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Here's that LeBron dunk during pregame on Sunday

At the time we called it a 360, through-the-legs, off-the-back dunk. No, LeBron didn't do all of that in midair, but the exhibition was pretty jaw-dropping all the same. Nice dunk by Birdman moments before LeBron throws it down, as well.

Get to the games early, Heat fans. LeBron puts on a nightly show.


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Yes he does. I see it every home game.

BKY - At this point, I'm officially jealous of you season ticket holders!

Super duper post, Joe!!!!!!

Greggembe, What is your thoughts on the Heat's lack of moves at the deadline? I personally wasnt surprised, and thought it was dumb giving away a 2nd round pick to get rid of Pittman. Dont you think we need those picks for the future? I just dont know why we did that to sign a buyout player that will likely not contribute. And your thoughts on Lebron possibly leaving after 2014?

I think the organization thinks they have enough talent on the roster to challenge for the title. Bringing in anyone to play major minutes at this point, would require a learning curve that I don't think they want to take. Getting rid of Pittman for little to nothing doesn't affect this team, cause Pitt wasn't getting any time anyhow. Second round draft pick?? That typically isn't how Riles builds his teams. Hungry savvy veterans win championships, hot shot college players sell tickets and give ESPN something to talk about.

The LBJ leaving thing: again ESPN wants that to happen, so they'll continue to pump up that angle. I know the CBA numbers change after this year or next, but the way I see it, all big three (well, most of this team) could have gotten more money to play somewhere other than in MIA, but took less $$ to be with the Heat. LBJ/Wade/Bosh, who's salary from the Heat is like $13-$16 million per year, also probably bring in $30 + million in endorsement deals. So the way I'ld look at it is, what if I only made $8 million from the Heat, but kept competing for championships - the endorsement money would only increase.

Just my way of looking at it. I'll never be in that "1%" of American salary earners. But worldwide - yeah, we ALL are 1%ers. Does that make us evil?


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