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Heat waives reserve Terrel Harris

Keeping its options open for a possible upgrade to its frontcourt, the Heat waived reserve shooting guard Terrel Harris on Saturday.

The Heat can resign Harris on Monday night if he clears waivers. It's possible Harris could be picked up by another team for a guaranteed contract. If not, the Heat can bring him back under a 10-day contract. The Heat released Mickell Gladness last season and brought him back for a pair of 10-day deals.

This was Harris' second season with the Heat after beating out veteran guard Eddie House in the 2011 preseason.


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Yawn (Shoulder Shrug)

I knew it was coming.. Good to know that the HEAT are finally clearing up roster space to try and find some big bodies.. I have a solution..
Waive Harrellson also
Trade Chris Bosh to Orlando
Heat get Vuecvic, J. Nelson, and Al Harrington
Its a win/win for everyone! Orl gets an all-star and the heat address their need for a center and a capable PG if Cole or CHalmers goes down..

and y'all talk about my trades.. this fool wants to trade one of our best players... smh...dam...

al harrington... are you serious???? you just lost your gm card smitty....

does the trade for millsap now make sense??? miller and anthony, in a four team deal with the t-wolves and nuggets... or how bout mozgov... this is something i noticed in preseason.. everyone said i was crazy... look sometimes making a subtle tweek really helps an area where help is needed.. when i notice it, i say something about it... everyone now see's it and the value will be a little more costly...

Harris might be a good practice player...but his game just never translated to what the Heat need now. Something may be cooking now...let's hope so.

I wish Spo would throw Harrelson into the fire sometime with a meanigful rotation...not cigar time.

Black, Continuing from 2 posts ago...You say you just got back from church??? Spewing at me Moth******** this and Moth********* that...There is no way you go to church. Moving on to the Smitty's trade proposal, although it won't happen, he has some good points...Rio will not be resigned in the offseason (4 Million team option) he is just too inconsistent. Time to move on. Nelson would be a great pick up, and V is a monster on the boards (Game against us is enough evidence) Something we desperately need. And anyone that does as much research as you do on trades and scouting that you claim Black, you should know that Harrington would be a salary throw in to make the trade work financially. SMH "just sayin...all things heat...007...I see a tweak coming."

And for the 34784628th time. Millsap isn't coming here for our trash of Anthony and broken down Miller. Utah wants to clear cap space, not add 3 more years of Anthony and Miller's contracts. They are a small market team, they don't want to add payroll, they aren't in the business of making bad trades. And No, our 1st round draft pick would not be enough to pull off the trade either. Time to move on from Kenyon, Millsap, J.J. Reddick. It all is going to have to be resolved from within. No way around it. When we signed the Big 3, this is the team we have to stick with till there contracts are up, it is what it is! We have absolutely no flexibility whatsoever!

see, you just don't have a creative outlook on how to get trades done... that's why teams add teams to a trade... and harrington's contract has 3 more years on it... ouch... hell no... and i would rather keep rio, than trade for nelson... 8 mil per.. plz... when i see y'all talking about my trades, i always wondered what y'all have in mind... now, i see... smdh...

and another thing, any trade that has any of the big three is down right dumb... you will never see this done again... star players in this era taking less money to play with each other.. better feel lucky and grateful... if you post any trades that have any of them in it your the dumb a$$...

Put your listening ears on and reREAD what I wrote! I said the trade WILL NOT HAPPEN! That Smitty had the right concept in trying to fill in our 2 biggest weaknesses in the 5 and 1 positions.
Nelson Stats (8 mill yr)
14.5 6.8 4.1
Rio's Stats (4 mill yr)
7.1 3.6 2.3

Hmmmmm, Nelson's stats double Rio's!!! Just Sayin...

