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Harlem Shake ... Miami Heat edition

So, this is awesome...


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Now, that is some really STUPID FUN!! :~) GO HEAT!

That's Kool... Kinda Crazy.. But Kool....

Brilliant marketing

Fantastic fun.No encore needed.Too funny.

And there contract said dance, so they asked, 'for how long?'


Awesome? Lame would be more accurate.

Hey Truth, Do you have a personality??? I'm with Mark, it's stupid fun.

relax y'all... having a little fun is ok..

Got love the reality that SPO and Riley keep these players in.

Have fun - you play a game for a living, and get reimbursed quite nicely.

The organization still does plenty to give back to the communities, and honors and respects the military for their commitment.

I'll admit, if they were in the middle of a 12-game losing streak, I wouldn't be receiving this very well. But look, we are rollin' rollin' rollin' right now, so have some fun with it. I have zero doubt they will be ready for the Griz tonight.

Now the Heat set the standar for NBA Fun... Who can try to top that!!! LETS GO HEAT!!!!!

Fantastic!! What spirit!!

I will add that I'm already ready for this dance's 15 minutes of fame to end. But these guys are living in the moment, so enjoy.

I wonder if the costumes/props were provided for these guys, or were they responsible for their own getup.

At least they weren't doing the dance by that Korean dude who had a history of vocalizing that he wanted to see Americans die. Ganghum style? Yeah, hopefully we've heard and seen the last of him.

8/10 would fap again

Well is looks like SS is charging ppl to read there newspaper, looks like I'll be on thig blog more often

That was dope LOL !!

greggembe you are retarded. there is other context behind psy's anti-american statement, such as US tanks running over innocent korean girls while the US army members got off scott free

Those tanks that keep South Korea from being taken over by North Korea? Those tanks?

In what context do you think it's OK for someone to wish death on Americans? Please shed some light for me.

(pretty sure I'm not retarded, but believe what you will)

Great Fun!!!!! Keep it real and loose and take the crown again.

Bosch always looked like Snoop Dog!

bosCH??? HUH? LMAO!

The entire HEAT Team did a train with Lil Wayne's Moma. Bosch set it up. You can't see her, but she is kneeling before the cameras.


LeBron always did kill it with his commercials.

Is this how they party @ Liv ?

I have to admit... that's hilarious. lol Go Heat!!!

Lebron's commercials -> brings up a point?! Was DWade losing interest because he's not getting his accolades? This team goes as far as DWade takes them. Lebron can play his heart out but if DWade's game is off, the Heat lose. Meanwhile, the heat can still win if Wade's game is on, but Lebron's is off. So where are the DWade commercials lately that he once had before Lebron came? This isn't a DWade vs Lebron thing. This is the Media deciding only one can be great instead of both. Anyway, Just Do It, DWade! We go where you take us.

Miami better hope and pray they don't have to play Boston in the first round of the playoffs. That could get testy.

Would've liked to see Juwan Howard walk in there right as everyone stops.

Beat Memphis.

Sweet gutty win. No brainer how big without LBJ at his best. Think you're splitting hairs EBust whether LeBron or DWade shines...every game is a new look. Bosh is the key to me going forward. His less than effective game is the real puzzle. Sometimes Birdman is the better option. How happy must he be ? Pounding sand at home 2 months walking the sand at SoBe & posing in the latest "Shake" video with the defending NBA Champs !

Now...payback time in NYC !

Good game... Good solid grind it out win.... We move forward....

Up next, The Knicks.....

2 games back of the Spurs.

ugh.. why Juwan Howard?!?!?!?!?

All they did was basically just pay him 1 million dollars to sit with Varnado.. they coulda got Aaron brooks who recently just got bought out, or just wait to see who else shakes free.. Nothing against howard, but eh, I think that spot could have served better with someone else..

I'm not sure who's out there at this point.. But let's wait and see... I think as is, we look strong... Vanardo might need to get some time, see what he brings...

