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Heat valued at $625 M by Forbes Magazine

The Arison family paid $32 M for the Heat in 1988. Today, the team is worth $625 M, according to a valuation by Forbes Magazine.

Forbes estimates that the Heat is the sixth most valuable franchise in the NBA. Tops on the list is the New York Knicks, which Forbes says is worth $1,001 M. The Lakers are second at $1,000 M. Forbes says that only the Knicks and Lakers break the billion dollar mark.

The Heat lands between the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets on Forbes' list.

Here's what I'm having a hard time understanding: How is the Heat only $100 M more valuable than the Sacramento Kings? And why are the Kings valued so high to being with? Is is simply because the Seattle group that is buying the franchise was so desperate to land the team that they paid too much?


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Well Joe, you make a good point... But, the city of Seattle was a great place for basketball and has a great fan base... They were strip of their team and that has left a void in that area ever since... So, with that being said, you also have to take into consideration that that area has some rich people who can afford to spend 500 million and not blink... So, while I agree with what a good point your making, I also understand that, they should have a team...

In fact, they should have never lost their team...

I also think that trading Allen and Lewis back there would be a fitting story for that team/city... Sometimes we don't consider how much fans really enjoy the game and how much it means to have a team in your area... And when it is stripped from you, the wound that stays and burns inside, for the fans...

The last meaningful memories for that team was with Allen and Lewis... They will get draft picks and will have plenty of time to build a winning product out there.. But to bring the game back, I think it would mean more to the fans and to the players too, to be a part of those memories...

You miss understood. Kings are worth $5.25! LMAO...... Sir charles said the Kings have great fans that support that team no matter what. There dead last in attendance (home and away)so I guess he was right.

Back in the late 80's, my aunt and uncle were stationed in Anchorage Ak.. They were both in the Army... Fort Richardson... Now I was in high school at the time, and my parents sent me out there to go to school.. I went to Bartlett High School, in Anchorage... The only basketball team that was shown out there was the Seattle Supersonics... As a young kid from the eastcoast, that at that time didn't know anything about that side I got a chance to visit Seattle and enjoy their way of life.. I mean if you like seafood, it is amazing.. But back to my story.. The basketball team was part of the fabric of the Pacific Northwest.. And they have a huge market out there... Not to belittle Sac-town at all.. But Seattle has a bigger market... Now, somewhere down the line, there will be some one who feels the same way about the Kings... Hopefully, they come back too..

what do y'all think about adding k-mart too???

Mario Chalmers (Alaskan) grew up a big fan of the Sonics. He considered Seattle his team.

Well, I can see why... From my prospective, everyone up there was a Sonics fan... Although, there was a lot of people from other places there, the team they could see the most was the Sonics...

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