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Bosh turns in another winner with his new commercial

Chris Bosh's dry humor is spot on in this new commercial for Kids Foot Locker, which also stars Ray Allen.

"And the little one likes to be called Rick Springfield."
—Chris Bosh 


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bosh is a good player not a great player shoots very well but man is he soft how bout a little weight lifting so u dont get pushed around every fn night

Wow..another dud ! Thanks Bostrich, UD & Chalmers. Hey Spo...may want to play Birdman more. The team looked tired...and you know what happens when the legs go - the wheels come off. So...if this type of effort continues...and the Heat don't win a championship this year:


Look for Spo's job being red-flagged...he's already looking sweaty & nervous. Spo-speak & small ball may fail. Banking on too many close playoff game series wins may be a mirage.

Look for Riley to dump half the team based on age & non-performance. There goes loyalty out the window. Total effort will go to pleasing LeBron & his people. Soap opera countdown will reflect Riley's inability to surround LBJ with enough quality talent. Current roster too old and inadequate with past their prime players.

Or...we can always hope that all these games (like the Harlem Globetrotter / Washington General outcomes) are fixed...and we're all just pawns watching the circus go by.

wow...useless post RP. We are 1st in the east!!! Not gona win everynight buddy, don't care what team you are.
Chill out and relax, playoffs are a different ballgame and we will be ready for them.

Until then, pull your skirt up and go eat a popsicle

RP, your post is a little too reactionary for my taste but I agree with you that the Heat should be a little more concerned with the Pacers. Seems like the Heat's most legitimate threat in the East.

Joe, appreciate you adding your 2 cents, it makes the blog more readable in the comments section. Black, it's really becoming annoying you blaming the refs every night. Makes absolutely no sense. Your acting like a scorned ex girlfriend. The refs have nothing to do with our tails being handed to us. The Pacers are a very physical team, West is a beast and we have no answer for him right now, UD was being abused all night. And he's suppose to be our "physical presence" The Pacers also are getting Granger back in 2 weeks. Look out! And with George improving, they are going to formidable.

Hey dudes...getting tired of same old you suck Eddie. You bring nothing - punk. remember Dramont Green - right ? He's the rookie from Michigan State who faked Battier out for the game-winner vs Golden State. He's a UD clone 6-7, 230...oops missed another one. I happen to watch both pro & college...surprised he past you by.

For anybody who remembered...Eddie that obviously would not be you...with the 27th pick the Heat selected Arnett Moultrie - 6-11 guy expected to go in the teens. Miami traded him to the Sixers for that lottery protected 1st rounder and the rights to the stiff Justin Hamiton sitting over in Europe whom the Sixers drafted at # 45...probably to conserve cap space. So we live with our bigs of Anthony & Pittman...oh & also Bosh...but only when he wants to.

Guys...West has got about 6 inch vertical. He, meathead Hansbrough, & Hibbert just camp in the lane and push people around. Birdman should've played more..but you know Spo - stubborn to the end. The other head-scratcher is getting beat by the guard tandem of George Hill & Lance Stephenson. Yikes !

RP, Birdman was gassed at the end. He had no choice. And your right we traded out if the first round to conserve cap space. We're going amnesty Miller next year to. It is what it is.

And we're not going to pick up Chalmers 4 million option next year either. So look for us to trade out of the 1st round again next year.

It's just hard for me to believe BKY...this team has such a donut in the middle with really just playing one style - small ball. I watched UD last night switch off guarding Hibbert...ridiculous. At least have a guy or two with size...not four 3-point shooters plus the other scorers. I do believe small ball has it's a tempo changer or with certain match-ups...but not 24/7.

Don't be so sure about Chalmers - all about loyalty.

What's hard for you to believe? Chalmers not being resigned? Or Bird being gassed?

I wanna hear all you guys talk smack when we win it again this year... smdh...

I'm the biggest Heat fan you will come across. I'm not talking smack at all. I do NOT think we need a trade. This is the squad we have. We're going to roll with it. The trade talk in here is in my opinion not necessary. But to each his own. We gave added Birdman, Ray, and Battier the last year and a half. I would be SHOCKED if we did a deal. I guarantee you guys Joe thinks the same thing. Joe can I get a confirmation?

Real original black! Any other brilliant trade ideas today?

Trade you for rockstar...

Trade you for Evans and Cousins...oh wait, nevermind.

Fire Spo!!

To You Spo Fans!!

Seriously!! If The Heat Don't Win A Title This Year!! WHO'S FAULT IS IT?

Not The Players!!

Not Riley!!


It Is Not Just 1 Loss!! We Played Indiana 3 Times!! And WE DIDN'T BEAT THEM ONCE!!



"Actually! Each game Indiana beat the heat by more points" Huh? I have no clue what that means. Maybe you would be better served back at Armando's Dolphins blog. Wow!

Average win against a bad opponent. We have to get BETTER on the road!

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