veteran minimum point guard type, thinking a Tinsley or somebody equivalent. The big man thing will always be an adventure. Oden??? That would be key, but a longshot.

Black - why was Cousins suspended THREE time this year in the first 10 weeks of the season?

Anyone - why can't Cole start and have a championship-team caliber PG in RIO come off the bench? Jamal Tinsley - ehww, my keyboard just puked. You mean Mike Bibby won't be available?

I still think the Heat are going to make one more move.. I think their going to give Pittman the boot and bring in someone, or try to move Millers contract before the season's end.

I knew someone would say something about an EXAMPLE point guard at the minimum.

Cousins looked great walking to the locker room last night after being ejected. What is that his 12th technical on the year? Yep, trade for him him ASAP! Loose cannon!

Would Cousins be such a loser in a winning situation? Would Wade, who's quietly becoming our enforcer, with all the softies we have on the team like Joel Anthony, allow him to be a lose cannon? See how Wade hit David West after he did something to Haslem that had Haslem crying to the officials? Wade ran off a screen and forearmed West in the back as he ran past him. That should be Joel Anthony's job. He does so little, so he should be in everyone's grill like Ben Wallace or get under people's skin like Dennis Rodman.

Cousins is a cancer. End of discussion.

We're gonna need a big defensive effort in this next one...

Ok, it might be a little early for a gameplan, but I think there's a basic way to beat the rockets and hold down their offense...

Their offense is a basic drive and kick... They shoot the three ball well, and rebound well with Asik and patterson... Harden is their number option, and Lin is quick on the drive and kick.. I say, take it to Harden... get him in foul trouble early... Also, take it at Asik, get him in foul trouble... What they don't do is play good defense... So, don't settle for jumpers.. take it inside... cuts, pick and rolls.. attack... get to the line... they can't stop what we bring to the table... but if we let them play to their strength, we give them a chance to hang around, and with the refs, it just doesn't look good... come out early, and defend, and take it to them... they want to get up and down.. ok, we can do that... but take their better players off the court.. we should have a good offensive showing in this one, but our defense should be able to shut them down... hit our free throws... get this win and let's move forward...

Yeah, maybe we can hold them to 10 threes instead of 28!

So we are going to play a team that drives and kicks. Who would we want to be rotating out to the perimeter from the post? Chris Bosh, Birdman, Haslem, JA ..... or a big slow turd like Cousins?

In our defensive scheme, I'll take the mobile over the big ANY day.

I don't think the Heat need any 'enforcers', as they are known. Pittman looked like an ass in the playoffs last year with that bush-league elbow to Stevenson. Yeah, we can play physical in the paint, but the league isn't letting any of that Lambeer/Mahorn/Maurice Lucas stuff go any more. Just like our society, the league has become thoooo thensitive.

for the record, Sam Dalembert put up some big numbers.. If that buyout does come, the Heat should really consider picking him up


you must not watch the Pacers play...

Black, just watched the Pacers beat the Heat a few days ago. I know they also beat the Bulls recently, running a pretty good home winning streak. West has been putting up big points. What am I missing?

The Heat aren't a team that is going to go all street-thug on you (ex: matt barnes). They've shown a lot of restraint as far as that goes. That's not a negative, that's a positive. We can defend without that extra stuff. So what, we retaliate, then we start getting players tossed (UD in Indiana last year). How does that help us? We can play physical and not fight/enforce. Every team can sit in the lane, and wait for you to drive, and clobber you - that takes NO talent. Few teams can get up and down the court like us, few, if any.

the physical play this year has been there all year.. when you say, they just wait in the paint, that part is true.. that's why the defensive three second rule that their suppose to enforce, isn't being called... but even without that, they still have been getting away with hard fouling and the ref's have let things play out... smh... this isn't where we need to focus on... although Cousins does bring a bit of toughness, he much more than that... and we just need to get more rebounds, not look to start fights...


good call (except for the Cousins being tough part)

the league has become thoooo thensitive <--- lmao.

You are indeed right, but Wade forearm to Garnett for the dirty screen to a helpless Mike Miller, his scrappiness with Kobe and Rondo, etc. DWade is still a top 5 player but he's been forced to become the enforcer when you have big bodies like Haslem (who should have learned from our other bigs that he played with the subtle art of intimidation), Joel Anthony (he makes enough for a small fine at this point...hell he's overpaid), etc. Even Juwan Howard and Ilguakas would push back at some points.

The league isn't that sensitive. Ron Artest, Boston Team, Blake Griffin was notorious, Matt Barnes and other players still play with that toughness. That's why teams try to ruffle the feathers of the heat because they feel Miami is soft (I read this somewhere) and can be pushed around.

Artest, KG, Barnes are all 'enforcers' or 'thugs', agreed. Blake Griffin, I've seen him take more hard fouls than give them.

