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Wade, Rondo, Garnett and Anthony are East starters...good times

Sure, fine, Dwyane Wade has no problem starting alongside Rajon Rondo in the All-Star game. As for going out to eat with Rondo, meh, let's not push it.

All-Star weekend is a good time for players around the league to either catch up or meet each other (outside of work) for some good ol' NBA fellowship. Of course, with so much drama among the East All-Star starters these days, there probably won't be much social interaction between the players.

In the backcourt, you have Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo. Plenty of history there. There was the whole "elbow thing" back in the 2010 playoffs. And then this year, Wade took offense to a hard foul by Rondo and called it a "punk play." And, of course, Rondo has called Wade a dirty player.

So, that should be fun.

Then there's the whole Kevin Garnett-Carmelo Anthony thing to round out the frontcourt. Compared to Garnett and Anthony, Wade and Rondo are best friends. Garnett basically called into question the virtue of Anthony's wife during a recent game. Something about Honey Nut Cheerios, apparently. Anthony, understandably, wanted to meet Garnett after the game sort things out. 

"The storylines, you mean, of the East," Wade joked on Thursday in the Staples Center visiting locker room when I ran through the brief history of beef.

Wade went on to say that All-Star weekend is a time to relax.

"We come here to represent the game, so it ain't the same as the rivalry when you've got on the Heat jersey or Boston jersey," Wade said. "Not saying guys are going to go out to dinner or anything of that nature, but it's a little different. For me, coming in and just focusing on being an All-Star and enjoying being there. I don't get into petty things."


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