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Pat Riley with Heat for final two games of road trip; Wade's strange message on Twitter

OAKLAND — Amid the Heat's losing skid, which included the benching of Dwyane Wade on Monday, Heat President Pat Riley arrived in the Bay Area on Tuesday and attended the Heat's Wednesday morning shootaround at the University of San Francisco.

Despite the Heat's rebounding woes, it doesn't seem like Riley is losing faith in the Heat's frontcourt. As a coach, Riley preferred a dominant center but he has built the current team around coach Erik Spoelstra's small-ball philosophy.

Riley did not speak with reporters on Wednesday but Spoelstra said that Riley believes "the answers are from within." In other words, the Heat is planning on adding anyone to the roster.

"There are some games we do it very well," Spoelstra said of the Heat's rebounding. "And we've proved that we can win the big one when we need to by rebounding. It's just a matter of committing to it and doing it better."

Meanwhile, Dwyane Wade downplayed being benched on Monday against the Jazz. He said he was more frustrated with losing.

"I think the fourth quarter is overblown," Wade said. "I went to the bench in the fourth quarter and we were down 19 points. That team did a helluva job of coming back and making it a game, so obviously you want to play, but I can never be mad at my team for coming back and making a game of it."

Wade would not elaborate on the creptic message he posted to Twitter on Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 10.18.31 PM

"I can't give you every Twitter I put out, man," Wade said. "Read between the lines like you do every Twitter."

He then added: "I just came from my mind. A lot of stuff could be up there."

If anyone has an explanation, translation or theory — logical or otherwise — feel free to leave a comment.


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Greggembe, where you at? I need your expertise. You're constantly saying this season/losing streak is OK but why then does it bother the players, the coach, and even Pat Riley? The players are getting frustrated, Spo is still wondering how to get the team to perform, Riley is intervening, the press are magnifying it and saying the Heat is underachieving as is all of the before mentioned, yet when we bloggers say it, Greg, you say we blogger are everything under the sun that don't know anything about sports.








Thank you LeBron & Heat fo making me gladly eat some of my words. Tonight...though is another litmus test.

I can't stand Dwight...but feel this clown may think he's in Disneyland tonight playing against Mickey Mouse vs Heat interior.

There's an old 70's Don MacClean song...almost a California hymnal - American Pie - let's hope tonight is not... "the day the small ball died". Yep...back then in Lakerland it was Wilt sweeping the boards, outletting to West, and hitting a streaking Elgin Baylor for an eye-popping score. Pat Riley remembers...he was sitting on the Laker bench watching.

Go Heat !

Ugh, caps lock still broken I see.

Congrats' to Bron, on becoming the youngest to 20,000... THEY CAN'T HOLD ME... 007...

Wow, beat the Lakers tonight and we are 3-3 on this road trip, which in the middle of January isn't cause to worry.

Fumes? Only fumes I saw on the court were from the Heat blowing by the Warriors. 30 point lead after 3 periods - something has got to change. Fire SPO, sign Kareem, only play LBJ 28 minutes a game, Wade is done, trade Ray Ray, blah, blah, blah...

How that sick put back dunk by UD wasn't one of the top plays of the evening is ridiculous!

Instead of labeling it small ball - to make it sound somewhat comprimising - let's call it fast ball, because, well, Showtime was already taken.

Jon Barry did a horrible job commentating last night. Part of the lame-street national media that does NOT want to see the Heat have continued success.

Still think there is 'no way' we beat the Lakers tonight? Think they are going to put final game stats on ESPN's ticker of whoever Kome defends tonight? My bet is no.

EBust congrats on your family's success, but I bet you've never gone into a situation and told your players, 'look, this team has beaten us the last three time we've played them. We can't beat them, so just try to stay healthy.' Or, 'look, we've beaten this team the last three times we played them. They probably are so demoralized that they won't even try. Let's just keep the game close for the fans, but this should really be easy' - Am I wrong?

And I only try to spit my basketball theories and take on the Heat out there. Everybody else is entitled to agree, disagree, and add their own thoughts. Never assumed I was the only one with basketball knowledge, there are some insightful posts on here from you and others, and then their is just the emotional crap spewed by a few.

Didn't say the losing was OK, just not ready to blowup the roster or lose the continuity and momemtum we've gained over the last 2 1/2 years because of a few road loses.

Also notice that Riles intimated that the answers are from within - which is pretty much what I've been saying. We have enough talent to win games, and we can get it done with what we have - no major trades. You did notice that right? Second guess me, that's natural and expected. Second guess Riles, that's assinine.

did u c 6 9 carl landry go over christina and get the ball away from christina and throw him to the ground hes not a rebounder riley get some big dude in there or else we cant win it all not the way diva wade is playing
haslem was balling last nite but of course robot spo had to go with that lethal lineup with joel battier and cole and of course the lead was wiped out

My interpretation of Wade's Tweet:

"The high road...isn't always high"

In not speaking out against the coach benching me for another player, against the decision to win the game without my services, it is something I will concede as I respect my coaching staff enough to do so. Even though it is considered the "better" or more ethical thing, to do, I perhaps do not necessarily feel "better" for it at this particular occasion.

Anyways, that's my interpretation. But as in the past, Wade bounces back the next night. Yet what will happen the next game? We fans hope Wade and Co. can get on a hot streak. We support you!

I think a streak is coming... But what alterations will we make, and how soon... Getting as much time in too get a feel on how to best use a strong roster...

Good match up 2nite.. Come to play... Run our sets... Stay aggressive... Defense first...

Yes, good matchup - the best team in the East vs the 11th best team in the West.

Gotta like our chances.

Certainly that blowout yesterday of the Warriors provided some extra rest for our warriors....not something you typically say about a team in free-fall.

Get defensive stops - rebound and run.

bogut and curry out team was like sacramento big deal

Gotta beat who's in front of you. Every team has injuries, still have to play. Two weeks from now, it won't matter who suited for the Warriors last night. Do you remember the injury list from teams we beat last year on our way to the Championship? Neither do I, because it's useless info.

Hey Andy, Do you know how to use a comma or period??!! You have the same grammar as black the trucker, with his dot dot dot. Must of went to the same school. My gawd.

Ok, so today is a great day for Lebron. No bickering

Greggembe, good points. One thing i honestly haven't looked at road win/losses stats. Maybe the Heat just aren't a good road team. I wonder what we can do to fix it though.

At the same time, West Coast time difference can affect us.

@bky... either your wife isn't giving you some.. or you lost your job... or you just a evil mf... either way you bring hate to the blog, so keep posting... what the hell...

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