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LeBron makes NBA history

Quite the memorable homestand for LeBron James and the Heat. He became the first player in NBA history to score 30 points in six straight games while also shooting at least 60 percent from the field in each game.
James is 66 of 92 (.717) for 185 points in his last six games.


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We are getting really spoiled. Blazers needed surge protection last night. Hey Joe...use all your skills and get Alicia Keyes down here for a cameo... cause this team is "on fire".

Lillard was too. Dude is easy ROY...blowing by Chalmers & even Cole too - all night. They reacted to his every move like a puppet on a string vs using whatever skills they have like size, strength, anticipation, make him react to them. Won't win every battle...but better than getting toyed with. Attack on D vs react...

Good game... Good win... Congrats' to Bron, this streak he has been on is very special, and it shows how much he has improved from a mental aspect... See, God given talent will show how good you are and how great you can be... But when you start to understand the game and how to best use your talent, you start to really set yourself apart and above the rest... Great run, hopefully this continues, and we find a way to dominate teams that can't keep up... Also, CB and D-Wade had a good games too... Before any one says anything, old Ray Ray played a little better in this one, but I'm still on his tail, gotta come to play if you gonna be here bro...

We move forward...

Next up, the Thunder... And it's in OKC... Right before the break... Hey, just come to play.. Stay aggressive... Defense first...

Spoiled is a fitting word!

Not only is LBJ playing this game as well as anyone ever did, NO EXCEPTIONS, this team is really playing well. Still teams out there that will test us (Pacers) but nobody wants to get in front of this steamroller now. No OKC, you don't want this. No Knicks, no Celtics, no Nets (they are still in the league, right).

Bosh with big numbers, Wade with big numbers, and LBJ playing out his freakin' mind. LUV IT!!!

Black, of course Ray played a little better. He can't sell us out every game. He's playing just well enough to keep us 'uniformed' fans thinking he's committed to helping this team win. He fools SPO with that mirage, and then he'll wait until a playoff round and stick that knife in our backs. He did it when he left Seattle, Milwaukee, and now after leaving Bawston.

BKY - do you have your sarcasm meter out?

Yeah it's out.

Fellas, Can someone please explain why Lebron PURPOSELY waits until AFTER the buzzer to attempt halfcourt heaves??? And I don't want to hear well, he's trying to save his shooting percentage, because that is flat out selfish! And don't tell me none of you haven't thought about him doing that either! He has made at least 4 shots this year at the end of quarters. If he doesn't want to lower his percentage then pass the fugging BASKETBALL!!! Bush league in my opinion!

^^^ Joe your insight would be appreciated.


Talk about a top-secret conspiracy...finally have it all figured out.

Mike Miller is really employed by either the FBI or CIA. With all these DNP's he's become a man without a face on the Heat bench. The real reason though is to obtain a closer view of just how Joel's hands are able to cradle the ball as if it's a grenade about ready to blow ! It's become a real security issue now...but just hope to God he never touches your eggs or grocery bag. Maybe BKY can invite Trucker to his 3rd row seat behind the Heat bench so Black can lip-read us the details to this ongoing mystery.

bky, stop hating on my guy... he's doing just fine...


I have been very iffy of Ray Allen this season, and to be honest, I still don't trust him... I do think we have a great chance to repeat this season... I just don't want some one taking this opportunity for granted... How many great players have played a great career in the league without one ring, we have a chance to win back-to-back titles... This would be the greatest Heat run ever.. It would be a shame to allow a free agent signee to come in here and f==k it up... To me, It seems like he wasn't playing to help this team but to sell this team out by giving up on defense and missing shots on purpose... Now, I've said it before and I'll say it again... We don't need him... So, if he's not gonna give us 100%or sell us out, then trade him... I stand by my opinion... But if he values his career and wants another chance at a title, then come to play... We're not asking him to play big minutes, or play out of position, or anything like that... He knows how to play the game, hell he's the greatest three point shooter of all time... Both him and Lewis... They can still play the game... But if they don't want to play better or just do what they do well, then get rid of them... period...

on another note... we're 35-14 at this point, and one more to play in this set, 7-2 so far... still on track... but I think in the second half of the season, we could do better than 7-3... more like 9-1.. my opinion... watching all things Heat.. 007...

Truck, I'm not hating on Lebron, the guy is unreal. I think I have a very good point! Would love some real opinions on this.

Just read an article about KDurant saying he and many other players do the same thing - wait until the buzzer goes off and then shoot the long distance end of quarter shot. He said Coach Brooks talked to them about it.

Here's the solution that I know has been used in schools I've been associated with. That last shot is a PASS if it misses, and a shot if it goes. That way the player isn't penalized for taking the 'shot' and is encouraged to take it. You can always argue the player was looking for a teammate to tip the ball in at the rim, and it wsa a pass.

That being said, these same players will dribble out the last possession of the quarter at the top of the key and take a desparation three from 3 steps behind the arc, and have NO problem counting that prayer as a shot. Why can't they make a pass, come off a screen, drive-draw-dish to a teammate? If 'hero-ball' is so damn effective, why do they run offensive sets the rest of the quarter?