And I agree, were not trading any of the Big 3. That would be suicide! Bottom Line were stuck with this team, getting Battier and Ray this past 2 offseasons was pure genious. Were not even half way through the season yet. Be Patient. We will figure it out. We need to bench Hasbeen, and give Miller more burn. That's the solution. We don't trade anyone now, Lebron only has a year and a half left on his deal, and that's when there will be major panic in Heatland! I'm telling you right now, it's going to be a circus.

look, there are trades out there that could help this year.. i, personally would start with miller and anthony and that pick... there are teams out there looking to next season already... we could make a move... and to say we're stuck, is crazy... the big three is a blessing first off... and having good solid role players like we have is also a blessing... just cause we loss to the bulls doesn't mean the worlds coming to an end... this is a first place team and defending nba champs... so come on now...

ok, i'm done, redskins game bout to start and heat at 6...

Exactly what I have been saying all along, we are the defending Champs, your right come on now...Your contradicting yourself. You want to make a trade everyday. Just chill and watch the chemistry develop. Long Season.

lol I lost my gm card! Black I heard all your trade ideas, from Varajao, to Cousins, to Millsap.. your trying to get TOP TIER (in their own right) players for our garbage players! its not going to happen, and plus it puts us DEEPER in luxury tax which is not a good thing.. the trade i proposed is just a simple solution for both teams to get great additions and it helps the HEAT with some of their cap issues. Will it happen? of course not, at least not a division rival, but if you think about it, it does work.. I like Bosh, I like his game, best shooting big man in the league, but the HEAT need, NEEED that 10 to 15 rebound guy.. and harrington isnt that bad.. he can give us that 6 rebound 12 point game when he comes back, which is an upgrade from Haslem.. just sayin..

and for the record, I want to be the first to say, we should have kept Temple..

oh, lol one more thing black, a 4 team deal isnt that simple. I get where your going, and yea it would be nice, but you gotta think about other teams as well. Your in the right direction, but that trade would only benefit the HEAT and I can gurantee NO TEAM out there wants to help the HEAT get better..

The thing that probably makes the MOST sense right now, is for the HEAT to grab Eddy Curry back or Chris Anderson.. maybe bring in hassan whitehead from the D-League... or pray that Dex greatly improves with his time in the D-League.. thats what the heat are looking at without trading one of our big three.

Smitty, Amen! Your 100% correct, no team has any interest in helping us out. There is no way we can trade the bottom of our roster for one of the top guys on another team. Been saying that for weeks on here. And I'm going to say that I was correct again on Mike Miller, the man comes to play, 13 clutch points. Told everyone on here he needed more burn. And I was also right again regarding getting more boards from within, we had 50 to the Wiz's 39. It has to be accomplished with what we have. Now at Indy on Tuesday will bring a much stiffer test. We will see what happens.

good game... good win... tough road trip ahead... get as much rest as needed... one by one, let's string off some wins...

next up pacers...

i'm going to just wait and see what happens on the trade front...

sometimes trying to talk trades can be useless when you don't understand how many players are on last year deals and teams really won't some help to make a push for a playoff spot or get something instead of losing a player for nothing... let's just wait and see...

one by one... 48 minutes... still on track... big picture... let's get it... 007...

@BKY - ^^true Miller can be great if he got consistant playing time, but I must admit, im one of the skeptical ones, who doesnt want to see Miller too much until the playoffs for fear he would be injured again. he was instrumental in Game 5 against OKC, were going to need miller and allen against the likes of NY and the Clippers who have Big men clogging the paint

.. nice job on the boards from Haslem and bosh, but then again it was Okafor and Nene, not great but pretty decent big men. Ray.. wow, 20 points off the bench! impressive even if it is against one of the worst teams in the league, good win guys..

Again, I think Miami should and could possible get Cousins for Joel Anthony. The salaries match, Cousins want's out and has a seriously bad rep that no one wants to deal with and lost major value in the league due to his immaturity, and we could stick him with Alonzo to teach him how to channel his negative energy to dominating the game

it is time to un load Rashard ......... just saying :)

LOL there is no way... NO-WAY, Sacremento trades their best player (arguably) for the Heat's under-sized big man, who cant be trusted to put points on the board, or rebound..

^^^and NO WAY we want that attitude on our team, NO-WAY @ NO PRICE, EVER!!

