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Insane, massive, cold-blooded Twitter trash talk

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Heat other than every single player on the team is going to be talking about this today. (Note from the Author: I reserve the right the write about anything I want. This is my blog.)

So, the Nets got a big road win at The Garden on Monday. OK. Cool. Good for Brooklyn. Not enough, thought Brooklyn big man Kris Humphries. I've to got to throw some salt into this wound, he thought. That's my job. I play for Brooklyn. Humphries posted this on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 4.14.55 AM
Silly, but no big deal, right? I mean, athletes basically do this every game when they make a big shot in an opponent's building and then put a finger over their mouths to mock a quieted crowd. (And, man, you've got to love that Humphries smile. That's an All-American grin.)

Well, it was a big deal to Knicks guard J.R. Smith, who took one look at Humphries' fecal-gorging grin on Twitter and shot back the King Kong of all replies:

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 4.23.11 AM
As they say, there goes the neighborhood. And you thought Kevin Garnett instigating a fued with Carmelo Anthony about some cereal was a big deal.

I mean, Smith's jape right there would make Shakespeare proud. No room for rebuttal. No way to get the last word. Just, shut the hell up, Humphries.

In all seriousness, what Smith did in that tweet broke every unspoken rule of civility in the history of everything. Here are The Unspoken Rules of Civility in the History of Everything:

1. Do not publically mock someone.

2. Do not use a person's failed marriage as a source of derision.

3. Do not insinuate that a person’s former spouse's new lover does anything better than said person.

Those are pretty much all of The Unspoken Rules of Civility in the History of Everything.


—Should the NBA ever regulate Twitter by fining players for something like, say, destroying a man's entire world with eight words?

—Should David Stern create some sort of Official NBA Guideline to Gentlemanly Behavior?

—Will Kris Humprhies ever crawl out of the dark corner of shame he retreated to after J.R. Smith obliterated his psyche?


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Huh??? Who the hell cares that Kris Humphries and JR Smith are spatting back and forth? Doesn't seem that big of a deal.

I'm not sure Humphries is that broken up over not smackin' that Kardashian backside. Actually, he may be the one laughing at Kayne, knowing what he is putting up with now.

Funny how you can use civility and gentleman behaviour in the same conversation as Kayne, they seem to be polar opposites. As a matter of record, could someone please point out who the biggest ass in that relationship is?

Humphries' entire world destroyed? That's a stretch. You think Kris is having trouble finding attractive company? Hardly.

And what is JR Smith's resume? Not real thick, is it?

Did this guy really just write this nonsense? What are you, 12?

BKY - would it be fair to label you a racist because you are unhappy with Joe's job performance? Or does that only work it certain situations?

Not at all. Your the one who is rambling about Obama. Not me. Hey Joe, I told you I'm not the only one that rips you on here. Richie obviously thinks the same thing.

Why was my last post taken down??? I reposted a trade that would make sense for the Heat and Lakers. Heat get Pau Gasol.

Lakers get Miller, Hasbeen, Anthony, Jones and Pittman.

Gasol's contract comes off the books in a year and a half. The same year the Big 3's contracts are up. Makes perfect sense. We need size.

Starting 5, Gasol, Bosh, Lebron, Wade, Chalmers.

Bench, Battier, Allen, Cole, Lewis, Birdman, Varnado

Black will love this! LOL

I'm ripping the current administration's handling of our country's business. It has nothing to do with Obama being a 50% Caucasian and 50% Negro. You're the one that ran out of talking points and took it to racism. Exact same analogy with Joe. You don't like his work performance, doesn't mean you hate his race. Can you see the hypocracy in your arguement?

Could care less what you think. Go to a political blog you bafoon.

Check and mate

Good, go back to playing chess.

Wow ! ... this blog has turned into TMZ. I think we're all asses for still posting here. Can't wait to see what else hits this blog. From handbags to karaoke to twitter about a crap sandwich sale.

A crap sandwich sale? Wtf?

Hey joe, make that 3 people ripping u.

Black, So what you think of the trade? Our trash for Gasol? Your really quiet.

well bky... I think Gasol is still a great player, who needs to be traded.. but not to the heat... he doesn't rebound well at all.. and you don't understand that UD isn't being traded..

but hey, you tried... nothing wrong with that...

Huh? He is a career 9.2 boards a game player. His minutes are down this year which in turn so is his production. I don't understand that Hasbeen isn't being traded? Why? Because he stayed for a hometown discount? Is that's the reason, then I understand. But this is probably the best we can do with the resources we have. Just my opinion.

are we going to change our style of play to compensate for a player who doesn't play good defense, rebound well, doesn't run the floor as well as he did when he was younger, at the same time give up one of our core players whom we know will give his right arm in a battle if he had too... I don't think so..

but if you say d12... then I think about...

I'm just sayin...

Got Heat blog topic will be - Heat players attempted lip sync-ing their karaoke the other night. Oh...what drama ! Then...after that...exclusive pictorals of those hot Heat Girls. Keep working it Joe !

Core player??? Who is that??? Don't tell me you think Haslem is a core player. He can't hit a jumper anymore. Not reliable.

Y'all know we have to many days off... It's ok though.. After a long road trip, it was needed... But bky, we aren't looking at that big of a move at this time, so, let's move forward...

We play the Raptors next... We have to keep our winning ways moving forward.. Come to play... Back home.. No rust... Run our sets... Stay aggressive.. Defense first... Let's get Bosh going... Watching all things Heat... 007...

