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Heat's trip to White House set for Monday

In honor of its 2012 NBA championship, the Heat will meet with President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday. The scheduled trip to Washington comes between road games against Boston (Sunday) and Brooklyn (Wednesday).

"It is the pinnacle of the things that we've been able to experience together," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "Thankfully we have the majority of the team back."

President Obama, a basketball fan and avid player, has participated in pick up games with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Obama is a Bulls fan but Spoelstra said "we won't hold that against him."

"Everybody will bring their shoes just in case we get to play a pickup game," Spoelstra said.

Heat forward Mike Miller called it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In addition to recognizing the 2012 NBA championship, President Obama will also thank the Heat for its "Home Strong" foundation, which supports veterans of the militarty.

"The President will also recognize the Heat’s ongoing support to the men and women who serve in our military and their families, continuing the tradition begun by President Obama of honoring sports teams for their efforts on and off the court," read a press release issued by the Office of the Press Secretary.


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It's about time... I thought, we were getting dissed or something... Gotta understand, Mr. President has been busy... So, hopefully y'all have a great trip to the White House...

P.S. We are all behind you Sir.. Keep doing a great job... 007..

Black, You don't have to kiss up every time he puts something in the blog. LOL, It's his job.

Well, just leaving the game. Not a good team performance at all. A couple of good individual ones though. I guess Birdman will not be playing for us, he's already on day 3 of the 10 day contract. I don't get it. Whatever, if he can't get minutes against the Raptors, then who the hell knows.

Bummer huh ? Thought it was a GREAT game! Raptors played terrific...well enough to beat alot of teams last night. Sure...the Heat were a step off at times but that was a helleva game. Another example of the NBA talent level and why the Heat almost always need to come ready to play or else these other clubs look forward to bringing their best and playing out their minds like last night.

Finally, saw Bosh take a pass around the top of he key and with no hesitation turn and shoot his jumper. No fakes, no pump fakes, no looking around, no thinking...just shot it like a pure shooter does. That's what he should do - that's it. It's very rare he ever just gets it & shoots it. Whenever he tries anything else other than an occassional pump & ends badly with either a forced fadeaway or turnover. That's his forte - his shot...look at Ray. There's never any hesitation - it's off. Pure shooters know almost before they get the ball it's going up. Bosh should be no different because that's his game

As a paying customer Yes, it was a good game. But as a Heat fan we have no reason going to OT with the garbage Raptors. We have goals here, and not playing that well as a team is very worrisome.

BKY, I have to agree and also point out - especially when the Fatastic Four score 35,31,18,12 (DWade, Lebron, Bosh, Ray). Then add Chalmers (I starting to think he could reach Gilbert Arenas scoring if he was a main man on his own team) added 14. We got board, won the rebounding war, etc.

RP, I'm also coming to the realization that that Bosh can shoot whether he pump fakes or quickly shoots it. Bosh probably has the purest shot after Ray Allen.

I see a guy who should just shoot as soon as he gets the ball vs doing anything else. How many times does he wait either faking or thinking about whether to shoot it or try something else. The try something else is where he either fades away with a more difficult shot or has to pass the ball because he waited too long. Happened the other night at Portland when Chalmers ended up shooting at the end.

I see it happening all the time...even the commentators - Eric & Tony see it and comment...E-Bust - that's what a pure shooter does...I'm not talking about having a pure shot. You missed my point completely.

Good Game... Good Win... I think we had to shake off some rust from being off so long... But hey, we still won the game...

Now, Piston up nest... Last time we played them, they took it to us... Payback time.. From start to finish... Leave no doubt... Let's win this game...

The ref's aren't giving us calls at home either.. Why??? Makes no sense... But hey, play to our strength... But try your best not to get injured.. That sometimes causes injury... Be careful.. But stay aggressive...

The sets on offense look better.. We have to tighten up our defense.. Can't allow teams to score 100 plus game in and game out... The rebounding in that one was better... Gotta keep it up... game in and game out... this has to be part of our identity..

Congrats' to CB for making the All-Star Team... They got it right... You should be there.. That's whats up... In fact, congrats' to D-Wade and Bron too... Represent...

RP, I get what you're saying, I'm just saying I don't think he pump fakes alters his shot to where he misses. I'm a big fan of the pump fake as when I play pick up, I'm only 6'0 and there are guys up to 6'7 playing. The pump fake causes them to hesitate on defense or lose their foot work and stand planted in one place all together. This also allows more time to perfect your aim. That's all I mean.

One thing I don't like though is when Bosh bringing the ball down or takes an unnecessary bounce when he gets passes or offensive rebounds where little guys can strip him. I wish he could put the ball right in the hoop while in the air rebounding but he doesn't have that type of athleticism.

I hear ya Bust...just feel Bosh's shot is pure enough to just shoot it before he attempts something timid. How did all those pump fakes work at the end of regulation vs Magic a couple weeks ago ? Probably the last time Spo sets him up for a last second shot. Happens way too much...

2day's matchup has a different twist in terms of adjustments and lineups... what i mean is.. they have young athletic bigs' who play semi physical down low... instead of bringing in battier at the four.. what about birdman, anthony, pittman, vanardo, and at times sliding cb to the four to give us a better chance on the glass.. can't let bynum have his way in the second half, like the last meeting... it seemed like we got outplayed, but the ref's helped them in that one too.. we're not looking for the ref's to give us a win or nothing... but with our aggressive play comes free throws.. take it to them.. but be smart.. don't get set up for a charge.. if they step up look to pass... always have an out.. that chemistry, with teammates having a cutter or spot up three... But, from tip to buzzer, we have to start imposing our style of play on less talented teams who shouldn't come close to winning a game in our arena... although the games are exciting, not necessary... just win...

a more basic way of putting this would be to say, there are certain teams where the matchup calls for us to play bigger.. i like the way we use battier to stretch the floor at four... but against some teams this can be a disadvantage and allow them to dominate the glass...

the rebounding issue has these teams getting too many shots on offense.. we have to limit their shots... and at the same time give us more shots...

we really need to finish out January strong with winning the next three games... just thinking bout something and winning the next three would better my statement come February...

thinking ahead maybe.. but 11-2 February, 14-4 March, puts us right where we need to be, going down the stretch...

focus in guys.. let's get the next three... one by one.. 48 minutes... come on.. 007..

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