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Miami might not be the best fit for Oden

Agent Mike Conley Sr. confirmed to The Herald's Barry Jackson on Tuesday that center Greg Oden is expected to meet with Heat president Pat Riley some time in the next two weeks.

Oden, the No.1 pick in the 2007 draft, has played in just 82 games throughout his career due to chronic knee problems. He has had multiple knee surgeries and might never play professional basketball again. But, hey, the guy is 7-1, so the Heat apparently will due its due diligence in trying to determine if Oden still has a future in basketball.

But let's get a few things straight here. If Oden is healthy enough to attempt a comeback, it will not happen until next season. Oden's visit to Miami hasn't been finalized yet, but when he visits, the Heat is expected to only evaluate his knees. Oden isn't expected to be put through any kind of intense workout on the court.

Now, if the Heat determines Oden still has life in his legs, that still doesn't mean he'll be signing with the Heat next season. Other teams are interested and Oden might receive more playing time and feel more comfortable with a team like Cleveland.

And there is also the matter of money to consider. The Heat will have a mini mid-level exception next season, but, considering the heavy taxes about to kick in due to the new CBA, taking a chance on Oden might not be worth the investment. The mini mid-level is $3 million per season, but, when you throw in the cap tax, his contract would actually cost the Heat much more.


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We absolutely have to take a chance on him! We're a big market team. Mickey is a billionaire, he has consistently said he doesn't alot of money on the Heat, especially with the new CBA. But there in NOBODY else with that much talent out there. Will he probably get hurt? Yes! But we need size!

Doesn't MAKE a lot of money on the Heat I meant.

There's Juwan Howard again from the White he a reporter now ? Yeah..I know last year he was on the roster...but so was Eddie Curry.

Bad news for tomorrow..Deron Williams may miss game because of the flu bug. Dammit...these teams know the code now. Rondo misses game...Celts win. D-Will game-miss rumour = Heat parties too much in NYC = bad karma.

Everyone knows now....except Trucker...he thinks it's the refs.

Hey in he trucking business and all...probably know stuff about salvage yards. Well, that's the Heat with all that past their prime if they ever had one crap that you're trying to peddle for gold coins. Ain't happening Trucker - like never.

Just announced. Heat sign Varnado for rest of season. Hmm interesting.

Watch & learn BKY..expand your mind.

@BKY - Bout time.. the kid is good! he's Joel Anthony times a million on offense! Now all SPO has to do is play him!

Expand my mind? About time? What does that mean? Are u talking about Varnado? The 15th guy on the team. I wrote "hmmm interesting" because I was shocked they released him earlier this season, then cut Jorts and then resign him for the remainder of the season. Now we don't have a lot of flexibility to sign anyone else. (Oden for example) just baffling.

I think its about they signed him.. they drafted him 2 years ago.. He is an awesome player, and the heat does have flexibility.. Birdman's contract isnt guranteed yet.. and I still dont see Pittman playing much this season.. one of them will not be on this team if Greg Oden agrees to sign here for the VET min.

*i think its 'about time'

I like Birdman, but how much does he really have left in the tank? People like his style of play because of his energy and his hustle.. how much of that does he still have left? especially being out of shape and not really playing last season or this one? IJS.

And if Greg does come here, how hard is it to just cut Varnado? pay him his 800,000 or so guranteed money and thats it..

Smitty, good points, but Varnado is not an "awesome" player. He is the 15th player on the Heat. He would be playing if he was "awesome"

Easy on the deer antler spray everybody.

Take it from Bobby Knight who said to all the feminists ..."just lay back and enjoy the ride" !

your right.. i may have over-statment the skill of Varnado.. but he is an improvement over Joel.. IMO .. hope we see him get some burn tonight.. prob not.. but heres wishin

RP - pullin' a quote from the always entertaining Bobby Knight playbook....very nice. I've often that about the position he requested to be buried as a response to some of the boneheads walking around in our society (and blog), but thought the reference would be lost on most of them.

We can't possibly having people doubt what Birdman has in the tank and then push to sign Greg Oden, can we? Priceless

yes.. because oden is 25.. birdman is 34.. and yes We all know Oden is prob the biggest BUST in NBA history but only because of injury.. Miami, for some reason, has the fountain of youth when it comes to restoring injured players and getting them in playing shape.. just saying if we could land Oden, and get him back healthy for more than 2 seasons, we would be golden.. Birdman on the other hand, again I like him as a player, I was a fan when he was in Denver, but if it came down to the two I would take a chance on Oden.. what can I say I like the gamble with this one.. I could be wrong, but if Im right, soooo much upside!

I hope the reggie evan comment made about Lebron ignites him and he goes off for 50 points tonight.. lol


I hope the comment Reggie made about the HEAT ignites all of them and everyone drops 20+ a piece.. since thats impossible, I hope that Wade Bron Bosh and Allen all go for 20+ points tonight.. and Andersen and Varnado get some burn..

@BKY @Smitty- Bout time.. the kid is good! he's Joel Anthony times a million on offense! Now all SPO has to do is play him!


Um, no. Joel Anthony is better offensively than Jarvis Varnado, if that tells you anything about his limitations.

Tells a lot! Thanks Joe. Since u see him in practice and we don't.

It's amazing to know that someone is worse than Joel on the NBA on offense

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