Look Zo was/is great, one of my favorite athletes of all time, but just because he is still in our organization, doesn't mean he can mold everyone into the player he used to be.

Bulls killed us on the offensive boards, so we look at the tape, get another game plan, and will it on the Bulls next time we play them. Yes, the Bulls dominated the glass Friday, and there front court is nice, but they haven't had a lot of success against us the last two years. The sky isn't falling.

Hey Black, you must go to the same type church I go to. On Sunday's, I'm in the middle of a bunch of sinners, sittin' in there listening to the Scriptures being taught. They won't even let the non-sinners (perfect people) in the sanctuary. Thank God He understands my needs.

Trade Harrelson for Faried from Denver, Cousins to the Lakers, and Kome to Charlotte.


and then hire Phil Jackson to coach the Bobcats, since he's the greatest coach of all time, he should be able to turn that franchise around in, what, a year or two?

@greg - Harrelson for Faried! Amazing trade... in my dreams of course.. Faried is a top tier PF in the game already! that wont happen.. however since were still talking about trade subjects.. I was reading bleacherreport and they made an article about trades that would catapult the heat to the next level.. a very interesting trade came up.. Mario Chalmers to Houston for Royce White and Scott Macado.. while there have been some bad blood with White and his "mental illness" the idea of scott macado (led the NCAA in assist while in college) does intrigue me with this heat team. and Also if they did get a chance to get White around to playing ball .. the heat would have an amazing lineup! still doesnt address the rebound issue tho.. just a thought

Royce White is toast. Nobody will ever touch that sick dude...sorry.

Something has to be going on with Harris getting dropped. Not playing Harrellson for any meaningful minutes of any kind also sends a message. Sitting Lewis down with a continuous number of DNP's sends another.

Chalmers has been a huge disappointment this season. He better be careful or he'll turn into Daqueen Cook.
UD seems to have lost the athletic ability to perform his usual functions. All I can say is that next year's team will have a major different look with guys like UD & Miller & Chalmers struggling like this.

I do think the closing line-up of LeBron, D-Wade, Bostrich, Allen, & Battier makes the most sense right now.

What was that hilarious Dennis Green quote "they are who we thought they are" !

Well, it seems like everybody is starting to talk trade... I luv it.... I'm gonna just sit back and watch....

Yep ! Let's give the Birdman a try !

What y'all about Gortat???

my bad... what y'all think about Gortat???

i say miller and anthony for gortat...

Fellas, I'm being serious here. WHY ISN'T THERE AN UPDATE OF THE JORTS RELEASE??? EVERY OTHER WEBSITE HAS POSTED ABOUT BIRDMAN COMING HERE FOR A WORKOUT, but not this one??? Where is Goodman??? Does anyone know if he is still employed here??? Is he too overwhelmed??? HE IS THE HEAT REPORTER FOR THE MIAMI HERALD, OF THE REIGNING NBA CHAMPS!!!??? JUST COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

lol.. I heard it from Probasketballtalk that Birdman got the workout after the HEAT let Josh Harrelson go.. shame, only got to see him play once.. they might want to bring in Kmart also, just in case birdman gets that call from his lawyer and the D-A decides to press charges on him.

and to be honest i dont see how birdman is really that big of an upgrade in the rebounding department.. he was never known for his rebounding ability..

hope the BIRDMAN could make the team and may COACH SPO utilize him in the rotation...

BOSH is better when he is in his natural position playing power forward...


PG chalmers
SG wade
SF james
PF bosh
C "birdman"


trade for a decent CENTER...





Paging Joseph Goodman!!!??? Time to wake up from your nap! The team you supposedly cover for a LIVING are making moves and your M.I.A. where are you???

I have thinking about Greg Oden this whole season.. I wonder if he comes back this season, or if he really wants to take the whole season off.. Im sure he has to be healed by now, and the HEAT could defiantely use him.

Harrelson released now as well. Bring in a healthy Birdman, who is plenty of time to get where we need him ( Playoffs ) and another Big Man ( Veteran ) for the Minimum, and we are good. No Trades neccessary !

