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Twitter mailbag

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No question, Matt. Chris Andersen had three points and three rebounds in his first three minutes on the court. Ever seen Joel Anthony break out the Euro-step. Yeah, me neither. I asked Andersen about the move after the game and he was actually kinda of embarrassed he had to go to it. He said he'll be dunking those fast-break baskets when his legs become stronger. There's no doubt Andersen can work his way up to about 15 minutes a game. Joel Anthony can still be effective in short bursts if Andersen takes some of his minutes.

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Right on, troll.

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I addressed this in a previous blog post. Here's the link. CLICK ME! The short answer: I don't think Oden will be in Miami next season.

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Game of Thrones. The countdown is on. Planning a big watch party with Pittman for episode one of season three. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage, Heat fan) is my favorite character, Daenerys annoys me and [SPOILER ALERT] I'm already mourning the death of Grey Wind.

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Don't think so. The Heat is most likely set. The last transaction should be adding Andersen for the remainder of the season.

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A better question: Can we trade our hockey team for another MLS franchise? I've got this great idea of putting a soccer stadium in Flamingo Park. Yeah, that's right, South Beach. It's the best idea ever.

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Mike Miller. He could sit all season and it wouldn't matter. I assume you remember Game 5.


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Solid effort !

Reggie who ? 0 points in 20 minutes !

I got ya Joe, I'm glad you finally responded to my questions and it takes a real man to write what you wrote to me. Is the blog secondary? No, I did not know that. I HONESTLY thought it was the same effort as the paper write ups. Why can't they be the same? You produce more insight on the blog anyway, it's more personable than a regular write up. I come in here for Heat info. Any extra info is always appreciated. And I'm not the only one who is critical of you on here. I will accept your apology though for accidentally deleting the previous blog post. I do have a question though, why did you call Anthony Hihi a troll? He asked a legit question, shoot I'm still upset that the Mavs beat us on our home floor, I was there to see it, beyond depressing. We had no business losing that series.

Criticism is fine, but the name calling we could do without. Others have complained of bullying. Carry on. As for the blog being secondary, that doesn't mean it's any less important. I just have to finish my newspaper stuff up first. Deadlines.

I understand, but you calling me a punk. And Anthony Hihi a troll for asking a simple question. Unless you had a past with him or something. But I will lighten up on the name calling.

Oh ... it's just so wonderful when two people come together as one ! Please no Teo re-do guys...OMG.

As for real input regarding basketball...the Heat played strong last night for practically the whole game outside of the last 6 minutes of 2nd quarter when Spo put Chalmers back in. D-Will then promptly took over on deer-antler overdrive abusing Chalmers repeatedly. Now I know Gembe will come quickly to defend his guy...but Chalmers is easily one of the worst on the ball defenders on the team. I realize he finally made a couple plays later in the 2nd half...but he really struggles pressuring anybody on defense. Why Chalmers continues to think he's anywhere near being a top ten guard in the league is beyond bizarre. Then when you add up all his turnovers and other stupid plays...sorry, not even close.

Come together as one? I'm still waiting for Joe's response as to why calling me a punk is ok? And calling Anthony Hihi a troll? I have been critical of him no doubt about it. But I think I have contributed a lot on this blog, I have agreed to not calling people an idiot or stupid. That's fine, but calling people names in my opinion is a 2 way street here.

Okay...Joe.. What's this crap from Yahoo Sports saying LeBron & his people are floating thoughts of going back to Cleveland ? Is this Wojo the ultimate headline whore ... or is there any substance?

Yeah...Cleveland - keep dreaming ! Especially when a diminutive player like Irving gets pounded around for a few years...remember the old Jerry Glanville saying about the NFL - Not For Long !

I'm sure winning another championship or two would help seal the deal here...but maybe not if Chalmers is still the starting point guard !


Wojo and others have been writing about this for a year now. It will be a story all next season, I'm afraid. Just like when LeBron was in Cleveland.


I apologize. Let's hit the reset button here. RESET!

@Joe, You got it. You apologize, your a man.

@Black, Nah I'm not going away.

@RP, Rio won't be resigned next year anyway, Thank God I'm so sick of his inconsistent play. And I would be very concerned about LBJ leaving. I STILL am in utter shock Riley would let the Big 3 have an opt out after year 4! I still am waiting for a logical EXPLANANATION ON HOW HE COULD LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THAT!

dam... thought that might work... oh well, keep trolling..

oh well...Keep spelling dam wrong...