You have got to be KIDDING ME?????? Let me get this straight! We Traded Pittman and had to GIVE AWAY a 2nd round pick just to rid ourselves of him...TO RESIGN JUWAN HOWARD WHO IS NOTHING BUT A CHEERLEADER ON THE BENCH????? HUH???? IS THAT THE BEST WE CAN DO!? WTF IS GOING ON??? WHAT A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. UGH!

My dream was so close to being reality...

RP, as I said, the media needs one of the players to be great. I think last nite proved the team plays as great as DWade. Lebron can have nights off cause then the Killer DWade that takes over games shows up. I would like to see Mike Miller get into the flow.

Miami didn't pick up Kenyon Martin for his disrespect of Alonzo. Good. Didn't pick up Shaq for his disrespect when he left (Shaq to me is 50/50 since he was part of the championship team before) and I'm fine with this. I don't want players who crapped on the Heat or Heat players (i.e. Mo Williams using Heat as leverage for his Cleveland deal and saying he didn't want to ever play in Miami, or Delonte West having no respect for his fellow players by sleeping with one of their moms) being rewarded with championships. Let them be Charles Barkleys, Karl Malones and Reggie Millers.

Howard wasn't just on the bench until the finals. Howard has a nice outside shot (spo offense revolves around just catch and pop as opposed to movement, so not much athleticism needed) and stand up against the bullying as he did last year.

I would have liked the Heat to start playing Pittman too. You can't tell just through practice. Look at how long we have stuck with Chalmers. Miami also seems to give its young players a nervousness that breaks their confidence. Mario played nervous, Pittman was scared to make a mistake, etc., etc. That's a hard environment to be successful in. Mistakes are natural.

I would like to see Varnado, Mike Miller and Jones get more time. I think Spo just needs to find a way to play these guys or trade them with Joel Anthony. Anthony would most likely be bought out by any other team or be last on the bench.

Let's go Heat!

Bust, Come on man! It's pretty clear Varnado, Miller and Jones got squeezed out of the rotation. Don't worry about Mario, the Heat will NOT pick up his 4 million dollar option (luxury taxes will begin to become a killer) and Mike will be AMNESTIED. That's a LOCK!

Miller will be re-inserted into the rotation during the playoffs

Smitty, No he won't..he hasn't played in WEEKS! Sure he deserves alot of credit for game 5 last year, but Ray has effectively taken his minutes.

BKY, I like Chalmers. He could be a core player, just the heat have too much talent to concentrate on him developing into a decent scorer.

Varnado, Miller and Jones should still get time against crappy teams. Add Lewis to that also. Hell, Haslem has looked pretty unspectacular on both sides of the ball, but he's Haslem and we love him. Point is let those other guys learn from failure/mistakes. Miller rebounds more than Joel Anthony. Its not like JA has ever lived up to his Warden nick name, otherwise he wouldn't be on the bench. I like Birdman. I think he should take that starting center position from Haslem and Bosh should move back over to PF especially when we play teams like memphis, indiana and okc. But as they say, its it not broke, then don't fix it.

just got up... tbc...

Well, with our record where it is and the playoffs near, it would be beneficial to see where everyone is and how they could help this year's run...

Let's look: Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Mike Miller, James Jones, not mention Rio, Cole, Battier, to go alone with Birdman, Anthony, Vanardo, now, Howard...

We could run different sets while winning to close out the regular season, with everyone in the flow...

The one thing we have an abundance is shooting... Need work on the glass... everyone do what you do well, but also focus in on the glass... but understand the reason for the run and how to maximize the time with good play....

This Knicks matchup would be a great place to start... See what these shooters bring to the table... See if Anthony and Vanardo alter shots and rebound... The mid-range shot from Cole is key... This could get fun....

The interesting thought that came to mind was, winning the east is more likely, but do we want to push it to much right now... We shouldn't lose more 20 games this season and that's the one seed... Get rest but keep up the play as a whole...

