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LeBron motivated by Reggie Evans' comments; Evans ducks out of post-game

Before the game, LeBron James walked into the visiting locker room announcing his presence to everyone. “He here! He here!” James screamed in the third person.

After Heat 105, Nets 85 on Wednesday at Barclays Center, James was still talking. Turns out, the comments Nets forward Reggie Evans made about James and the Heat before the game struck a nerve.

Evans indicated on Wednesday morning that the merits of the Miami’s 2012 championship were somehow diminished because the Heat won the title during a lockout-shortened season. James didn’t like it.

“No one knows what it takes unless you’ve done it,” James said. “You can’t sit here and judge and talk about a team winning a championship unless you’ve been through it and actually done it. He hasn't done it.

“I’m not going to sit here and give Reggie Evans a lot of press because that’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to give him a lot of press and people going to talk about Reggie Evans for the next couple of days when he probably wouldn’t be talked about.”

But James couldn’t help himself. He still wanted to talk about Evans.

“You can’t just come out and say something like that against a champion…Let me look at his numbers,” James said.

He then theatrically looked down to a stat sheet resting on top of the bucket of ice soaking his feet and ankles.

“Hold on,” James said, “I’m looking at Reggie Evans’ numbers real quick. He had no offensive rebounds, so we did our number on him, and we got the win more importantly.”

James had 24 points, nine rebounds and seven assists in 34 minutes.

Evans, for his part, exited the Nets’ post-game locker room before reporters could ask him questions.


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Why do you find it hard to believe that he doesn't plan on recording the game and watching it later? If the Cowboys were playing I would understand, but not when 2 teams he doesn't root for are playing.

And why isn't there WIFI on the team plane? But most airlines have them. Hmmm Mickey is a BILLIONAIRE, you would think he would pony up!

Big game tonight...............We got this...........just run our sets, we be alright............dam............dam..........we move just sayin..........dam

Good win...... We ran the sets..... We move forward........even though we win by 20 I'm not convinced Ray Allen isn't missing shots on purpose........I'm just sayin..........he needs to be shipped out of here ASAP.........I still say we trade ray and rashard to the kings for Evans and Cousins.........dam..........just saying..........dam

^^^ Lmao!!! It would be nice to have Lebron's quotes after the game ripping Reggie Evans! But god forbid that happens on this blog. Unreal

What are you talking about, BKY? The quotes are in this blog post.

good win!!!

the "birdman" is back..., hope coach SPO would give some more minutes to the "birdman" to get play with bosh lebron & wade on the floor to gain more back his legs and confidence..., as the game today against Brooklyn i could see "the birdman" might be a great help on this team....

clearly we could see that we can now convince a trade to Nuggets for Mosgov...




pg chalmers / cole
sg wade / allen / jones
sf james / battier /lewis
pf haslem / birdman(C) / anthony randolph
c bosh(PF) / mosgov / varnado(PF) / oden


"Evan who?"

says the Heat

@Joe, are you sure Joel Anthony is better than Varnado offensively??? Ive seen the guy play and he was pretty O.K. with the shots he was taking.. I could be wrong, not the first time

Like just recently about everything I said about BIRDMAN! he actually showed up to play last night! Very surprised at how he was moving.. Good Game.. I take back everything I said about him being old and out of shape..

I also want to comment that No one had double digit rebounding, but the HEAT worst team in the league in rebounding, out rebounded them 38-34.. idk if itwas Birdman, or just a greater sense of urgency on the boards but good job against a pretty big team

One more thing, the heat bench is much deeper than I thought! I would love to see a 3pt contest lineup with Rio, Allen, J. Jones, Lewis, and Bosh.. (or of course Bron who has apparenty been working real close with Ray on his 3pt shot!) so many opitions with this team.. so much talent!

and keep up the Good work on this blog Joe.. people always going to hate..

What am I talking about Joe??? You added the quotes after I said that!!! You think in stupid or something??? And don't come on here and lie about it either!!! These quotes were not in here after the game. You are so BUSH LEAGUE by doing that its not even funny. I have absolutely no respect for you now. That's unreal man!

It says posted by Joe at 4:19pm. Explain that??? This will be good! WOW!!!

You CLEARLY replaced this the previous Super Bowl post with Lebron not being happy about missing the Super Bowl with this one! Why else would my post be in there talking about the Super Bowl??? SMDH!!!

Good game.. good win.. even with bad calls we found a way to focus in on the game and get the win.. we move forward... next up. Those dam pacers..

Stay focused because they really let them play a physical game and they get calls..

yes even with missed calls also.. also it shows that when the HEAT are dialed-in on defense, there is no chance for any other team to win.. period.. glad reggie evans made that quote ... thats exactly what the HEAT team needed after the boston loss to fuel that fire within..

BKY, accidentally wrote over my Super Bowl blog post. If you noticed, it got deleted. Trust me, I didn't add anything because some troll left a d-bag comment. You DO realize that I write three pieces during the game for the newspaper and this blog is secondary to that, right? Go away, please. If you keep being a punk, you're getting blocked anyway. It's on you.


I've watched Jarvis in practice enough to know that the Heat didn't resign him for his offense.

heard you were answering questions.. If Greg Oden does decide to join the Heat, who gets the boot? Pittman? Also, what if Sam Dalembert or Louis Scola get buy-outs? do you think the Heat will make a cut or two to make room for one of those guys??? If their interested in coming to South Beach of course..

Evans = Coward!! If you're going to talk smack, you better back it up or be man enough to face the fire if you don't! He's the type of guy who talks crap and then runs!


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