Keep in mind...the Heat are just checking him out with a tryout. With the guy being virtually out of the league since early last do you simulate real game action during the season? Hope they guess right !

I believe their going to look into Kmart also.. just to cover all their bases.. I dont see Lewis, James Jones, Pittman, or Anthony getting much PT come playoff time if they add two big men..

miller and anthony with a 1st round to hornets for anderson...

i luv this time of year... i'm jus sayin..

I don't see us in a hurry to send away Miller or Joel. I don't see a lot of teams in a hurry to pick them up, either.

Is Birdman or K-Mart still under contract with any team, or could we sign them without trading anyone?

I know Gortat would help us. He was underrated as a backup in Orlando, I thought. But what is Phoenix looking for in return? We can't just send them crap for their starting center. That only worked when the Lakers got Gasol for a couple of paper clips, and a used kleenex.

Hey, bring these guys in, and test them - can't hurt.

Our defense in the paint defenitely is at it's best with the Warden patrolling the lane. And even when he is playing, I don't feel like we have trouble scoring because he isn't a low post threat. It's like the shortstop that hits in the low .220's. If he is stopping everything up the middle - it balances out.

Quick shout out to Ray Lewis. Never been a big Ravens fan, but the way he molded that defense into his image, and the way he prepared and played, is inspirational. Seems like after his Atlanta adventure, his focus in life and football was laser-like. Need more athletes that burn to excel like he did.

^^^ You didn't know that Martin and Birdman were free agents??? Wow! You shouldn't even be on here. Your stupidity isn't welcome here, what a disgrace. Pick up your game.

I'll try to reach your level of basketball expertise in my next comment. Sorry to take you down to my level.

yea Birdman and Kmart are both free agents, and can sign anywhere, we dont have to trade any pieces for them because they dont belong to anyone.. its not stupidity, its just weird how all this works with the new rules in place now

So Jarvis Varnado will be signed to a 10 day contract this afternoon. It's just sad that I have to post it on here because worthless Goodman never updates this blog like he should. He averaged 3.9 blocks a game in the D League, throw him in there! Couldn't hurt! There will at least a shot blocking presence in the middle. And with Birdman? Maybe our rebounding will slightly improve.

BIRDMAN isnt a rebounding monster lol .. hes decent, Haslem is better rebound-er than birdman! check the stats.. but really the HEAT re-sign Varnado! lol didnt Boston just sign and cut him? and didnt we have him and cut him?? why are we bringing him back? we didnt use him the first 3 years when he was under contract with us.. if thats the case we mind as well grab Justin Hamilton from overseas and give him a try.

Smitty, Hamilton is signed through the year in Europe. He is stuck there, you should know that as a Heat fan. When did I say he was a rebounding monster??? I said MAYBE he will SLIGHTLY improve our rebounding. Retread what I wrote and get back to me. Riley is tinkering with the bottom of the roster at this point. Nothing more.

Joe and the Miami Herald provide us this forum. As long as info is getting disseminated, does it matter who does it. If you guys can grab information as quickly as Joe, put it out here, and let's kick it around.

The constant degradation of his work is a bit curious though. Do we know what his boss expects of him? Do we know if he's been on an approved break? Has he taken up any other responsibities at the Hearld that places this blog in the back seat?

Are we continuing the societal trend toward demanding entitlements? "Damn, Joe owes us this, because I SAID SO!"

The only way this blog gets better is if the federal government would get involved and starts regulating it. That works SOOOOOOOOOOO well everywhere else, let's start demanding it here.

Who's calling Col. West and getting the ball started?

@BKY - lol i was definately joking about Justin Hamilton.. and with his non athletic body he prob wouldnt help anyway at this point.

Personally I like this blog. Just needs to get more of a buzz going.. more people bringing in more input. not that I dont like all of your input, lol ..

i would like to see what vanardo has though... he was solid in college... don't know how his game translates to the nba though... let's see...

i'd take k-mart over birdman...

and there are plenty of trades available...

don't know who's coming but really see a lot out there...

the thing i noticed is, there will be good role players this offseason...

we need cap space...

if we could target some guys now... who would y'all target???

me personally...

center: mozgov...
center: gortat...
point guard: t. evans...
point guard: moe williams...
power forward: millsap...

