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LeBron defends Chris Bosh's handbag from lunatic cameramen

Post-game locker-room media scrums can be, at times, undignified. Thursday night at Staples Center was one of those times.

When the Heat opened the visiting locker room after its 99-90 victory against the Lakers, overzealous cameramen rushed through a door, through a small hallway and toward LeBron James in a mad scramble to record TV reporters shouting over each other a variation of this question, "What the heck is wrong with these Lakers? They're the Lakers. It's not supposed to be like this!"

James, seated at his locker room, was not amused. (Neither was I. A cameraman smacked me in the head with his camera, prompting me to sarcastically tell him, "Concussions are cool.") James was more worried about Chris Bosh's handbag than my head, for obvious reasons. 

Here's the audio clip.


James justifiably freaks out on the reporters. If you listen closely, you can hear me say something derisive about the locker-room clown show to Udonis Haslem, who was seated at his locker to the right of James. Haslem then says "it's tough right now, dog."


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"Concussions are cool" That was your witty comeback??? Good Lord you have ALOT of work to do.

Agreed...this guy's failed attempts at humor have grown tiresome


LOL, its a cold world being a reporter..

Wow ! That's news ?

Look ...Black - I know Bosh is a good player. Just think he's not a max player who brings his jumper to maybe 1-2 games out of 5. Whereas Wade brings his whole full court game now to about 3-4 out of 5 games ...and we all know what LBJ brings...about 9 out of 10 MVP games. As you know... all 3 get paid max $$$...but Bosh is who he is. Had double/double seasons in Toronto but here his game is just not very consistent. Sorry Black...I totally disagree with your "he's perfect for the Heat"...a guy who came even close to playing Alonzo Mourning's game would be THE fit.

RP, totally disagree. Bosh proved his worth in Toronto. They were in playoff contention til the last game (his last season there) but he was hurt. With that being said, he had much less talent around (as is the case with Canadian Team - no one wants to play for them) then DWade, who could make a case during those years that he didn't have much talent on the Heat teams (time after shaq). If he had less talent around than Wade and Wade had next to no talent on that heat team that year, that says lot about Bosh. It also says a lot about why Spo is making him a one dimensional jump shooter when he can do so much more. The system has to be updated for the talent we have. If one player is not a max player anymore of the 3, I would say its DWade, and I still do think he deserves max pay for a 2 year contract, just not for a five year contract, but Bosh definitely does.

BTW, I love Rajon Rondo's game, but his attitude sucks. I hope this is the year that, for the first time in history, a teammate's elbow (DWade's) inadvertently makes contact and knocks out his fellow teammate (Rondo). I'm not really wishing injury upon Rondo, but dude needs to get his mind right.

No, this is not news. I would hate for you to be confused, RP.

BKY and Richie, as always, thanks for the great work.

I appreciate Bosh moving to center. He will be fine come playoff time. His rotations on D is good. I have confidence he will find a way to get in position to rebound better. Power fowards and guards rebound better than centers in Miami's system. His offense gonna become explosive real soon. This guy is a monster when he is agressive. Nobody is pushing Miami in the east. They gonna do just what is needed to get 1 of the top 2 seeds. This is what they do every year. They play great, they play bad and they play great again. Long as they continue to get to the finals, who GAF. Making the final would be Great. Winning the finals would be Great.....errrrrr!

R Allen and R Lewis defense has really improved. Their offense is down a lil but it's understandable. Lewis probably gets back into the rotation. Bosh offense is down but his D has been really good. It is ovious to me that Spo was working on offense earlier in the season and now he is working on D and rebounding. I can't wait for it to come together. Wait for it........Wait for it! Spo has shown tremendous growth.

I jujst want to say, I am a big Bosh fan. I like his game, I like how he plays, I've always said it, he's the best shooting big man out there (no disrespect to Dirk). HOWEVER; Bosh should not.. SHOULD NOT be playing Center. If you saw when the Heat play the Lakers, it was actually Haslem and Anthony playing at the five spot and the HEAT were terrific! move Bosh back to the four, let Pittman and Anthony play the 5 until you get a real center and thats it.. That saves Lebron from playing the four, and it allows more of the heat's "Bigs" to get some playing time and really develop their game.

Our best lineup is with Bosh at the 5. Haslem was in foul trouble and JA can only play the 5 in spurts against certain teams. We don't want to see Bron and Wade getting to frustrated trying to run a pick and roll with Joel. 4 on 5 is never good offense. There is a place and need for JA on this team. Just don't over play him at center. Pittman is fine on the bench.

well that all depends on what your looking for @jpejeff

If your looking for defense the best lineup has Joel at the 5 (unfortunately). If your looking for scoring then Bosh at the 5 would be the best lineup, however, Bosh never gets plays called for him down low anyway.. He's best when he's on that elbow or baseline and hitting his jumpers, and he would be in-position to hit those shots when he's at the 4.

@Smitty Bosh is just in a scoring slump. He shot 8 of 24 (33%) in the last 2 missing open looks on the elbow. It happens and he always figures it out. Expect him to attack the rim in the next few games. Ray Allen hs been missing a lot of open looks. Wade was in a mini slump earlier. I just think Spo has had the guys really focused on Defense and rebounding. Our play has been great on that side of the ball the last 2 games. Offense will pick back up again. Just wait and see. We won the ship last year with Bosh at the 5. I don't want to see no changes. If we play the Lakers or Memphis by some miracle in the finals, then maybe you have to adjust.

And Thank You Joe! For bringing nothing to this blog as usual! You Suck! When are you going to do some REAL REPORTING??? It's the same crap ALL THE TIME! If I was you, I would be looking over my shoulder all the time, because there is no way your reporting should warrant a job here, covering the world champions! Get with it!


Any you guys remember the 2008 Olympics ?

That's what I envisioned when Lebron, Wade & Bosh came together here. LBJ dominated everywhere, DWade was never better, and Bosh floated in & out the lane hitting shot after shot as every team had serious issues covering any of these guys. Melo, who too shines in any kind of international series is the only other guy who looked impressive.

That's what I saw in Bosh ...who I really only see him play like this - like I said - maybe 1-2 games out of 5. E-Bust - you're nuts if you would take Bosh over Wade - go call EMS now !

Simply - Bosh is not a 5. He's already said repeatedly when he first arrived that he didn't want to play the this has been mentioned all over the press - right ?

This is exactly the flaw the Heat roster has at present - obviously. Lacking the inside force is what is causing these blackouts especially on the road.

Lastly...Bosh is (again) a good player - very good when his shot is on...but still don't think he's a max $ player on the same pay scale as LBJ or DWade.

look, if we could take back salmons in the trade, the kings would give up both evans and cousins... thats about 15 mil... say allen, lewis, anthony, miller, draft pick...

y'all don't understand that you won't find another big like bosh... better be happy he signed here... he's one of my guys and i'll keep saying it...

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