We're good... Let's move forward...

Miami is still two games behind San Antonio, you really want to give up on home court advantage throughout just to see how James Jones and Mike Miller are looking?

It's not a video game, rotations and groupings are important, you can't just throw a new guy in there and not mess up the rhythm.

With ya BKY...on the Howard signing (ridiculous) & the fact that tossing the 2nd line player out there won't happen unless the #1 seed is locked up. Could happen now with Tony Parker out.

BUT...if...just if Chalmers continues his most recent play...he may just squeeze out that contract. Now that's hard for me to even think...unless he continues to play like he has recently. You know how Chalmers & Bosh drive me nuts.

The biggest scandal is Bosh's contract but that won't come up for another year.

I agree RP, Bosh does need to step it up. He's clearly the 3rd option, it just seems he's struggling with his role. But nevertheless, a nice TEAM win. Everyone stepped up in the 2nd half!

Good game.... Good solid road win... We move forward...

T-Wolves next....

greggembe you are retarded. i said there was context. who says running over girls with tanks is ok? you shoule learn stuff before you open your mouth

Hey d, are u here to talk Heat basketball? Or still bring up something from 2 days ago? SMH

bky, i'll talk about whatever i want. butt out

Hey Tough Guy, The word re**** is offensive to alot of people. Your messing with the wrong person, just ask everyone on this blog.

shut up bky. ok, i understand it may be offensive, i'll stop saying that. but look who the tough guy on here is. threatening people over the internet. rofl lmao. ooh, i'll ask all your imaginary friends on this blog. rofl

When did bky threaten you??? Reread what he wrote. You going to contribute anything on this blog? Or call people names on here to entice them? It's not going to work or be tolerated. I'm the moderator on here. One more time will result in your banishment on the miami herald website. Your choice.

^^^ Well, that takes care of that!

kisses to bky and Joe!!!!!!!!!!

"messing with the wrong person", sounds like a threat to me. i guess he followed through and told on me. wah

Like I said. What is your contribution to this blog. Calling people retards, shut up, butt out. Maybe you need a woman as black the trucker would say. Never seen you on here before until the last couple of days. Trying to act tough. Now lets start talking Heat basketball!

I don't think it's a given that Chalmers is ghost after this season. We don't know yet what the CBA is going to top team salary's at, and it's going to be hard for every team to cut budgets. That being said, if Chalmers leaves, what team is going to put that big paycheck offer in front of him? I think he stays, as does Cole, and we continue to have depth at that position. Chalmers is shooting the ball well from deep, and has a pretty good assist to turnover ratio. What is it that we don't like about him?

Bosh is just in a funk. Really all he has to do is start making some of those open jumpers, his PPG average will go back up, and he'll be seen as an asset to this team.

Birdman was a great pickup! Cudos to Riles. I don't think anybody would rather see Pittman in the game as opposed to Birdman. Energy, unselfish, tries to block every shot within reach - a taller version of the Warden.

Did the Heat really resign Juwan Howard, or are you guys just messing around?

Minnesota tonight - I get to watch it on NBATV, which is good, but damn, the T-Wolves? Plenty other games I'ld like to see the Heat play that didn't get picked up.

dont blame me when greggembe was the one who brought up psy and then talking about non-basketball related things. i was just here to correct him


eh, right, 'correct' me.

I saw it was only a 10-day contract that we gave Howard. Can't see the need for this guy on the roster. He got his ring last year, that should be about all we owe him. He won't take away from the team, so ---- here we come T-Wolves!

Can't be a trap game when they're going for the franchise record!

Unreal that LeBron James didn't tear his ACL, the guy is a beast, even his ligaments are strong. He landed hard at just the right angle, most people would've folded like Sean Livingstone.

Greggembe, I did not agree with the Howard signing at all but whatever. After seeing your comment on NBAtv...Do you not live in South Florida? Hey D, I'm still waiting for your Heat contribution? Still don't see what you corrected him on???

