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Heat frees up roster spot at trade deadline; Pittman dealt

Making room for a possible veteran big man before the playoffs, the Heat rid itself of little-used center Dexter Pittman on Thursday in the final hours before the trade deadline.

Miami traded Pittman to the Memphis Grizzlies for next to nothing. Instead of receiving a player in return, the Heat acquired the rights to a former second-round pick playing in Argentina just to make the deal go through. To sweeten the deal, the Heat threw in cash considerations as well.

"I want to thank Dexter for his hard work and professional attitude," Heat president Pat Riley said. "Unfortunatly, in order to gain roster flexibility we had to trade someone. We wish him nothing but the best."

The Heat now moves forward with 14 players on its roster and a new veteran's minimum contract with which to lure a player. Possible options include Kenyon Martin, who is a free agent, and perhaps Jermaine O'Neal, but only if he's bought out by the Phoenix Suns.

Drafted in 2010 as a long-term project, Pittman improved gradually with the Heat but could never break through playing on a team of mostly veterans. Pittman bounced between the D-League and the Heat this season before finally being dealt.

From Memphis, the Heat acquired the rights to 6-11 center Ricky Sanchez in the deal. Drafted in 2005 by the Portland Trail Blazers, the Puerto Rican national is currently playing for Libertad de Sunchales in Argentina.


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Good. After the elbow fiasco in the Indiana series, that dude deserves to have his ass shipped off. He was terrible anyways. Good riddance.

Joe, you can't actually believe we would bring Jermaine ONeal back into the fold, do you?

Joseph Goodman, I heard on WQAM that you went to approach Bosh about asking him if Lil Wayne comments affected his play and basically Rashard Lewis told you STFU and "only ask basketball related questions" can you confirm this is true? Bosh was cleary affected by what Wayne said.

I hope he wouldn't be dumb enough to ask Bosh that question. My god. Heat Players wouldn't go anywhere near Goodman if that happened.

Screw Jermaine O'Neil, who was happy to leave Miami , then started fights with Bron and Chalmers when we played him a year ago.. Screw Martin who made fun of Zo when he was going through the kidney issue, and also decided on two occasions not to sign as an FA with the Heat.

remember JJ Hickson? he was a free agent last year coming off an injury with the Cavs. Miami didn't even sniff him.

Bosh does seem to have lost an edge he had before the All star break. I cringe when he shoots the three been way off. This Lil Wayne stuff WTF? It was only last NBA finals he was dissing the Thunder. By the way did you notice the loud "lets go heat chants in Atlanta? I surprised ATL is looking to move Josh Smith.

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