I forgot to add power forward: ryan anderson...

wow... everywhere you turn, fans all over are talking trades... this my time of the year... man i tell you...

As long as we don't mess up our top 9 rotation players: starters (w/UD) plus Cole, Allen, Miller, Anthony, Battier, I say give Martin and Anderson a look. That way if it doesn't work out (Eddie Curry) you still have your core players that won you the CHAMPIONSHIP last year (uh, + Ray Allen)


Actually 10 players I don't want to part with.

Black, Are u going to have an orgasm? Jesus!

I can't say that the problem was Harris or Harrelson. This is not to bash Spo, but he just isn't good at rotations and getting players in. I'm not going to sit here and say Spo hasn't improved in other areas. His offensive skills are definitely picking up. But here's a coach who has DNP Coaches decision for a guy like Rashard Lewis who can shoot the 3, take people off the dribble and post a little. He hasn't tried a real lineup where he mixes and matches. A super scoring lineup with DWade, Lebron, Bosh, Lewis, Allen; a 3pt lineup with Lebron, Lewis, Allen, Miller, Harrelson (James Jones); A super defensive Lineup with Lebron, DWade, Harris, Anthony, Haslem; These lineups aren't perfect but say when offense is needed and you say we need offense so we may lose a little on defense. You pick super scoring line-up. We need 3 pointer, then choose 3 point line-up. Spo can keep his starters set, but he has to learn how to have different lineup packages. A lot of guys are just going to waste when they can be used.

well dam eb... you kinda made a point there... but really, i wasn't sold on either one long term... i mean, instead of harrelson, why not whiteside, vanardo or k-mart... instead of harris, why not some one like d. west... or some one else... i see what your saying, why have them on the roster if your not gonna use them... good point... thats why i wouldn't have them on the roster to begin with...

now, how's this four team deal???

t-wolves get miller...
suns get anthony and draft pick
hornets get d. williams and m. beasley
heat get ryan anderson...

i'm jus sayin...

Anderson has 40 million plus coming to him. Uhhhh no! Next trade that won't happen?

Btw Goodman still M.I.A. Unbelievable!!!

do you just like shooting down my trades bky??? or are my trades just that niiiicccee....

lol black your trades are too complicated and not realistic..
the things that go into deciding trades - salaries, cap space, willingness from both teams, and chemistry
your trades like 3 of those 4

Thanks Smitty! Exactly on point.

sorry i meant lack.. not like..

Greggembe, I haven't had a chance to respond to your Joe Goodman question. Well, here are my thoughts on him. I think he flat out sucks as a beat reporter for the Herald. Here is just some examples. Jorts was released yesterday, he has not even written an article about it or note mentioned it in the blog. He was a fan favorite and a good guy to boot. Goodman is horrific in post game follow ups, let alone if he even puts them on here. When you wrote "do we know if he was on an approved break?" We'll, it honestly seems he is always on a break. When he was on "assignment" whatever the hell that means, George Richards filled in, and I was very impressed with the work he did. I mean there were actual quotes from Spo, and the players in the blog an hour after the game was over, Goodman has NEVER done that! Listen, he has a dream job, he gets to travel to the games, interract with the players and actually gets paid for it. He isn't on here enough, period. He really needs to follow Barry Jackson for a day and get tips on how to provide some real information to Heat nation. Or better yet ride Ira Windermans back and learn. He rarely does the "stuff people ask me on twitter" he should do that at least once a week, or have a question section like the sentinel has so he can interract with the fans. Heck, Winderman answers 3 questions a day on his site. If his boss in any way is happy with his work on here them he needs to have his head examined, because Goodman is robbing the Miami Herald blind!!! Also, Birdman was scheduled for his workout today, in a real shocker not one mention of that on here. It seems everyone on here is afraid to rip him for sucking so bad, I don't mind being the bad guy here. I have paid a lot of money being a season ticket holder for 13 years and like coming on here expressing my opinion, but honestly this blog needs some serious retooling. That's my 2 cents, either bring it or get the hell outta here!

