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President Obama to LeBron: 'It's your world, man.'

LeBron's impromptu words at the White House on Monday produced some classic video. First, President Obama tells LeBron, "It's your world, man," when LeBron asked if he was supposed to say anything. LeBron then thanks the President and calls him "coach." LeBron ended his thank you with a one-liner that will resonate for the rest of his career: "Mama, I made it."


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Out of all the trade talks ive heard over the past couple of weeks, I think the Mike Miller for Mozgov and Anthony trade would be the best one. The Heat do have too many wing players and the bigs they do have they dont use.. lets be honest, Pittman and Varnago are never going to get a chance this season with this team. Birdman is out of shape and slow, he'll be the Dampier from two seasons ago if the heat choose to resign him.. Go with Mozgov and please put Bosh back at the 4.. let haslem and battier come off the bench. and it will give James Jones some more burn time as well with Miller out. James Jones is still an awesome spot up shooter which is what the heat have struggled with the past few games..


I gotta say, I agree with the thought of trading miller... I think with Mozgov, His height is a good asset, and he could give us good minutes off the bench... Although, he doesn't seem as if he could be a starter on a championship level team... My opinion.. I do like the thought of going after Gortat... I feel that having both of them strengthen's our chances up front... And with Scola possibly being bought out, we could bring him in too... Not sure how we could get both and still add a player like Evans... I do also agree with having JJ, here for the playoff run.. I think Rio, JJ, Battier would be solid options come postseason... That means, Miller, Allen, Lewis, Anthony, and draft picks are all available to be dealt... Now who's on the big board as targets...

how's these trades sound???

Miller to the Nugetts for Mozgov and Randolph...

Allen, second round pick to the Kings for Evans...

Lewis, Anthony, 1st round pick to the Suns for Gortat...


Miiler for Mozgov and Randolph

Anthony and Pittman for Evans

Allen, Lewis, draft pick for Gortat...


Miller for Mozgov and Randolph

Allen and Anthony for Gortat

Lewis, Pittman, 1st round pick for Evans...

I wouldnt mind have Gortat on this Heat team. I was hoping he woulda came here while he was still in Orl.. the only way that kinda trade will work is if we give up valuable bench pieces i.e. Norris Cole (or in your case Ray Allen).. The heat need to find a way to add to this team and not mess with the 9-10 man rotation Spo insist on playing.. so everyone from Pittman, Varnado, James Jones, Birdman, and Mike Miller (or Rashard Lewis) can go. but everyone else they cant afford to lose (unless its for an instant upgrade from Rio).. and there is still a good big in Kmart out there..

I do agree that Mozgov isnt a starter, but with our lack of bigs, I would make him a starter..

I just tried this on nba trade machine..

three team deal..

Heat get: Mozgov and Evans..
Nuggets get: Miller
Kings get: Randolph, Lewis, Pittman..

Heat get: Gortat
Suns get: Allen, Anthony...

Suns need a shooter, they can't find a better one in Allen...
Nuggets need a shooter, they get Miller..
Kings need to get players before they lose Evans for nothing...
We need size and a back up for Wade...

look at the line up..

Bench: Battier, UD, Cole, Evans, Mozgov, JJ, and whom ever else...

mmm I dont think the Kings would take 3 useless big men, they have enough of those (everyone not named cousins on that team).. but that is an interesting trade scenario.. but I highly doubt the Heat trade Ray Allen.. he's just too good of a steal for what he's getting paid.. and he draws sooo much attention when he's behind that arc.. he's an asset that needs to stay.. Miller as much as I like his game when he's not injured, is by far our best trade chip, but with the whole league knowing about his body i dont think many teams would jump on the chance to get him

Just don't trust him especially come postseason.I say get him off this team. My opinion...

Why not just go after Z-Bo? The Grizzlies want to dump assets for nothing, after all. Maybe you could trade them Pittman straight up.

How can we trade straight up with the Grizz? Randolph's 15 million salary, and Pittman's $850,000. Go ahead this is going to be good.

Guys these trades just make no sense! The Kings aren't giving away Evans. It's his last year of his deal, why would they trade him and get back our guys in the last year of there deals as well. Trading a first round pick to rent Evans for a couple of months makes absolutely no sense! Ray Allen is here Black, we don't go all in with this guy and dump him to a garbage team for no reason other than your cockimame reasoning that he is missing shots on purpose. Ray has been great all year for us. Lastly Killa signed with us 2.5 years ago for a reason. He took 10 million dollars less to sign here to be with the big 3. You don't dump him to get Mozgov for God's sake. The same with UD, he isn't going anywhere either, he was offered way more money from Dallas but took the hometown discount to be in the 305. Gortat is a good player, probably the best the Suns have. He will get paid next year. We can't trade for him. I think we will stand pat, why? Because we're the Defending Champs!