My roundball tip of the day...

Bosh needs to move his feet when trying to get in position to rebound. Just watch him...rebounding comes from the waist down...not from the waist up. He relies on pushing with his upper body for position which results with him getting just pushed around... since he probably can't bench press 225 lbs 3 times. Watch UD...he slides his feet to get in position. Watch any good rebounder...they usually do the same. Bosh tires from the pace of the defensive style the Heat play...then resorts to not using any rebounding technique at all...which shows glaringly every game.

As an impartial observer I'd opine that bky is an internet tough guy with an inflated view of himself and Mr. Goodman should not have time to nazi out on his blog's comments if he's the Heat's new beat writer and he hasn't updated this blog after huge wins versus Memphis and New York.

Ban me if you want, just an honest opinion.

As an impartial observer...YOU SUCKED AS AN NBA PLAYER! How about that?

Lol! That's the best picture you could come up with? Fouling Jerry Stackhouse??? SMH

My god, you've officially lost it.

I forgot who the lip reader on this blog is, but I'ld like to throw my name into the group. I'm pretty sure I caught what Berrea was spitting back at Ray as he was walking off the floor. I believe he referred to Ray as a 'freakin' pussycat', or something real close to it.

While the foul may not happen up to the flagrant 2 standards the 'I' recognize, it was bush league. Body blocking on a player as he's about to launch at the glass is sort of Dex Pitt-like.

RP - good stuff on the rebounding. I've always taught positioning when rebounding, but I'm going to start emphasizing the 'feet' aspect a bit more, when talking to young players.

BKY - nope, I live in the northeast, between Pittsburgh and Philly, about 75 miles from DC. Been an avid Heat fan since 95-96. Wish I would get to see as many Heat games broadcast nationally as I do the 9th seeded team in the West. Oh well, that ratio will even out when the playoffs start.

Doleac didn't suck as a player. He ran the floor, had some range with the face-up jumper, and banged in the post. He carried us through some stretches when ZO was battling injuries, and was definitely a better defender than Shaq. I think the man deserves some cred.

WE GOT DWAYNE WADE! (clap, clap - clap clap clap) Damn, how many shots did he either dunk or lay in yesterday! And let's not overlook his dimes. It must of been a good day!! (Ice Cube)

No, I sucked.

Almost blocked a shot with my shoe once though.

Good solid win... As we come home for a couple of games, we should be ready to extend this win streak as long as possible... This set is the ten and O I thought we would have earlier this season... Looks good though.... I would look to rest some guys down the final stretch, in my opinion... The big picture, is not that far...

We move forward...

Up next... The Magic...

bky i corrected greg by sayign that psy was saying anti-american comments for the sake of it. there was a reason behind the comments. they didnt come out of the blue and for no reason

Dole - you must have sucked less than Duane Causwell, because he didn't get minutes in front of you.

So, let me ask you this - why did SVG step aside in the 05-06 season? Did Riley push him out, or did SVG get tired of Shaq's attitude?

Everybody was tired of Shaq's attitude. I dont think that was it though. That would have meant that SVG or RILEY didn't have the balls to stand up to the BIG DISTRACTION.

I'm glad to see the Heat having fun again. 15 in a row and counting BABY! THIS IS A DAM BASKETBALL TEAM. Hopefully they can stay healthy and repeat.

To spend more time with his family. Duh.

Thanks Greg...yeah to get to the positioning part of rebounding - you first gotta use whatever leverage you have based on your size... by bending your knees, sliding your feet (not walking or taking steps) while getting low ...then locate your guy or where you anticipate the ball may go. By not only will be in rebounding position but also ready to jump without having to bend your knees to jump...they're already bent. Only the elite rebounder works this hard...especially as we all know what fatigue does to the process...Like Bosh loping down the court, standing by his guy, trying to push off with his hands, then trying to outjump everybody with no position, reacting to every action around him...just terrible technique. We all know true rebounding requires just flat out effort & hard work. Rebounding the ball that doesn't just come to you defines the elite rebounder. Just watch Noah from the Bulls...there's a reason this guy grabs more boards. Not particularly gifted...but works his butt off.