I meant lack not like..

These are the types of games why It is a good thing we have 2 superstars in the NBA on one team.. cause when Lebron is struggling, the team doesnt suck, Wade is doing an awesome job picking up the slack, and going back to the dominate Wade he is..

Haa. I think we were all spoiled by Wallace who now works for ESPN Heat Daily dime. I like Joe, just Mike Wallace kept the page updated so often and always had a blog. I don't know what other jobs Joe has for the Herald or if he's taking a sabbatical, but maybe he can go to the old archives and check out how the blog once was. That's not a put down Joe. I like the new format that was being used for after the games, but this time is a case quantity and quality are lacking a bit. Let's go Heat! Let's go Joe!

Haa. I think we were all spoiled by Wallace who now works for ESPN Heat Daily dime. I like Joe, just Mike Wallace kept the page updated so often and always had a blog. I don't know what other jobs Joe has for the Herald or if he's taking a sabbatical, but maybe he can go to the old archives and check out how the blog once was. That's not a put down Joe. I like the new format that was being used for after the games, but this time it's a case of both quantity and quality lacking a bit. Let's go Heat! Let's go Joe!

The rebounds are KILLING the HEAT .. seriously.. maybe chris anderson wont get that many rebounds if he actually makes it through the work-out, but he'll at least box out and allow his teammates to grab a rebound.. they are being out rebounded by 20 (31-51 right now)..

again we are bullied down low... we are out rebounded...

we are not suppose to lose this game...
PACERS playing without DANNY GRANGER!!!



I THINK PAT should sign "THE BIRDMAN" now... he is not a good rebounder machine but atleast he's energy and athleticism, hustle can help his teammates to grab rebounds...

could this work?
heat trade to jazz:

joel anthony / haslem / +pick / miller


pg chalmers / cole / *burks
sg wade / allen /
sf james / battier / jones
pf bosh / lewis / >varnado
c *al jefferson / *birdman

k-mart still out there...

i rather choose to waive pittman...


calm down rockstar...

long road trip... as long as no one got hurt in this one, we'll be ok... do think we need to tweek it a little... get creative... make some moves... as much as i loved beating that team last year, their going to be a problem again this year... that physical type of team that you really don't like to have to play... but hey, we move forward...

next up the blazers...

you know something, why don't we get calls like that at home... are we just public enemy #1, or something... whatever... let's just move on to the next game...

come to play... portland is playing some solid ball...

I could make this Blog so interesting. Joe, hire me to take over.

Here's a Haiku (for those who don't know, it's a poem that doesn't have to rhyme, but has 3 lines
that have 5, 7, 5 syllables

Title: Spo-radic

Scoring was needed. (5)
Rashard Lewis - Did Not Play (7)
Coaches Decision (5)

Finger snaps. Let's Go Heat!

WE must trade and we must trade now before season slips away.

We fans are bitterly disappointed at the shabby play we've seen thus far.

1st in the east right now. Miami hasn't come close to playing its best ball this year. Everybody knows a run is coming. Just be patient and enjoy the ride.

I want to make this clear to guys. This Heat team shouldn't just be striving to be first in the East, our opponent should be the 95-96 Chicago bulls and we're battling them for being the greatest modern team of all time. Where is Wade's drive to be part of the greatest NBA team in history? Sometimes I wish Wade a little more Kobe in him. We need a rebounder/enforcer. Someone that gets under another teams skin and isn't scared of a an ejection every now and then. A player like Barnes, KG, Artest or Rajon Rhondo. We are missing the James Posey's, Alonzo Mournings, PJ Browns who will dare players to cross that line...or pay a cost.

