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Wade's back-to-back dunks in opening minutes at Staples

"Want early energy, LeBron. How about this?"
—Stuff I imagine Dwyane Wade thinking
Wade had 10 points in the first quarter against the Lakers.


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Was that supposed to be funny?

we are out rebounded again and again..., we cannot rely for BOSH playing at center position when playoff time comes...

anyway good game by LEBRON & WADE...

as i see the game with our current roster we really need to pursue a trade or to pick-up UFA's before trade deadline for a decent center that are now still out there available...




hope NUGGETS would do it...

pick-up; >Chris Andersen

take run to ODEN... simply because, celtics & mavericks are also showing interest to him, think we should grab him now.

let the 10day contract of HARELLSON & VARNADO expire...

heat roster would:

PG chalmers / cole
SG wade / allen / mm
SF james / battier / jones
PF bosh(c) / lewis / haslem
C >mosgov / >birdman / anthony randolph(pf) / oden


Current roster can win the title this year, but it will be really difficult. Lots of game sixes and sevens.
Keep Varnado and develop him for next year and years to come. If the HEAT can make consistent game like they did with GSW, 20points difference by 3rd quarter, he will be able to adapt with how NBA games are played.
His size and length is way lot better. If he matures fast, and with his size and length, it will be a lot easier for HEAT's main cast of Lebron, Dwyane and Bosh.

The Heat have been develpoing Varnado for close to 4 years. He's not the answer... The only way Miami trades a player is if a team is trying to shed a large contract. Miami is over the luxary tax, sorry but ain't gonna happen. We either wait for a team to release a player or sign a free agent. This is your Heat team folks, it's not changing much.

THAT was SWEET !!!

Scintillating play by LeBron & Spo pushed almost every right button. Pressuring Nash early in the clock was surprisingly easy & very effective.

I watched the last half...I think Boshtrich took one timid shot & got one rebound that came right to him. He really looked scared out there with Dwight & Gasol. May pull a Trucker here...Bosh for Gasol straight up ? Just know Pau was a monster at Olympics last summer. I know this won't happen.

I do agree with much of the previous comments made above on this thread. As great a game played last night by the Heat...there will be a change to this roster come playoff time. For would be nice to throw Pittman in there for some meaningful Bosh will never be a him at 4 or just bench him.

Good Game.... Good Win.... The right way to end a 6 game road trip... One of the hardest things or players to find is a good shooting that plays good solid defense... Bosh is a great player who doesn't get his just do because he isn't physical... He's one of the league's best shooting big's and plays solid defense... With most big's you get one of a great characteristic or two... maybe defense and rebounding... or scoring but injury prone... I mean, be grateful for what he bring's to the table... He fits perfectly... Stay healthy and play your game...

moving forward... back home... get some rest... two more... 007...

Those dunks were awesome! More of that please! Defensive energy looked great. They really seem to get up for the big games. Bosh is doing exactly what he was brought here to do, not much more you can ask from him. We are gonna need a little more from Haslem though. If he is gonna be a starter, he needs to produce 10 points and 10 rebounds per game, cause he is and should be that guy for us. Haslem's 7 rebounds in 12 minutes last night was pretty good and Bosh's 6 steals made me double-take. They need to keep that up. Go Heat.

bosh is softer than whip cream black....he looked lost out there....if it wasnt for the monster game bronny played and a great compliment by wade, we could have lost this one

if if was a dollar i'd be rich...

but anywhooo..

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