That was some good stuff right there. Loved the old ZO clips.


Can't win them all by double digits! But I'll take it! Where the hell is Joseph Goodman???!!!! Going on 7 days with nothing on the blog!!!

Amazing finish !

These dang teams just always get stoked to play Heat. other teams have some good young talent. Interesting that Vucvik is the best center playing from the trades this past summer with Howard & Bynum.

Good win... We move forward... The more we play, the more I think this season is shaping up to be a hard fought run at the chip... Work on some things... Chemistry... Everyone one on the same page... Defense first...

This next one will give us our first ten and O set of the season...

We are on pace to win 60 plus.... I gotta say, this has been a very good season so far... BUT, we want the chip.... tbc...

It's spelled "ship".

Loved seeing LeBron go to the rim instead of taking the hero shot. Awesome stuff.

Oye!!! Me corto la pinga if anyone beats the Heat for the ship!

BKY - I wonder if Dole is going to correct THAT spelling.

As we approach another game, with the winning streak still in tack, let me anticipate how things will go in the near future for our Heat.

1 - we WILL lose a game, eventually, and, oh, the story lines are already written. So-and-so just showed the rest of the league the blueprint on how to beat the Heat. Can the Heat recover from that lose? Now what?

2 - I anticipate that we will go through a 8 game stretch where we will lose 3 or 4 or even 5 games, and the sky will start falling (sort of like the hype around the sequestration cuts).

3 - But, alas, we will recover, and will be full throttle headed into the playoffs. No one will talk about our winning streak or our loses, and we will be steamrolling opponents. The sky will not fall and our economy will not come to an end because we made a minute cut into our enormous over-spending problem.

4 - Wade and James better than pippen and jordan? Talksta amongst yourselves. You know where I stand.

Miami win tonight.

I don't think Miami will go on a big losing streak. Miami is finally competing with greatness instead of other NBA teams.

Good win... 17 in a row... WOW... Lei's get it...

Up next, them dam Pacers...


The second this team is competing with greatness instead of other NBA teams they're toast.

#1 IN THE LEAGUE!!!! Finally passed the Spurs! come the Pacers. If we can hold our own on the won't be close. Watch for Hibbert, West, and that goon Hansborough squat in the lane while pushing everything in sight like a mosh pit. I still think the Pacers are vulnerable with the outside shot with no real great shooters. Stephenson's hyperness almost rivals Westbrook at he'll be a turnover machine. The Pacers need a nice long humbling road trip. Here's your can of Pacer whoopass !

Yes... The #1 seed in the league... That's right...

But, this next game, we need to set the tone early, and take it to them.... Their bigs' can't hold us... Their not winning this one...

Come to play... Stay aggressive on both ends... Defense first... Remember, their only big when their on the court...

Let's get them off the court... Run... Attack... Foul trouble... take control...

Implant the thought in their minds... Y'all can't beat us....


Get out the camera and take a picture fellas...can it get any better ? Did my pre-game forecast nail it ?

Gotta take out the gravy & hot sauce cause I've got some crow to eat. Both Bosh & Chalmers played great...and even Joel did his thing.

DWade has been absolutely killer for several months really lifting this team to another level. Everything is clicking...

Think Joe must feel superstitious as it relates to the win streak & putting up a new blog subject.

Also think Riley signing Howard is part of the grand design for his annual motivational playoff message. Howard must be prepping for the key nightly acting role in the locker room once the playoffs begin. What else could it be ?

Lmao!!! Yeah Joel did his thing alright!!! 13 minutes of filling up the ole stat sheet. 0 for 1 from the floor, 0 points, 0 rebounds, 0 blocks???!!! Man get him in there every night!

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