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A look at LeBron's efficient run over the last four games

Over his last four games, LeBron James is shooting 72.9 percent from the field. Combine free throws and adjust for the effective field-goal percentage of three-point shots, and LeBron has a true-shooting percentage of .808.

Here's a look at LeBron's efficient run of play through shot charts.

LBJ Raptors

LeBron made his final four shots against the Raptors, and the next — back home in Miami — went 13 of 14 against the Bobcats. As you can see, James scored almost exclusively inside against Charlotte.

LBJ Bobcats

LeBron worked outside against the Rockets, taking what the defense gave him.

LBJ Rockets

Finally, here's LeBron's shot chart from Friday's victory against the Clippers. Not much red.

LBJ Clips

On the season, LeBron is now shooting 56 percent from the field and 42 percent from three-point range for an effective field-goal percentage of 59.8 percent. Combine free throws to the equation and LeBron has a true shooting percentage of .630.

Those are mind-blowing statistics.


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