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Non-call motivates LeBron in double-overtime

My video report from AmericanAirlines Arena after Heat 141, Kings 129. After missing a layup at the end of the first overtime period, LeBron complained about a foul call, which seemed to motivate him in the second overtime.


3. LeBron James had 11 points in the second overtime period, a Heat franchise record. He finished with 40 points and 16 assists. James' 16 assists was a career high.

2. Dwyane Wade carried the Heat in regulation. He had 39 points.

1. Despite the exciting victory, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was upset with the team's overall performance. “It’s wasn’t until the last four minutes of regulation and overtime before it became a serious ballgame and we were able to respond,” Spoelstra said.

Read my full report of the game RIGHT HERE! 


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Can't let up if they want to catch the Spurs!

OK - got a few things I want to soapbox about:

1 - NBA rescinding Kobe's technical? C'mon, if the NBA is that worried about their golden duck, why don't they tell him to grow the f* up. I know your team sucks, and I know you are too old to check anybody, and it looks like you are going to miss the playoffs - but stop whining like a little girl!

2 - Get off LBJ about the dunk contest. You want to see him dunk, watch the Heat games - he delivers nicely. You don't need a staged phony atmosphere with props to know this cat can flat out dunk. Question: Every time he makes a 3pt shot, should they push him to join the 3pt shoot out?

3 - Pacers in another scuffle yesterday. Did anyone notice what the female official, who was closest to the play did? Absolutely nothing - say it again. She backed away from the fray. Equal to men, nah, I doubt it. Hey Obama, that's what you want our military's front lines to look like? Damn, the military is the ONE federal gov't agency that DOES work well, and we want to turn it into some kind of social experiment? Clueless.

4 - Speaking of the fights. There has been at least three scuffles in the last few nights. Bynum punches Hansboro / KG hits Hansboro / Hibbert fights with Lee. There's a couple trends I see here. One of which no one will want to talk about. The other is that they all involved the Pacers. They are gaining confidence and I hope the league notices the physical play that follows them around.

5 - Lastly, the news last night regarding the Heat game was how they barely managed to win vs the Kings. No mention of how they found a way to win for the 12th time. The national media does not like us winning folks. I can't be the only one who sees that.

Done, somebody else's turn.

Greggembe, Nice work. i do have one thing I would like to add... Black, continuing our conversation. I know you wanted head case Cousins on our team. But what I saw last night from Evans was one of the biggest BUSH LEAGUE things I have witnessed in person at a Heat game. I'm sure you saw it. With 10 seconds to go and Wade walking the ball up the court Evans STEALS the ball and goes the other way and misses a point blank layup. I would be so embarrassed! Let alone MISSING the shot. And that's exactly why he has NO BUSINESS being on our team! I couldn't believe what I saw!

I thought that was classless too but it's like Schiano ordering them to go for the ball during the kneel down - all's fair.

Heat obviously on serious roll. If/when Heat match up with Pacers'll be like Clay/Ali vs Liston.

Can't hit what you can't see !

If you're dreaming about beating better wake up and apologize !

Spo has done a really good job lately pushing all the right buttons. And...of course the whole team has stepped up their games. How many times do these teams get up for the Heat and play their season best games ? There's been several...more than normal.

I agree with the consensus...picking up someone now would have to be a very special pick-up at this point given the current state of the team and the chemistry.

Not that you would answer truthfully but, is that the REAL Michael Doleac? Former Heat player?

Gregge, regarding whether females have enough moxy to officiate, gee, do we have any sniper with 150 kills in our military history? The Soviet Union did... and guess what.... But, hey, at least I "agree" that it's "terrible" when hoodlums like Udonis attack innocent eye surgeons like Hasbrough.

Snipers do their work from a distance, not in hand to hand combat. The female official in the Pacer/Warrior game wasn't asked to beatdown a player, but she didn't even try to get involved in breaking up the scrum - she actually backed away from it.

As far as Hansboro being innocent or an eye surgeon, WTF?? I like Psycho T's energy, I'm not a hater. He fits the mold of UD, Farried, cats like that.

Assuming you are talking about last year's playoff foul from UD on Hansboro, if the officials would call the hits to the head and face of Wade and LBJ, the rest of the Heat players wouldn't feel the need to exact justice on the Pacers. Eye for an eye?

UD isn't a hoodlum, no matter how wide your definition of the word is.

I thought about this topic last night... We almost have to have a team mental zone to lock into when they try to take us out of our game by getting physical... I would call it "the A Zone"... When some one notices or gets fouled with that kind of play, everyone lock in, don't say a word to them through that stretch, we should run through them and get at least a ten advantage, but lock in, their trying to get us off our game, don't let them do it, lock in... The Pacers are good for doing this, both Hibbert and West go bully ball... Not to mention, Granger... I think this next team has some of that in them... But the key is, we're beating them with our play, the only way they get to us is by trying to get physical... DON'T LET'UM...tbc...

As we hit this weekend, things could shift if we don't focus in on grabbing the league lead... Interesting look at how we could have the over all number one seed.. With this set already 5-0, at worst 9-1, Next set 9-1, then 8-2, finish up 2-0... 64-18.. Thats a very good regular season record...

Back to the now, Memphis is playing well over the last couple of weeks.. Gotta bring it on Friday... Remember last year when they came in and handed it to us... They're weren't really on the radar then, but when they took that 20 point lead we couldn't recover.. This game will be different.. We know what they bring to the table... Big inside, rebound well, quick point guard who plays the passing lane... We should be able to attack this team with ease... Allen and Prince are good defenders but, they hold us...

What y'all think of Warrick?? he's free... and what's up with Dalembert before friday??/

Bosh needs to bring his A game vs Memphis - nothing less. Show he really deserves his max money contract. That's just how Bosh plays, it's who he is & will never become a physical I need to quit dogging him...however frustrating.

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