This month will be key in positioning in terms of top seed in the eastern conference.. Are schedule will get tougher while the Knicks should go undefeated throughout the month of February... We have to pay attention to what the ref's and league are doing... We should have a bigger lead... But their keeping this things to close... See, the top seed, is where we should try to have this season... And while every one is wanting us to play the Knicks in the east finals, I think having the top seed would help us more than hurt our run... It's all about match ups... And their match ups don't look as good... I seen this coming, and see us at least trying to go 11-2 through the month and still falling to the second seed... Gotta stay focused and try to win out... They won't make it easy on us, but we should be able to win as much of these games as possible... Big picture.. Stay focused... Don't let them disrupt a great season... We should be the top seed... Stay aggressive.. Defense first... This is a key month...

dam... we being ROBBED by the refs... dam... what about Evans and Cousins for 12 basketballs?... just sayin... dam... need to keep winning to position ourselves... dam... Ray needs to be shipped outa here ASAP, he is missing shots on purpose... dam... stay dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot... dam... dam... I see a tweak coming... how about the 1st round pick for... nevermind... dot dot dot dot dot dot dot

check out this trade..
heat trade: allen, miller, anthony, draft picks
heat receive cousins, evans, mozgov

nuggets trade: mozgov, randolph
nugget receive: miller

kings trade: cousins, evans,
kings receive: allen, anthony, randolph, draft picks...

^^^^ NOOOO NOOOO NOOOO NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK.. keep Ray Allen out of your trade talks lol ...
He is a GREAT pickup for this team.. I dont know why you dis like him so much

Good lord. Tell him Smitty. The man needs a trade intervention.


I've watched him closely all season, he's not one we can trust here come postseason... Yeah he hit a couple of threes to win a game or two earlier on, but that doesn't mean anything down the road... Big picture, we need to move him... Why have him here, if he's not going to give us 100%... Not to mention, he could help us get other younger players, who are available...

You see me putting him in around the channels right??? I say, get rid of him fast...

Watch how we get all sorts of bad calls in this next game against the Pacers...

Also, watch how if we're up when Allen in the game, and he starts turning the ball over or giving up on the defensive end or missing shots badly... Just watch... I've noticed this for about a month now... He is selling us out... Get rid of him...

I have never heard anything more ridiculous in all my life. Yunno I think it's time to get rid of Wade because he shot 6 of 20 at Boston. He is selling us out! Missing shots on purpose. Time to move forward without him. Who is going to accept Ray and give us young players anyway. Waste if time even talking about this anymore.

Lol. Your a joke. You can't think of something better to write then the same garbage on a daily basis? I mean seriously man, do you really think your trades will ever come to fruition? Isn't a troll someone who is like 4'5, I'm 6'3 so that won't work. Think of something a little more original. That's Joe's line.

don't you see we're tired of you.. we're talking on a topic and you come in and mess it up... Don't no body want to argue with you.. don't feel like talking to you.. go away...

Trade Ray Allen? For the life of me, I can't understand the logic in this. I'm trying, but I just don't see it. Allen is a big-shot maker. Check his stats late in games. Off the top of my head, I think he's shooting over 60 percent from the field in the final five minutes of games. I think the best answer is to sub Allen in/out for offense/defense at the end of games. That said, I like your creativity, truck. Nothing wrong with that.

Hey Joe, do you think Ray Allen could be used as a trading chip to get better younger players in a trade or to get some contracts off our books, to free up cap space to go after some good role players this off season???

What I noticed is, when he comes on the floor, we either give up a lead or the other team stretches their lead... I don't think we need him to repeat... How many times can you remember Ray Allen missing foul shots late in games?? He's done it three times in the last month in games we lost and we had a lead when he went to the line and he could have sealed it... Not to mention, a couple of games where he came in, we were up double digits and started turning the ball over and letting up on defense.. I mean, I agree that he was one of the games greatest players.. But, if he's not gonna give us 100% or can't anymore, help us in another way... Help by getting us better younger players, and get some contracts off our books...

yo black, how can you question his loyalty when it was his big shot (along with Lebrons great playmaking) that kepy us alive during the final minutes of the Boston Game... If he can hit a dagger on his former team/city that he adores greatly, there is no way he's trying to sabatoge the heat sir..

Well...we all know Ray is going nowhere for numerous reasons... other than Trucker. But he'll just keep banging his head I'm sure.

I do think these dang Pacers set up camp in the lane though. Watch tonight how that walrus Hibbert, West, & meathead Hansborough clog the lane for the offensive board like it's a mosh pit. Heat better be ready for a scrum underneath...and betcha Birdman gets more minutes tonight.

RP - I agree with you, maybe not to the extent of Chalmers being one of the worst on ball defenders on the team. Deron Williams is getting past most PGs in the league off the dribble.

So I come back to this point that hardly ever gets answered: Who is the 'lock-down' PG defender in the league? Who ISN'T getting beat off the dribble by Westbrook (who again showed last night, what an immature attitude he has), Rondo, CP3, D-Rose, or John Wall?