Huh? Coming from a guy who wants Cousins, Millsap, Evans. Now we're not looking to make a make a move at this time???

Hey Joe, thanks for the update on the Heat regarding rebounding. But it seems that I've heard that same conversation about the Heat somewhere before.

"We're trying to make other team's compensate to us" - SPO. I'm sure I've heard someone else on this blog spit those same sentiments.

"Raw rebounds are a misleading stat" - SPO

So just adding the league leader in rebounds to our team, thinking it won't disrupt our flow isn't needed. Damn, I've heard that here before also.

....and NO mention of Cousins coming to the Heat....that Coach is really crafty.

Any truth to the rumor that Beyonce is going to lip-sync our National Anthem at tonight's game? Boy, that would be classly!

Rodman couldn't hit a jumper, hell - he couldn't throw it in the ocean from the dock, does that mean he wasn't a CORE player for the Pistons or Bulls?

Haslem doesn't need to score big points to be valuable. SPO knows that, Riles knows that, do the rest of us?

PPG - the most overrated stat in basketball.

Lmao! Rodman was a rebounding machine. And a HALL OF FAMER. One of the best defenders in basketball. Please, give me a break!

So you can be a core player on your team and not be able to shoot the basketball? Sounds like you can be in the HOF and not be able to shoot the damn ball. So why all the hatred toward UD?

Rodman was only asked to rebound the ball, after he left San Antonio. He certainly wasn't taking the ball out of MJs hand to get a shot. Very one dimensional after his brief stay in San Antonio. In Detroit he was one of the best 'defenders' the league had. From Chicago through the end of his career he was a self-promoting ass. Disrespected the game and his peers, and we were made to accept it, because he was tied into his errorness, and the media would never ever say anything remotely negative (or truthful) about mj.

How's rodman doing today?


Your trade for Gasol would help the Lakers... It would set us back a little... The trade for Evans and Cousins would help us NOW... And for years to come....

I don't think talking about Rodman at this time is needed... Yes he could score if needed... Yes he was a great rebounder/defensive player... But is there a player out there that fits that mode??? NO...

Now, you are starting to get how this works... We start up a topic.. And you add to the topic or start one yourself and see what other have to say...

No need to insult people... No needed to try to meet up with people to engage in any negative whatevers... Just talk the topic... add your opinion, and be happy...

I'm just saying...

Black - other than OReb putbacks, Rodman had no moves, very little handle, and NO jump shot. "Could score if needed" - when did you see that happen? The only place he could score was on Broke Back Mountain.

Gregg, I'm not hating on UD at all. The sentinel proposed this trade. So I reposted it. And UD was part of the deal. Brokeback mountain references now? Man, that a was BAD attempt at some humor. Black, "I'm starting to get how this works" come on man. This us how I bring it on this blog. We will see what bird brings tonight.

Yes equating Rodman - the cross dresser with Brokeback Mountain is a HUGE stretch.

What was his go to offensive move? The elbow jumper, the 15' baseline shot, the drop step from the low block, did he have a jump hook, or was it kicking Karl Malone when he got tangled up? Rodman didn't have ANY offensive skills and was never asked to develop any.

Let's don't massage history cause we all loved the NBA's darling bulls. Rodman would've been criticized if he played for any team not coached by Phil.

Who cares what his go to move was, he was known for rebounding and defense. HALL OF FAMER. Enough said. Your trying WAY too hard to be funny. It's not working.

By all means, assume it's your adulation I'm craving.

My undisputed point was that Rodman didn't have any offensive skills - he could not score when needed.

This place has gone crazy. As far as the article, I'm feeling it. I would have missed it. It ties to B-ball. It's interesting. Why not?

We need bigs. Varnado, Lewis, Haslem, and Andersen should suffice. We don't need an all star team. We pretty much have that. We need strategy, ball movement, energy.

You know the more I think about it, birdman and k-mart could come in and add some of the hustle plays and rebounding we lack.. The reason I say that is, both these guys are free agents, one, two, thats what their known for.. And both are veterans, who want to play for a chance at a chip...

I just read, Ray Allen might consider retiring at the end of the season... Well, now, y'all know how I've been saying trade RayRay, but if he isn't traded, we could still win this dam thing again this season, with him on the roster...

I just thought it would make sense to trade both him and Lewis back to Seattle, but they both still have game and can still help this season... But if they are willing to part with Cousins and Evans, I do think thats a trade we could use and they can come in and learn how to play in our system... It might help the both of them, long term...

I here y'all talking about Rodman... Greg, do you remember when he was on the Pistons with that bad boys squad.. He wasn't 20-10 or nothing like that, but he could score... The things I think he noticed was he could be a high value player by just chasing down rebounds.. And not to mention his defense was outstanding... So, to say he couldn't score is false... The best way to describe him was, he used his talents the right way...

I remember Rodman- yeah, especially when he kicked that photographer in the nuts up in Minny. Talk about an epic go to !

LOL, you funny RP... We always remember the negative things that people do instead of giving people there props... figures...

OK, back to 2nites match up...

We have to be aggressive.. Can not let this team feel like they can win this game... From tip to buzzer, take it to them...

We win with defense...

Everything starts with defense...

See if they would waive Peitrus...

I'm just sayin..

And do what with Pietrus? Sit him down on the bench? He would be behind Wade and Allen. Only thing I'm watching tonight is how the Birdman does. Should be a blowout win.

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