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LeBron James changes up routine; arrives early to arena with Allen and Jones

In a new commitment to his outside shooting, LeBron James has started arriving early to AmericanAirlines Arena with Ray Allen and James Jones to get up three-point shots.

James arrived early to the arena on Friday for the second-straight game. The new routine didn't help much on Wednesday against the Raptors. James went 1 of 5 from behind the arc.

James began the season at a career clip from distance but has cooled off considerably in recent weeks. James is 6 of 22 from three-point range in his last six games.

"When you get here early to shoot, you can find your rhythm without feeling pressed for time," Jones said. "Everyone knows shooting is mental. You have to be physically and mentally prepared."

Allen's preparation is legendary throughout the league. He has arrived early to arenas both home and away throughout his career. On road trips, he takes a cab to arenas, leaving long before the team's first bus (the shooters' bus) even departs team hotels.


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Completely unacceptable that the big 3 was in the game in the 4th quarter! Especially Lebron! Wtf is Spoelstra doing??? The man plays 40 plus minutes a night and he's in a meaningless game up 20 points!!! SMH unbelievable!!!

as soon as battier who does nothing but stay in the corner comes in the lead shrinks when they take him out lead increases cant understand y he gets so many minutes please what does he do dontr tell me he plays d hes to dam slow

Andy, a comma or a period would do you some good!

good game.. good win.. i think we may have to add minutes for Anderson... the hustle plays and energy he could bring to table could help... gotta get in game first but a little sign of potential was apparent there at the end... the aggressiveness by both Bron and D-Wade is a great site to see... really think they are bringing it at a very high level and are very hard to contend with when they play like this... great to see.. our defense is looking better.. this is the way we have to play...

next up the Celtics... their struggling right now with their play and look for them to try to play their best come Sunday.. come to play... take it to them... stay aggressive.. 48 minutes...

this is our time to take a lead in the eastern conference.. the top seed is what we should have this season.. i think it's in our favor to take the lead and watch everyone else scrabble for positioning..

this road trip, we should look to win all four games... one at a time.. focus in.. one at a time...

Coach, in game adjustments, when rebounding is not going our way... i like what stretching the floor opens up, but when we are able to rebound better with size on the floor, as a team, are defense is better...

i wanna tweak it a little, but i'm not gonna say it now.. let's just move forward.. on to the next one.. good win guys... 007...

We're back on the pace... which is really good.. I notice the schedule is starting to get tougher in the next month or so... But, I think with the way we're playing, we should be able to go on a run... at least, I hope... I was trying to make sense of bringing in another inside guy.. I mean, lasi year we had guys on the bench, just in case... so, would adding k-mart to the mix, be somewhat like that... or not... I know we have pittman, vanardo, birman, anthony, but, could we use k-mart, too???

I have a tweak but don't want to sound negative.. dam.. there is still a move that could be made... dam.. just keep up the play... seems like we have some understanding of whats going on and I don't have to keep harping on the same thing.. but, man.. it's right there..

What about the Mozgov trade????

Wow... So many basketball geniuses. So many unsolicited brilliant advise. Were you all that good? Are you guys coaching a team now? Wow, just, wow.

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