The Heat defense KNOWS that their perimeter players ARE going to get beat off the dribble, everyone of them - and it'll happen every game. That's why defensive rotations are so important, stealing passes - not necessarily stealing dribbles. Contesting shots and rebounding from the weak side, getting back on defense in transition, communicating on screens - ALL part of playing defense, NOT JUST staying in front of the ball handler.

Pacers tonight followed guessed it, another Faker game.

Black, Ray Allen is one of the most dedicated athletes in the sport. He ain't selling us out, or doing anything than trying to win ball games. Yeah, he misses shots, WHO DOESN'T (according to ESPN, the answer is Kome). He does help spread the floor for us, so apparently other teams think he is trying to win, or they wouldn't guard him.

Nobody wants Cousins either.

Where's the Black Mamba this year, or any Laker fans that were on here last year?

The death of D Wade has been GREATLY exaggerated!

Ima lay off Ray Ray for now.. But we have to focus on this game... I do think the Pacers bring problems to the table...

@ Greg,

Thats why I have been pushing for Tyreke Evans... His defense on Westbrook is the best I've seen... He has quick enough feet, while his length and long arms cause a problem at the point guard position... Now his jump shot needs work, but we could use him in a different way, so that wouldn't be a problem... Not to mention, we could use some cap flexibility this off season.. So trading Miller and Anthony would be wise... I just say throw in Allen and whatever draft picks to get a deal done...

what about this trade???

Heat trade: Allen, Lewis, Miller, Anthony
Grizz trade: Zach Randolph...

And trade him after we win our third straight title...


@ Black this is your quote "we're talking on a topic and you come in and mess it up"

Honestly I see people ripping you for talking about Ray, INCLUDING JOE, I don't see a topic here. You brought up something that will never happen. Then you throw in a trade with Zach Randolph after aaying your going to lay off Ray for now. SMH

Z-BO with only a slightly better attitude than Cousins. Here's my All Professional squad:

Micheal Westbrook
Delonte West
Demarcus Cousins
Micheal Beasley
Zack Randolph

Trade our big three for them. Salaries match up and they average more RPG than our big three.


what about this trade???... 37 year old Ray Allen for some young players???... dam...yeah thats right, a 37 year old to trade so we can get younger... I LOVE posting trades on here... LOVE IT I'm just saying...dam... dot dot dot dot DOT DOT DOT DOT... im going I need to make up another trade here...dam... what about a 37 year old player for stephen curry, dam... yeah thats it we get younger...dam...lets trade 4 guys for 1... and not have a complete roster... and sign kmart off the couch...dam... I'M JUST SAYING...dam

^^^ LOL, I can't get enough of this! Whoever is doing this is beyond funny!

Ah, that little game of posting as someone else never happened until you started blogging......If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck........

So now you like everybody's comedy attempts on here. You are more transparent that an amnesty for votes law.

Really? You think I'm the one doing that??? WOW! What a joke you are! How about asking Joe to reveal the email address as to who is doing it then?

I have been coming on here since Michael Wallace was here! Don't recall you on here then. You guys are such babies, and so incredibly sensitive.

I'm not asking Joe, because I'm not that sensitive about it. WHOEVER is doing it is getting their jollies out of it, and apparently you "can't get enough of it" either. I'll let you and WHOEVER enjoy their game.

'Careful Morris, your horns are showing' - Purple Rain

I think the Heat can actually settle for a little while. at least til after All-Star Break.. they have a pretty solid team now with Birdman (which again I take back everything I said about him being old and outta shape. I was wrong I can admit that) .. but If Dalembert or Scola does get amnestied, I bet money the Heat pull the trigger on Mike Miller and try n sign one of those guys..

It's funny because it mimics EXACTLY what he says on here. If you don't think that's funny then I give up.

Miller's got one of the hardest contracts to move, and his injury history doesn't entice a lot of teams.

In two meetings between SAC and OKC, Westbrook has had 13 and 14 assist (14 being his season high at that point). He also chipped in 18 points in one game and 13 in the other. Tyreke Evans had 3 assists and 2 assists in those games and 16 and 21 points. Games were played on Dec 14 and Jan 25 for reference.

my take:

Greg, i have to disagree when you say Z-Bo isn't professional. He's one of the few guys who plays off of emotion yet he's not a player that's always arguing with his coach or getting techs. The guy plays his heart off every night. He's not a pretty boy, flamboyant player, but he's definitely been at all star level for a while now. If you want, you can even say he's an overachiever given his athleticism. To over achieve, how can you not be professional?

I agree with you about those other bums.