I'm cool with Wade doing what he does. I don't think he's our enforcer. He probably gets a wider width of acceptance when he retaliates, because of his basketball pedigree. When Pittman does it, it seems petty and immature.

We don't have to get fines or suspensions or flagrant fouls to get back at the other team. EB, you've been around the game long enough to know that the refs can't see everything, and there's ample opportunity to respond without getting caught during the game. Now, post-game, when they get a chance to review the tape, I think they catch most of that.

I think it's a more positive trait that we have disciplined players on this team, as opposed to players who's first reaction is to 'act tough'. C'mon KG can act as 'hard' as he wants to on the court with his ridiculous street attitude, but when did he earn this hard reputation. When was the last time he actually threw a punch in a fight on the court? I can't remember either. Big bark, haven't seen the bite.

Mike Miller and Big Dex for Sam Dalembert.. the bucks have made it known they are willing to part ways with him.. get it done Riles!

I think some of y'all missed the point... The way you get players back for trying to bully us out of our games???? You Win... At the end of the day, they can't beat us, so, they try to bully us... Stay focused, and out play them... But if the ref's just let dirty playing go on, then yes, do whatever it takes to show them that this will not be excepted... but, remember, we come to win, FIRST...

Anybody have any thoughts on Marc Jackson's end of game strategy yesterday vs the Rockets?

Marc Jackson has become a good Head Coach... But, I think that when a team has done something special, like the Rockets did, just let them play...

I also think his way of fouling players hard who come through the lane mentality, will end up getting some one hurt...

Might be old school, but kinda dirty, in my opinion...

greg, good post. you are right. if the refs called everything, everyone would foul out.

One thing we truly haven't looked at is trading Dexter Pittman. We may want to look at this before his contract runs out and he ends up going to some other team for nothing.

We need a solid draft this year. All our drafts are bust except for lottery picks. No more being position focused. Let's just get the most athletic player we can.

The thought of trading Miller, Pittman for Dalemert make some sense...

it makes alot of sense.. if those guys arent going to get any playtime here anyway, why not ship them away, and get someone who can help us out..

Mark Jackson is an awesome coach, he's done a great job with this young team, and the development of Curry! you can see it unfold every-game they play.. one of my favorite teams in the west. Curry should have been an all-star.. Since Rondo went down I wish we could swap him for a player in the west that wasn't selected.. eh.. stupid thinking, but it'd be nice to see him play with Bron and Wade (if his ankles hold up that is)

It doesn't make any sense. Miller's contract rubs through 2015 Milwaukee is trying to she'd salary, not take in salary. The only way we get a Dalembert or a Scola type is if they are bought out.

Good Game.. Good Win... The aggressive play by both Bron and D-Wade was very good to see... Ok, we move forward...

Up next, The Clippers... Not sure who playing in this one, but we have to stay aggressive and defend first... And if Jordan gets the ball in stretch time moments foul him, he can't shoot free throws... Hopefully, we get a fairly called game.. Let's get this win...

Another thing, Dalembert could help this season...

Dalambert isn't coming unless it's a buyout. No negative comments about Ray Allen today?

@ BKY yea your prob right. If he wasnt so stubborn and just took the MINI-MID level he would have been in a Heat uni already.

Here's another one...

Heat trade: Mike miller, Dexter Pittman
Bucks trade: Samuel Dalembert

Heat trade: Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Joel Anthony, Draft picks
Kings trade: Demarcus Cousins, Tyreke Evans

Could this happen???

I have told you for 2 days Milwaukee will NOT take back Miller's salary!!! Jesus man enough with the same Ray Allen to the Kings trade for Cousins and Evans!!! It won't EVER happen!!! And to answer you question could thus happen??? He'll no! Cousins is a loose cannon! He's hit 12 techs on the year and is a CANCER!!! Get with it black!!! You can sometimes break down the games, but the trade talk is CRAZY!!!

Black, you can answer that question, when you answer this one:

Why did Cousins' OWN TEAM suspend him 3 times in the first 10 weeks of the season?

That is one reason this particular trade WILL NOT happen.

Thank you!!!!!

Bron, Wade, Bosh, UD, Rio, Cole, Battier, JJ, Evans, Cousins, Dalembert, Birdman, Vanardo, K-mart, D. West..

Holy-landing-of-the-mothership Black.

D West and Cousins on the same team??

What, we couldn't find Vernon Maxwell's cell (phone) number?

Certainly Rodman still has some miles left on his wheels, right?

And is Roy Tarpley still alive?

Let's bring Shaq back as conditioning coach, and Lance Armstrong can be our Public Relations guy.

Is Huggins still coaching @ WVU?? Move down the bench SPO, here's your new mentor.

Anybody for Geitner as our Chief Financial Officer?

One more trade - How about Wade for Kobe, just for his leadership qualities?

Take out D. West for A.I.

just had a moment...