I COULDNT BELIEVE MY EYES! BLACK TOLD SOMEONE TO CALM DOWN ON A TRADE TALK!!! lol ... We neeeed help on the boards .. Miami isn't the only team that needs more bigs, but my problem is the best free agent out there, is about to get scooped up by the Knicks who have enough bigs! We should seriously start looking for overseas talent, IDK why Pat doesnt look for those guys (Wang ZHI ZHI was the acception I guess?!?! pineapples) Best shooting, and rebounding Bigs come from overseas.. thats just how it works. If you want a baller, an atlethic freak of nature who can jump out the Gym, look to america, if you want a rebounding big or a jump shooting big, look overseas.. (some exceptions may apply lol)

now i just really heard it all... leave it up to smitty...

that play towards the end when hibbert steps on bron's lower leg was dirty, and he acts like he just did something, smdh.. wow...

can we use a trade??? hell yes...

i think when you look at the hornets, they just drafted a young 4-man with the 1st pick and anderson who plays the same position, he has to be available... get him to stretch the floor.. it opens up the lanes for other guys to attack... you have both him and bosh ... add some one like t. evans.. this team would be very hard to stop...

last season's playoffs showed you how the pacers were trying there best to make it a fist fight.. and we just stuck to playing basketball.. we have to keep that same mentality when playing them... can't just let them beat us up, but focus on winning the game not starting a fight... really wheres the ref's,... smh... we really have to take the next couple bad start to this set but still looks like we should come out of this set ok..1-2 so far... come on guys...

and what's up with allen??? i told you...


^^^ name one big from over seas that either couldnt shoot or rebound?? Ibaka, Dirk, Bargnarni (from the raptors), Vuecvic (even tho he played ball in cali), there are some good players over seas who would love to come to america FOR CHEAP (nba salary cheap that is).. your not seeing the full pic black lol, dont just stick to Millsap and Cousins. They can find better and younger talented players than the free agent bigs that are in the league now.

as for allen, everyone has an off day/game.. he just went for 20 points off the bench vs the wizards..

Im surprised the HEAT didnt bring back Mickell Gladness, he's a shot blocker and bigger than Varnado.. hmm

guy on another site brought this trade idea up
(and yes black its a 4 team trade so you'll prob like it)
Lakers: Greg Monroe, Zach Randolph, Mike Conley, and Corey Maggette who contract is expiring

Grizz: Pau Gasol

Pistons: Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers

Heat: Dwight Howard and Brandon Knight

I say hell no....

look we need help on the glass... this small ball was doomed to fail throughout a long regular season...
trade ray allen... get rid of him... possible targets... again...
center mozgov...
power forward r. anderson
guard t. evans...
guard moe williams
free agents k-mart, d. west, h. whiteside, j. vanardo, if not all of them...

look this strategy worked in the postseason last year.. caught teams off guard.. but through a log regular season you give coaches time to gameplan and stack bigs against smaller front lines... just not going to work throughout the regular season... and match ups in a 7-game series depends if it will work in the postseason... and you risk injury having smaller guys going up against bigger guys...

do we need a trade?? hell yes... or at the very least sign some front line players...
right now two spots, k-mart and vanardo... make a trade then bring in whiteside... we need some bigs... allen, lewis and anthony for r. anderson... add d. west too... or allen straight up for mozgov... but we really need to get bigger... this will not stop... i agree with what I just read that Bosh said after last nights game... we need some more big's...

Delonte West - Never

Small ball = fast ball??

Size doesn't get rebounds - positioning does

Ray Allen is an asset

Salary's, players attitude/character, willingness to adopt to our system - all come into play, NOT just rebounds per game.

Best record in the East - great shooting percentage - high points per game, let's don't mess that up

Could we rebound better with the crew we have? Hell, yes.

Do we get better defensively when the Warden is on the floor and Bosh isn't anchoring our defense? Hell, yes

Do we need a physical stud that can't make FTs to play 3 quarters of a game for us and then hope we finish cause he can't cash in on his FTs? No. Although, we did make that work in 2006 - Thanks Zo!

