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President Obama honors Miami Heat at White House

It's LeBron James' world, according to President Barack Obama.

The President honored the 2012 NBA championship Miami Heat with a ceremony at the White House on Monday in Washington. Obama, the nation's First Basketball Fan, had plenty of prepared notes but candidly went off script with old friends James and Dwyane Wade. During one exchanged, Obama was asked by James if he could say a few words.

"Hey," Obama said, "it's your world, man."

James stepped to the microphone behind the Presidential Seal and spoke poignantly of how humbled he was to be in the White House. He closed by saying, "Mama, I made it."

Obama called James' effort in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals "one of the greatest performances in basketball playoff history, dropping 45 points."

The President then added that James "had a scary look in his eye." Obama went on to call Wade "the heart and soul of this team," and noted that Wade led the Heat in blocks in the 2012 playoffs.

"And in the post-game press conferences," Obama said, "he dressed well enough to land himself in GQ magazine."

Wade brought his signature style to the White House as well. He wore a stylish gray suit highlighted by a pair of red, white and black dress shoes. Obama asked Wade to show off his shoes during his 10-minute meet-and-greet with the team in the Blue Room.

Obama gave Chris Bosh credit for returning from injury during the playoffs to play an important role. The President then had some fun with Mike Miller, who famously played injured throughout the entire postseason.

"Mike could barely walk," Obama said, "and he still hit seven three pointers in the final game. I still don't know how he did it."

President Obama honors the 2012 championship team.

Dwyane Wade's White House shoes.


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Keep the info coming Joe! I give credit where credit is due. You have a ways to go, but keep it coming! How about a question and answer forum?

Black the trucker's recent trade post...

Two trades that caught my attention...

Heat trade: Anthony, draft pick
Cavs trade: Speights

Heat trade: Allen, Lewis
Kings trade: Evans

these are possible trades that could help this year..
got couple more..tbc...

1. Why the hell would Philly want Anthony??? Nobody wants him...This has been discussed over and OVER again! Philly wouldn't want the remainder of Joel's contract.
2. This is the last year of Evans, Allen, and Lewis' deals, WHY WOULD THE KINGS DO THAT? IT MAKES NO SENSE!
3. FYI The reason I say I'm a season ticket holder all the time is too purposely annoy you, the same you do every day when you post the same dumb trades on here.

First, the cave are in Cleveland not Philly...

Second, this is when trades happen, and we could use some size... the only way we're gonna get that size is by a trade... so, if you have a trade in mind to help the team... ok, than post one... if not.. just watch me keep posting mine...

meant to say the Cavs are in Cleveland not Philly...

I'm starting to think you have no clue of how things work... but you always want to pick a fight with people...

look, I talk basketball all around the nation... I do have knowledge about what I'm saying.. You want to argue ... That's not my thing... Pick a fight with some one else.. I have better things to do with my time...

My bad on the Cavs mistake. I don't pick fights with anybody. People act all tough on here and try to challenge me. So I tell them where I work. No problem doing that at all. Want to act tough? No problem. You did the same thing if I recall? I have posted trades on here before and you rip me (Gasol trade) Toughen up man. Don't be such a baby.

no, I didn't rip you.. the reason why??? I don't really give you the time of day.. and again, going back and forth on here doesn't make you a tough guy... let me be clear... I like talking basketball.. I don't get on here to act like a little kid, arguing with each other... I'm a grown ass man.. believe you me, that's not what this is about... and for the last time... that way of blogging isn't my thing... you should keep your posts directed at some one else... I don't want to give you any of my time.. thanx...

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