I have decided that I am going to let Greggembe rip black from now on. It's become obviously evident that he had some type of mental disorder. Not going to waste my time with this fool anymore. Posting the same trade stuff everyday. It's not even laughable anymore. Just plain sad.

lmao...we could trade Ray Allen for 50+ year old owner Michael Jordan.

There shouldn't be a dilemma. Bosh Starts.

1) Rondo has a nasty attitude with the Heat, so take his spot and give it to a Heat player.

2) We stick it to Cleveland again by not starting Kyle since they still have so much hate for the Heat. Since everyone hates the Heat so much, give them a reason. Psychological Warfare at its best.

3) Its not like adding Bosh will cause some wacky lineup. DWade/Lebron (pg/sg interchangeably), Garnett/Bosh (pf,center interchangeably), Melo SF. Its not like Spo will start Bosh at the PG position to have him on the floor.

bky - again, I don't feel like I'm trying to rip Black. I like Black, he's a passionate Heat fan, like us. And really, he's a grown man who doesn't need me to validate what he blogs. I will disagree with him every day I exsist about Ray intentionally missing shots, or the fact that Cousins is a boob, etc.....but I respect his opinion, even when it doesn't coincide with mine. Same with you, we've disagreed on some things and agreed on others. That's cool.

I'll save my ripping for Dashi.

Dashi never responds. That's no fun.

Right on brother Greg !

Gameday bucket go boom !

^^HAHAHA^^ I hate that commercial

Morning Heat Nation....

Just waiting to get the news we made a trade...

so the heat doesn't have any 3 point shooters in the 3 pt shot contest? Miami is hated on. Ray Allen, with Boston, got in last year just because he's the career best 3 point shooter among all NBA players. Now he doesn't get in as a Heat player?

I would bet that you get D Howard out of Kobe's egotistical world and he would look GREAT in a Heat uniform. He would heal, play hard, and shoot a higher FT% in South Beach. Now, if we can get him over the summer and still keep our other 9 rotation players, we'ld be sittin pretty.

Black, would you be OK with Howard in a Heat uni?

I'm certain he (and D'antoni) are going to take most, if not, ALL the blame for the Lakers shortcomings this year. Kobe will come out of it bitchin' at management, his teammates, and the valets at the Staple Center, and the media will get behind him 100%. They got blown out last night in Bawston, and Kobe was back to chuckin' up shots (15) and didn't manage to squeeze off ANY assits. Seriously, how long did that take - from Kome being the 'facilitator' and they were winning, back to NO assists and 'I gots mines'. As much as Kome 'prepares' and 'studys the game', I would think some of these stats would jump off the page at him.

Players want to play in LA, one reason being 60 of your games will be televised nationally - no matter how much your team sucks. If Kobe played for the Bobcats or Bucks, NOBODY would want to sign on with that team.

Why we allow our media to pick and choose our 'stars' is ridiculous. Last week people were still bringing up Ray Lewis's past, which had not been a topic for years. Kobe's indescretions in Denver were swept under the rug, and not to be brought up again. Tim Tebow works out in the weight room and is denigrated, but we love to hear about Colin Kapernick lifting with his team. I'll stop now, before this goes political.

....speaking of politics, where's my partner Jpejeff been? You still out there?

Greg, let's be honest. Kobe has always been great and overachieved and Howard has always been sort of blah. If the media made a star out of a player, its Dwight, deeming him the second superman. He's no where near Shaq.

Also Lebron, Bosh, Melo and Dwade came out and DWade never got the calls and glory (i sort of miss that DWade) while Lebron and Kobe were put in a super star level and while Bosh in Toronto and Melo in Denver got more accolades. So while I think Kobe would have been great either way and worked hard at it and Dwight didn't earn it, but was just given it, the media does determine who will be a darling and who will be an out cast in their sport. D Marino is really getting a pass on his love child situation while Tiger was ripped apart.

EB, agree with most of what you said, but not sure about the 'overachievement' of Kobe. He didn't win any rings prior to Shaq being there, and when Shaq left LA, it was a while before Kobe's team was winning anything past the second round. They then won 2 championships, got beat by Detroit with Payton and Malone on their roster, got thoroughly THUMPED by the Celtics in a close out game, and the last two years has gone 1-8 in the SECOND ROUND, those loses coming with King Phil sitting in his anointed high chair.

Kobe did the same thing in Denver that Tyson did in Indiana. One gets the pass the other, jail time. A-Rod is accussed of doing the same thing Barry Bonds is accussed of, but one plays in NYC and is nice to the media, the other has a Bobby Knight reputation with the media, so we crucify one guy and lift glorify the other.

Miss the old D Wade also, but you can't stay in your 20's forever, and fame can change you. He's still pretty damn good though!

Marino, and you guys would know this better than me, being in S. FLA, but he always seemed to carry himself correctly. (note: I've never been a Dolphins fan). Tiger's handling of his mess, his lack of humility, invites criticism.

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