Man if we only had supercoolbeas back, he could be ripping his 3.5 rpg down with us. Appearing is just 3 of the Suns last 5 games, he's logged 25 minutes during that time. Whew, SPO got that one RIGHT!!!

greg, your not getting what's being said here... they are working there tails off trying to crash the boards... there too thin inside... we do need help in the front line man... and plz, on allen... get rid of him fast... he is causing issues... let him go to another team... the kings are moving back to seattle let both him and lewis go back there... give us t. evans... and the knicks see our weakness inside so their gonna snatch up k-mart... we should sign him now...

but if we dont sign k-mart its ok.. trade for anderson..
trade mozgov... trade for t. evans... sign some young big's.. whiteside, vanardo, bring back pittman...

LOL!!! "supercoolbeas" hilarious!

while your saying no to d. west you forget this guy can still play the game... he's not that bad of a player... and this isn't that funny... we do need some help and could use some moves... if we want to win the title this year and not sit there this off season wondering what could have been, make some moves... Coach, this isn't gonna get fixed within.. we need some more bulk up front... you can't put this on Chris and UD and expect it to fix itself.. or say we'll just work harder until some one gets hurt... not going to happen... yeah it work against the wizards and that's why their the worst team in the league... this will cause problems in the long run...

the crazy thing about this is, I said this in the preseason and everybody said I was crazy when I proposed a trade for varaejo... now you see what I was saying... I'm just saying...

I think I have been listening to the proposals, and yes, we can subtract some of our parts to add others. Does that automatically make sense because of a players rebound per game average. No, it doesn't.

We must not be working hard enough at getting rebounding position, because we are getting hammered on the boards, and that's mostly effort. How many times in the last 35 years has the tallest many in the league led the league in rebounding? Let's see, there was Manute Bol, no, Shawn Bradley, no. Ben Wallace, Nut Case Rodman, Kevin Love - these guys are not rebounding because they are taller than everyone else.

Maybe it's our defensive rotations that are not being executed. Maybe our bigs are getting caught contesting shots and our perimeter players aren't rotating back to rebound. I don't know, I haven't broken down enough film yet.

The Knicks adding another ancient piece to there 'oldest team in the NBA' puzzle. Yeah, KMart will put them over the top for sure. Look for a two week little bounce and then nagging injuries to Camby, Kurt Thomas, Wallace, and Martin. Certainly looks like the four horseman of apocolypse fame to me.

I'm sticking with jpejeff on this one, and enjoying the ride - just like the last two years when the world was doubting our resolve.

well, i'm not sitting pat on this one... WE NEED TO MAKE SOME MOVES....

and that bit about a players rebounds per game stat doesn't make sense is crazy... that's what the problem is smart guys... we need higher rebounds on our end.... it helps translate to run outs and fast break points...

look, plz Pat, make some moves man... these guys just don't get it... DAM...

Greg, you sound like Coach Spo... plz... We need some help man...

I was watching a press conference just yesterday about how Jets Coach Rex Ryan didn't get the job done with the Jets.. See what his problem was he didn't want to keep things real as far as what the real problems were.. there quarterback sucks and they traded for one who sucks even more... instead of making changes and giving his team a better chance to win, he stuck with plan A... sometimes when plan A doesn't work, you have to be smart enough to switch to plan B before you waist a season... we don't want to sit here this offseason saying what could have been... make something happen now... the only thing about the Jets that most can't understand is, how did he keep his job... I like Coach Spo, but when the writing is on the wall, you have to be honest with your team and help them too...

one more thing.. man lie women lie, numbers don't... we're not rebounding enough... WE NEED HELP...

Comparing the Heat organization to the Jets organization is pretty offensive.

I readily admitted numerous times, that we need to board better. Riles, circa 1987, "no rebounds, no rings".

We can rebound as a team, with no one dominating the boards.

I'm just not willing to blow up our rotation, losing the 2 1/2 years of continuity, and bring in new blood to get done, what we can get done with our exsisting players. Didn't UD lead the league in rebounding off the bench last year?

...and what number matters most - rebounds per game or victories? One we are lacking in, the other we are exceling at.

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