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Revisiting Dexter Pittman's flying elbow

Dexter Pittman won a ring with the Heat. No matter where his career goes from here, he'll always be a champion. Here was his most memorable moment of the 2012 playoff run.


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Joe go to your previous blog and answer the question please Joe.

uh, so since the heat acquired the rights to Ricky Sanchez, I just have to ask, one is he ever going to be come over to the US, and two, uh is he good?!?!?

and lets not forget about Justin Hamilton, not saying much there, but hes a 7'0 that can shoot.. maybe next year..

And now it's official. Kenyon Martin signs with the Knicks. Lmao! So much for that!!!

Lot of moves are happening around the entire league.. Im still waiting for buyouts .. thats when the Heat are going to pounce

I hope the Heat dont go after Lou Amundson or however you spell his name.. hes just another version of Joel Anthony

So black, Your thoughts on the lack of moves we made? I told you weren't going to do anything significant for months now. Are you depressed? Surprised that I knew what I was talking about? Ready to give me some props?

Tramples is right...gutty effort in back to back.

Bosh...not so much. Too bad the trading deadline is over. IF he's hitting his shot...that's about all he brings. Yes Greg - he's VERY weak with you name it -everything.

I know Bosh is not ripped physically. But he is one of the best shooting big men in the game. He does seem to hit big shots in big moments for us. And he doesn't make a lot of bad decisions with the ball.

That being said, whenever an opponent takes the ball to the hole on us, and gets to the rim with no resistance, I notice it's usually Bosh in the game, not JA or Birdman. (Same token, when our big man is hitting those 15-18 footers when the ball gets swung to him, Bosh is usually in the game, not JA or Birdman)

Hall of Famer? Don't think so yet, but let's let his career play out.

Nobody from the Heat is shakin' over the fact that Kenyon Martin signed with the's a non-story.

Two teams that can stand in our way right now - Pacers and Spurs, (OK, maybe the Clippers also)

9 in a row - 10 or their last 11?????? What a great run!! Holding the Bulls to 35 in the first half on a second of back-to-back nights? Very impressive, although the 10 turnovers before we even got to the middle of the 2nd quarter was ugly.

How are we doing at handling ALL THAT BULL SIZE in the paint? That arguement sounds just like Derrick Rose's brother, plenty of BS.

Black, Where you at son! You depressed we didn't pick Evans and Cousins?

Good game. Good win... we move forward...

That's it??????!!!!!! Black come on man! Anybody read that Greg Cote article on Lebron's departure to Cleveland after next year??? Man did he open a can of worms huh?

Where the hell is everybody??? Goodman, Smitty, Black, Greggembe???

Obviously...this Heat team is on fire. The defense has been the key. These opposing teams are looking lost most of the time. It just takes a few extra seconds within the 24 second shot cause something forced. AWESOME !

Mr. Goodman, what is your opinion when you revisit Dexter Pittman's foul?

I thought it was bush league at the time and still think it's a disgrace. Contrast it with UD's foul on Hansborough. UD swiped blatantly through a basketball play, Pittman blindside clotheslined a player going for a rebound because he doesn't have a shred of decency or basketball ability in his body.

Heat did well giving up a second rounder to be rid of him.

This was his last year under contract. So the Heat having to give up there OWN 2nd round pick to get rid of him is FAR from a good thing. Ugh.

Good win... Gotta good stretch upon us.... Let's stay focused... Watching all things Heat... 007...

Wade > Irving

Well, to be honest, that kid Irving is pretty good... Nice to see another good young player come into the league.... Ok, we move forward... We have a great chance at the one seed, Let's keep a big picture focus on what it means later on.. Rest up but come to play, this is a key stretch... FOCUS... THEY CAN'T HOLD ME....

could we give warick a ten day contract????

what's the word on jo, dalembert buyouts???

I think the word is 'unnecessary', at least in the case of jo.

Why would someone leave Dalembert without a team? He's still got game.

Birdman will do the work in the middle that we ask of him. If you are making major moves at this time of the season, I think that shows some desparation - OKC, I'm looking at you (with the Derek Fisher signing).

Meanwhile, the Heat team as constructed, CONTINUES to rollover opponents.

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