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Twitter mailbag

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No question, Matt. Chris Andersen had three points and three rebounds in his first three minutes on the court. Ever seen Joel Anthony break out the Euro-step. Yeah, me neither. I asked Andersen about the move after the game and he was actually kinda of embarrassed he had to go to it. He said he'll be dunking those fast-break baskets when his legs become stronger. There's no doubt Andersen can work his way up to about 15 minutes a game. Joel Anthony can still be effective in short bursts if Andersen takes some of his minutes.

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Right on, troll.

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I addressed this in a previous blog post. Here's the link. CLICK ME! The short answer: I don't think Oden will be in Miami next season.

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Game of Thrones. The countdown is on. Planning a big watch party with Pittman for episode one of season three. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage, Heat fan) is my favorite character, Daenerys annoys me and [SPOILER ALERT] I'm already mourning the death of Grey Wind.

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Don't think so. The Heat is most likely set. The last transaction should be adding Andersen for the remainder of the season.

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A better question: Can we trade our hockey team for another MLS franchise? I've got this great idea of putting a soccer stadium in Flamingo Park. Yeah, that's right, South Beach. It's the best idea ever.

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Mike Miller. He could sit all season and it wouldn't matter. I assume you remember Game 5.


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