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Shane Battier out against Trail Blazers


PORTLAND — Heat forward Shane Battier will sit out Thursday night's game against the Trail Blazers due to a sore hamstring.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Battier has played with a sore hamstring for "four of five" games. Battier did not participate in the Heat's practice on Thursday and rested again during Friday morning's shootaround at Rose Garden.

Battier's injury could give Heat newcomer Jarvis Varnado a chance at immediate playing time. Varnado, who signed a 10-day contract on Wednesday, joined the team in Portland on Thursday and participated in practice. Varnado is familiar with the Heat's system after playing with the team over the summer and in preseason training camp.


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what are battiers #s 1 reb a game hes the main reason y were getting killed on the board

So...LeBron is currently leading the team in scoring, rebounds, assists, & steals...and basically plays every position onthe court while guarding centers, forwards, & point guards & shooting guards. Night in...night out. THAT'S UNHEARD OF !!! Give me an example of ANYONE in the history of the game who ever has come close to LeBron's responsibility. There's no one. MJ never lead his team in rebounds...Kobe - no. Even Oscar the Big O - no.

So...not to say the small ball is dead but the numbers don't lie just like the ball don't. Simple physics...mass moves mass. Heat - go get some !

battier way to small for 4 too slow for a 3 rather c miller on court at least he can dribble all bat does is pass immediately like washed up haslem

Hey Andy, You think that Shane Battier is the reason we are getting killed on the boards? Uhhh no, he is a bench player...That isn't the reason we are being outrebounded. Do me a favor, don't go on this forum with the stupid nonsense you bring here. Your wasting everyone's time. BTW, do you know how to use a comma or period in your sentences? UGH

The Heat need to cut James jones,haslem and Dexter Pittman. All three are worthless. Haslem turns the ball over majority of the time the balls in his hands. Bosh should play the four and Anderson and Martin is a must .I'm still confused why they get rid of rights to arnette moultrie for Hamilton and then send him to Spain. Huh??????

The Heat need to cut James jones,haslem and Dexter Pittman. All three are worthless. Haslem turns the ball over majority of the time the balls in his hands. Bosh should play the four and Anderson and Martin is a must .I'm still confused why they get rid of rights to arnette moultrie for Hamilton and then send him to Spain. Huh??????

OMG, The idiots that come on here are just incredible. Were going to cut Haslem with 3 years left on his contract? This isn't fantasy basketball. James Jones is a bench player making just above the League minimum, he is a true professional that when his name is called, is always ready to put in a couple 3's. Pittman was a work in progress when we drafted him. Any Heat fan knows that. He won't be resigned next year. Now tell me 3 other players that would replace these 3, go ahead this will be good! LOL

I see I didn't miss much... I guess my trades may have been that good to get some attention.. Hey, just be honest, that last sounded good didn't it.... i'm just saying...

Black the trucker, you really need an intervention on trade talks. It's really getting old and just point blank stupid at this point. Not one of your trades will ever come to fruition. Get a life.

No, you can't have a little fun. Your trades NEVER make any sense! Bring knowledge to this blog, not stupidity...Everytime I read your responses I get dumber by the minute.

to bad for you... i get more and more creative every time i come up with an amazing trade... padding my self on the back while posting to you now...

you must be a pacers fan... y'all still mad from last year... dam, get over it... we the champs...

you probably david west... look don't look to pick fight with me man... we just trying to WIN....

WTF? Are you on drugs? You get more creative? You get dumber by the second! The "i'm just saying" is really getting old too. You sound so uneducated it's not even funny!

I feel bad that you get your basketball knowledge here on the herald.. sucks to be you.. tough guy... you should have listen to your father when he told you to stay in school..

There is no way you finished middle school with this grammar, it's actually quite alarming! BTW the dot dot dot thing you use is first grade stuff. Probably where you were left behind. Haaa!

good game 2nite... come to play guys... we need a win... the blazers are playing solid ball of late and have a good looking rookie point guard... they rebound well with hickson and aldridge... take it to them... we should be fine...

i'm watching to see how the knicks stack up against the pacers... could be a second round match up...

game time rookie... go watch the game... you might learn something....

Let's review another one of Black the Trucker's brilliant trade proposals shall we..

1. trade Lewis, Anthony, draft pick to the Kings for T. Evans...
2. Allen to the Nuggets for T. Mozgov
3. J. Jones, draft pick to the Hornets for J. Smith..

1. Do you honestly think that the Kings would do that??? Why??? Lewis doesn't even play anymore, and don't get me started on Anthony, he's worthless in a trade, What draft pick? The Kings would love to have the last pick of the 2nd sound!
2. The Nuggets aren't giving away a 7'1 center for Ray Allen, give me a break!
3. J. Smith? There is nobody on the Hornets with that name? Are you talking about Ryan Anderson? One of their best players averaging 17.3 ppg. Please don't tell me your talking about him? WHY WOULD THEY GET RID OF HIM? They just signed him for 40 million plus.

Lastly, once again you make no sense..These salaries don't even match up. Get a clue!

battier for a 4 cant jump or rebound bosh cant boad,joel has hands of stone,haslem got old, no way internally heat can improve rebounding spo your full of crape sign a legit big man moive bosh to the 4

Andy, go away.





TAKE A HARD LOOK AND PURSUE *GREG ODEN for multi year contract check if he is going to be healthy and we are set to repeat the title...

ugh... Im mad i actually stayed up til 1:23 am .. and I have to work in the morning to watch the Heat loose.. good game down to the end, then they collapsed.. Bron's record for the iceman is cut short.. sucks..

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