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A look at LeBron's efficient run over the last four games

Over his last four games, LeBron James is shooting 72.9 percent from the field. Combine free throws and adjust for the effective field-goal percentage of three-point shots, and LeBron has a true-shooting percentage of .808.

Here's a look at LeBron's efficient run of play through shot charts.

LBJ Raptors

LeBron made his final four shots against the Raptors, and the next — back home in Miami — went 13 of 14 against the Bobcats. As you can see, James scored almost exclusively inside against Charlotte.

LBJ Bobcats

LeBron worked outside against the Rockets, taking what the defense gave him.

LBJ Rockets

Finally, here's LeBron's shot chart from Friday's victory against the Clippers. Not much red.

LBJ Clips

On the season, LeBron is now shooting 56 percent from the field and 42 percent from three-point range for an effective field-goal percentage of 59.8 percent. Combine free throws to the equation and LeBron has a true shooting percentage of .630.

Those are mind-blowing statistics.


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Thank you LBJ !

Team stepping up game...

Screw Dwight. Gembe & Kobe...back together again !

Good Game... Good Win... Free flowing offense, solid defense, looks good... Gotta keep this working... Couple of key moves... Let's move forward...

Up next, The Lakers... Come to Play.. Stay aggressive... Defense first... Leave no doubt... let's get this win...

Yep! Time to make a trade after blowing out the Clippers! SMDH

As I keep saying, throw Birdman in there 20 minutes a night and we will be just fine! in 18 minutes last night he had 8pts, 4reb(3 offensive), 2ast, and 2stl.
Joel Anthony on the other hand, 12 minutes, 1reb!!! My God!

Where is everybody????? Lakers in town!

Gameday... Lakers in town... Come to play... Stay aggressive... Defense first.... let's win this game...

Is all the bloggers on this page pulling a Joe? Disappearing for a couple of days?


Good solid win... Great play on defense down the stretch... Special run by Bron over the last 5... Wade starting to really look healthy again, great sight to see, good game.... As a whole, good solid team win...

Next up, the Blazers.... PAYBACK....

Watched Ray Allen say, 'I'm not gonna help them'.... Now, Mr. Riley, PLEASE, trade his a$$....

Now that was the DWADE we know and love. He's been showing up for games lately. Bosh is a great player. Don't look at his numbers because he scores 12 sometimes, etc., just realize DWADE is giving up a lot of his game for Lebron (which isn't exactly how its supposed to work - a big 3 means you want them to all contribute somewhere in the range that they used too...otherwise you can just sign regular players to score 12 points), but imagine how much game BOSH is giving up if he's conceding a lot of his game for WADE AND LEBRON.

I didn't see Birdman much, but you don't need him when D Howard's on the floor. Even Joel Anthony can stop him. The guy shouldn't have never left Orlando and shouldn't have gotten SVG fired. I bet he's regretting not staying in the smaller market where he was loved as opposed to going somewhere like LA or NY where one day you're loved and if you have an off night, you will be devoured by the community and the media.


Bosh played a great game too... See, the fact that he scored 12 isn't the story... He also had 11 rebounds, had a block and 2 steals...

As a whole this was a great team win...

There will be games where CB will get his numbers, but this run has been great to see from both Bron and D-Wade...

The biggest issue has been when are they gonna trade Ray Allen... We can not allow him to be a problem later on... Get rid of him fast....

We move forward.....

Hey Trucker...say something nice about Ray ! You got him all screwed up now.

Team really hitting a Dizzy Gillespie high note !

Is Mike Miller alive ?

Trading deadline coming...Trucker near orgasmic state. Dear God help us all !

We are playing great basketball right now. Bron and Wade are on a roll. Bosh needs to step it up. Ray is a BENCH player, it is what it is. Everyone has a bad stretch, happens to everybody. Were just fine, were not making a move, not happening. Black is going to be really disappointed! Although I have no idea why he would even think we were going to make a trade anyway.

BTW, Black you know that we don't have a 1st round pick next year unless Philly MAKES the playoffs right? They are currently 3 games out of the 8th seed, if they make the 8th seed that would be good for us, we could have a pick in the mid teens. BUT, WE WILL PROBABLY TRADE OUT AGAIN SINCE 1ST ROUND PICKS ARE GUARANTEED MONEY.