We are not trading ray allen, and last season, bosh and the rotations stepped up and will do so in the playoffs. What feared centers are there in the east?
Relax. Birdman is great rebounder and shot blocker off the bench, haslem is starting now and been boarding. and we have been in each rebounding batttle the last 4-5 games since they dedicated more effort.
FELLAS, the top team in the league has 11 losses. we only have 13. ITS THE REG SEASON> RELAX......

Couldn't agree more Dom. Thanks for your contribution!

bky - dom

Good calls - absolutely agree.

....and you worked cockimame into the conversation. Nice job. I hoped you spelled that right, cause we still have idiots on here with a spell check mentality.

Next time I use a word like that I will ask you first. Since your the king of trying so hard to make people laugh.

C'mon man. I was throwing you a compliment on your previous post, and you still have that angry tone and talking down to people. That's probably why you can't get anybody to come to the gym and work out with you, although you keep throwing that invite out to everybody. Hopefully your day gets better and you can be happy and relaxed at some point.

Didn't sound like a compliment to me. I am a happy go lucky guy 24/7 live a gray life, gray wife, 4 beautiful kids. Believe me i don't need someone to work out with me. Read between the lines.

"Good calls - absolutely agree"

yeah, I can see how those sound words sound degrading and argumentative. Believe me, I'll try to avoid using those words with you again. My bad.

You don't have to avoid using any words with me. I'm a big boy.

....and probably getting bigger with each rep. Cudos.

you guys should go out to dinner, kiss and make up

You can have my spot Eddie, I don't roll that way.

Little history lesson here: it was Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve.

Bizarre statement there.

I was being sarcastic with my Z-Bo post ...

What the hell is Juan Howard doing in that White House pic ? Oh yeah...lifetime loyalty clause activated.

Nice job Joe! So your ripping the trade scenarios on here too! That's the spirit! Lol

Joe why didn't we go after speights? We could have given them a draft pick for him...

don't get it twisted. I'm in seattle right now and the ownerhip don't plan on keeping any of that roster (Cousin's brings a bad name to the city). The thing is they are willing to lose and get draft picks because the city won't care that they are losing at this point...they just care that they got their beloved sonics back. So Evan, Cousins, etc. can be gotten at discount as the seattle news put it.

We need a serviceable center. I don't see Gortat giving you much more than Kwame Brown or Mosgov. I actually put Birdman in the same category as these guys if Spo would use him. I say throw him in and let him play til he stinks up the place. He may be out of shape but if he may not exert as much energy in practice as he would in games so solely practicing him and not playing him may slow the conditioning process.
Hell make him do some INSANITY or something. But either way, its not to say Pittman can't succeed, nor Lewis, or Birdman, and Mosgov, Gortat, etc. will. It's up to Spo if they even step on the court and its unlikely that they do.

Spo wants a certain output so he plays Joel Anthony while Lewis isn't. Spo offense doesn't upgrade with talent so its easy to see why a player like Lewis has a worst output than Joel Anthony. Spo wants a certain output and doesn't realize that - hey i lose a little here, but gain a whole lot more with this player. Spo just notices what's missing, not whats gained because he doesn't know how to utilize the gain.

Bust, so your telling me we couldn't use 11.8 ppg and 8.9 rpg? From Gortat??? Huh???

Good work eb.. go get cousin's and Evans..

you know what, I take back what calling those bad trades Smitty and Trucker. I can admit when I wrong. You guys came up with some good scenarios cause the Kings are moving next year. I may be dumb but I know what a good trade - greg gump. And I'm going to be honest, Spoelstra is one of the worst coaches out there but I support him because he got my mom's pregnant and I'm their love child. Maury Povich said Our blood test have determined, Pat Riley, you are not the father. As my mom's cried, Spoelstra came from backstage and sat on stage like it was the post game interview and started on how he grinded it out with mom's and ended it with - Greggembe, I am your father. Come join me on the dark side.


I guess they same imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

That doesn't even sound like my prose, but go ahead, with your little game.

Everyone knows I don't post at 6:00 at night.


Now for basketball:

E-B, there's a reason Seattle doesn't want Cousins, the same reason many other teams don't - attitude/personality/effort/discipline. All the talent in the world is worthless without some of these traits.

I can't put Gortat in the same categories as some of those other bums. Gortat has game and would be welcomed in a Heat uniform. (Kwame Brown = Gortat ???)

what way do you roll greg gumble? sure as hell sounds to me like you roll in bed with other men (bky)

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