Micheal Westbrook
Delonte West
Demarcus Cousins
Micheal Beasley

Raja Rondo - very nasty attitude similar to Westbrook
Kwame Brown - similar to Beasley...could have been molded into great players by great player but they were too lazy
Royce White - stopped going to practice...has he played this year?
Allen Iverson - late to practice when he showed up, but a great baller

Im not a huge fan of westbrook, but Evans cant guard him either..

dont forget Villanueava

There goes that man - Gembe. So...the question has now become...who is the lock-down defender on the ball? Well...first of all - Chalmers can't stop anyone. So that answers that question...take your pick of almost anyone else on any roster who defends better than Chalmers. On any other team...Chalmers would melt like butter on his own. If he wants to stay...yeah sure - for the minimum.

He's had (like several guys on the team) - the luxury of playing with the likes of Wade & LeBron to cover up the holes in their games. Remember...other than LBJ and maybe Cole...every other Heat player is PAST their prime. Read carefully, slowly & not to confuse anyone... not disparaging their skill levels but we do have some elders on this team.

Leading me to another question I've yet to understand. Why on earth did the Heat not take Dramont Green in last year's draft ? He was sitting there...but instead some dude I never heard of... who is now asleep over in Europe (stay with me...consider the time zone) that most likely has zero chance of drinking one ounce of Gatorade on the Heat bench - ever ! Look...Haslem is getting old...he may have fit the perfect role in a year or two...and we did have some dead wood on the bench to make room. His rookie salary wouldn't been an I still wonder what the reason could be. I know Gembe...don't hassle Riles - he knows all (keep in mind though for every time there's a "bingo"...there's a Smush Parker !)

"If you don't think that's funny then I give up." - Promise?

That stuff is rarely funny when YOU are the focus of the joke.

If you like, I can try to imitate your posts - you know, just to see if get the point.

imitation is the best form of flattery so i'm imitating the imitator of greggembe

spo is playing andersen now. we are solid. the heat don't need anymore big names except oden maybe. spo and riley gotta get rid of players instead, over paid players that don't contribute as much. i'm not saying any names aaaahhh - joel anthony - choooooo. excuse the sneeze.

RP - keep in mind that one post (that curiously was responding to my own all professional post) wasn't mine. Somebody duck forgot to change their post name.

Don't know who Dramont Green is, don't follow the Junior Varsity league.

Granted UD is coming to the end of his career. I would bet the Heat won't make any MAJOR changes this year or next. This team was built to compete for titles for 4-5 years, this being the third year. As we could see from the first year of playing together, where we ended 2 games short of the O'Brien trophy, continuity in your team and system is a huge plus.

Agree that Chalmers isn't a great defender, as you took the time to ridicule him for 2 paragraphs, but you didn't tell me who was. Evans didn't stop Westbrook, and I bet the reason no one is dropping any other names is that defending the point guard is so damn hard these days. There isn't a plethora of PG defenders will to bust they ass on defense, give the ball up on offense, and play for pennies. Team defense is the answer here, and that is what the Heat stresses - ex: 2 years ago vs. the MVP D-Rose in the ECF.

Those Smush Parker/Penny Hardaway/Shawn Livingston/supercoolbeas/Ricky Davis days were definitely HARD to watch!! But because we didn't sign any long term stop gap contracts, look at what has evolved out of that. Somebody - yes, mama their goes that name again - somebody named Riles had a plan and didn't show his hand. But DAMN, he sure got it right, didn't he? I'm sure he could tell you some of the mistakes he's made over the years, I'm not worshipping at his feet, just recognizing his contributions to the game and his teams.

Well, you have officially gone crazy. LOL

RP - so Chris Bosh is past him prime? Varnado and pittman are elders? (I know they dont play much) but the Heat arent as old as you make them out to be

I think the players should strike before this gets out of hand... The ref's are horrible... These games are being called one sided far too often... This just isn't fair, why are these ref's even allowed to call games in a professional league the way they are calling games...

Ok, look, we have to take control of this stretch before it gets away from us... That game is over.. We must refocus, and get back to playing better defense, and running our offense...

We have to get rid of that one, and move forward... But keep in mind, what is really going on... It's more than what we're doing wrong... More so like what their trying to do as well.. Not sure at this point..

What ever moves we're gonna make, please get it done soon...

This set, so far 1-2.. Come on guys... Gotta wake up... Can't let them get the best of us.. REFOCUS...

Some of those stretches, when Coach took the point guards off the floor, instead of Allen, put Birdman in or UD... Look at the line up..

You had: Bron, Wade, Bosh, Allen, Battier..
Why not: Bron, Wade, Bosh, Battier, Birdman, or UD..

We still could rebound, and match up on defense.. To me, Allen's done...He's checked out... So, sit him down... Or get rid of him...

Why not let Rio and Cole get those minutes too...

Indy did a great job on Ray. They wouldn't give him any room to shoot, up in his face all night. He hasn't checked out. Indy is a great at defense for a reason. Birdman had a great game. Other than that we sucked. Indy is going to be a pain come postseason, without Granger tonight mind you.

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