*** From NBADRAFT.NET>>Heat receive the 76ers' 2013 first-round pick (lotto protected 2013,'14,'15) If first round pick has not been received by 2015 becomes 2015 and 2016 second rounders. (#27 pick trade, Moultrie) (Arnett Moultrie trade 06-28-12)

It seems like I'm the only one who see's what these two all-star signing are doing this season and feel that we could trade them for other players who want to play here ... Look, I've said it before, I was excited when we signed both Allen and Lewis this offseason... But, after watching them play on our team, you can't tell me that their not giving us their best out there on the court... Allen is one of the games best shooters still, Lewis can also hit jumpers at a high rate... But, for whatever reason, they are not playing for us the way they can... I noticed Allen trash about being a part of this team to other players... It's like he doesn't care for what we're chasing... GREATNESS... And please do not give him a chance to lose us a hard fought game down the stretch, can't let him do that... Take him out in the last 5 minutes... And if you know his game guys, that's when you want him out there... But again, he's not giving us his best... So, yes, trade him... This will be more about the Heat team, not Allen and Lewis... Let them make their story elsewhere..

In terms of that draft pick, we have a team that could stay out of the first of the draft and do just fine... Trading that draft pick doesn't help or hurt us... Giving it to a team that needs to rebuild isn't a bad thing.. Especially, if they have a player we could use now... Besides, are you a Heat fan or do you feel like making this team better now is a bad thing...

What I mean is, why not use the picks we have and these two former all-stars to get players who could help now, and trade away players like Miller and Anthony... Makes a lot of sense to me... my opinion...

If they weren't giving there best effort Spo would of benched then already. And your Ray Allen talking trash to other players? How come your the only guy who picked up on this? When the media picks up on everything!

Media picks up on everything and then selectively (depending on their particular agenda) reguritates the news to us.

Ex: Wade and LBJ both shoot 12-18 from the floor v the Fakers. I have yet to see on ESPN's ticker, who Kome guarded most of the game. And recently Brandon Jennings put up numbers like 6-23 versus someone, and no one got 'credit' for their defense on Jennings. Selective - you bet!

Rashard Lewis and Birdman played big for us Friday against the Clips. (love to see Chauncey back in uniform, always like him, even when routing against his team. Maybe a final stop for his career in MIA as a backup?)

Birdman is a nice asset. I personally would still like to see JA get more burn, but trusting the coaching 'staff' on their decisions. After all, aren't we 10-2 in our last 12 games? Probably playing as well as anyone in the league, Spurs right there too.

Here's my black/rockstar acquistion question of the day: Would Greg Monroe fit in a Heat uniform? Whoa, before you answer, not this year, and not for Ray Allen.

I'm going to have to research some Detroit games, and see if I can read his lips, to see if he is sabotaging his team, before I throw my answer out.

Greggembe, I can't ever figure out your sarcasm. But, Monroe is a superstar waiting to happen, and he's relatively cheap on a rookie scale contract. Would be nice to have him though.

So for obvious reasons, Detroit isn't letting him go.

The only sarcasm was the last sentence.

Monroe is a good target... Like his game.... But, when watching these games, Look at the players talking, you might figure out some of what I've been saying... I personally liked Ray Allen before seeing him sell us out... Now, I just want him off this team...

I sit 3 rows behind the Heat bench, I have yet to see what your talking about. And I watch almost every game on DVR when I have a chance, sorry man. I just don't see it. He won't be traded, bottom line. You just don't go after our main free agent target and then trade him halfway through the season. Believe me your wasting your time on this subject trucker.

look, i rather talk about Bron and the team winning...

take that back... trade ray allen...

look, I know the addition of Ray Allen was suppose to be a solid veteran/elite shooting threat, the greatest three point shooter of all time... But if he's not giving us 100%, why keep him... He still has value... trade him...

How do you know he isn't giving 100%???

look bky... I feel that he is selling us out... period... now if you wanna defend him, that's fine... I don't feel that he's here to help, more like, he's here to sell us out... period... now, if he goes out there and plays well, does a better job than he has, that's fine... but I don't trust him... if he stays and later on leaves, this offseason, but doesn't cost us this postseason, great... but i would trade him fast.. the one thing i always say when you find a rat, you get rid of them fast...

the crazy thing about this, while I say that the celtics and ray put together a plan to send ray in here to sell us out, look at what is going on with their team.. rondo out for season... barbosa out for the season... the rook out for the season... karma's a =====, well you know...

Oh man. I'm speechless at your theory. But, your entitled to your opinion. Where is your trade scenarios lately? No more Evans, Cousins, Mosgov, Millsap? I think we're playing good basketball right now. No need for a trade. I think your tweak is Birdman and that's it. I'm concerned about Bosh' play lately. His numbers are really down. He needs to step it up!

How many games has Ray hit decisive game-winning shots this season ? I remember several... So what are you talking about Trucker ? Also...are you some kind of lip-reader ?

Fellas, Can someone please explain why Lebron PURPOSELY waits until AFTER the buzzer to attempt halfcourt heaves??? And I don't want to hear well, he's trying to save his shooting percentage, because that is flat out selfish! And don't tell me none of you haven't thought about him doing that either! He has made at least 4 shots this year at the end of quarters. If he doesn't want to lower his percentage then pass the fugging BASKETBALL!!! Bush league in my opinion!

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