Don't want Joel bagging my groceries, but sittin' on my deck in the summer time, he'ld be an asset swatting those flies away.

Miller isn't getting off the bench much, but if he does tonight, damn sure OKC will know who he is. "Let it fly"

@JOE - If Carmelo Anthony is unable to play in the All-Star Game, who do you think Spo will bring in to replace him? Im thinking Josh Smith, who has been playing really well since the Trade rumors started heating up again... It will also give him (SPO) a legitimate reason to start Bosh, and Kyrie Irving at the same time..

why do people continue with the whos better MJ or Lebron debate?? its crazy.. your never going to get a definitive answer. they were playing at two different times, with way different people, and a totally different league... lets just say MJ was the best at his time, and LBJ is the best in his time.

Smitty they do that just to keep mj's ego alive in the media. No one wants to say ANYTHING negative about mj, and we always have to use superlatives when describing his game. One of the best to play at his position - no doubt, but he had wholes in his game also. Rules were made to help him out - the no hand checking on the perimeter (thank you Derek Harper). He went to the FT line SO MANY TIMES with phantom calls. The late whistle if he missed a contested shot. I've personally remember a sixth foul changed from mj to Scott Burrell to keep him in the game.

Yeah, the league and the media had(have)two hands on mj's, eh........, ego for years.

Win more rings than Bill Russell, NOPE. How about Robert Horry, NOPE.

mj couldn't handle LBJs strenght or size, and would have trouble getting shots off against the best (perimeter) defender in the league. Drop the paranthesis if you like.

Whoa, lol Greg I sense some anomosity in your post lol..

I'll admit im not the biggest Jordan fan. And what really made me not want to be a big Jordan fan (even though he really had nothing to do with it), is the fact that everyone goes crazy just to get a pair of his shoes.

So are you saying Jordan was not the best of his time Greg?

Magic Johnson has always been my vote for GOAT, but LBJ isn't done yet.

Greg you just became one of my favorite people on this blog lol.. I cant pick a definitive GOAT but Magic, LBJ,and Bill would be near the top of my list.. MJ would be in my top 10 but near the middle.. Like Mario Chalmers on his list of top 10 PG's in the league

It would be interesting to see Mario's top 10 PG list, simply because it would be coming from a current NBA player.

As far as GOAT, I've got Magic @ 1 and Larry Legend @ 2, then it becomes pretty foggy after that.

It's so hard to rate guys from different eras, because the game changes so much. Loved the 80's NBA, but the speed of the players is no match for the speed of today's current players. That being said, there are guys who you can pretty much guarentee that they could play any era from Naismith to today. Magic, Bird, mj, Wilt, guys like that don't have time limits.

...and as far as the kome & shaq current love affair, here's my explanation:

They have a similar enemy in Dwight Howard, so they can make snarky immature statements behind his back, or in front of the media, and feel good about their new relationship. That's right, I said Kobe views one of his teammates as the enemy, and I'm sticking to it.

Happy Valentines day to you two love birds.

i agree 100% with that statement about Kobe n Shaq. 100%!!!!

In terms of the MJ debate... I think, in order to start to compare, Bron has a way to go, but a bright future, in trying to chase Greatness.. I came up with a crazy trade... Hey, maybe later... Come to play 2nite...

Post the trade. I actually miss them.

Great game... Good solid win... Good way to go into the break... Enjoy the weekend, hope we keep our focus going into the second half...

Take your pick ...

Experiencing a Carnival cruise on one of Mickey's "floating toilets"...or attendinging an OKC Thunder game. I'll take the toilet !

I used consider the Thunder as a worthy, respectable opponent. Not any longer...what a bush-league team with clueless fans. I predict right now they will not be the Western Conference champs.

Westbrook & Perkins have polluted that team to the point where Durant is an ass. I can't believe how the refs called that game last night. Tim Donaghy was right about the fishy calls...that was a total blow-out by the Heat but the refs would not let it happen David Stern must have a love jones for Durant. They are not the same team as last year...losing Harden and replacing him with the guy with the funny looking shot - Martin - has weakened those girlie men considerably. They are a joke.

gotta get there first...

I see the clippers or Spurs emerging as western conf champs.. but these teams have definately become a rival team.. even if they only see each other twice in the season.. with all the durant vs Lebron talk and the way the HEAT spanked them in the finals they will always a grudge on their shoulder.. like alittle brother that could never beat up his older brother. thats how I view these two teams.

Guys, We NEED to root for the Thunder coming out of the West! I don't want anything to do with S.A.! I would love to see the Thunder in the Finals again! For obvious reasons.

On another note, I think Spo may have FINALLY figured out that if we don't practice on gamedays were just fine.

Put the Clippers up there with the Spurs too...if they're healthy. Funny to watch Dwightmare play out. Think Thunder are dreaming a bad dream. Will be interesting to see what dumbass trades will take place dumping salaries of overpaid players for other crappy players.

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