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Heat signs Jarvis Varnado

The Heat signed center Jarvis Varnado on Wednesday to a 10-day contract.

Varnado, originally a second-round pick of the Heat in 2010, most recently played for the Boston Celtics. The Celtics released him last week in advance of the contract-guarantee deadline. Varnado played with the Heat during summer league and was a preseason camp invitee. In college, Varnado set the NCAA record for blocks in a career.

The addition of Varnado brings the Heat's roster to 14 players. There is still room or one more player, possibly NBA veteran Chris Anderson, who worked out for Pat Riley on Tuesday and is in Miami awaiting a contract offer.


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Lets get the bird man as well and I think the heat is all set for another championship

Hey!!! You actually wrote something in the blog in regards to the Heat adding a player. And you finally mention something about Birdman! Wow, took you long enough! Smh

Welcome back Joe. Don't take BKY. You're part of the blog family.

Whatever bust, you need to step up your game too.

Season swirling down the whirlpool of mediocrity.

Bold action must be taken as quickly as possible, to avoid further embarrassment.

bky, my message was broken, meant to write: Don't take BKY personally. I meant take your critique as gauge of how he's handling the blog. With that, the Heat could use some of your defensiveness on the court. Anytime you think someone disagrees with you, they need to step up their game. lol.

Man Tyreke Evans would be a nice trade at this point of the season... He could be that third attack guy come postseason... What about Whiteside??? Three young bigs pittman, vanardo, whiteside...

I still say trade Ray Allen...

What about Smith from the Hornets...

Three good trades

1: ray allen to the nuggets for timofey mozgov
2: rashard lewis, joel anthony, draft pick to the kings for tyreke evans
3: james jones, draft pick to the hornets for jason smith

bring back pittman and sign whiteside...

why the hell PAT bringing back HARELLSON for a 10 day contract????

what about THE BIRDMAN or K-MART???



Pittman looked like an all star in that d league i saw him in.. but Ive come to learn that there is a VAST difference in talent n skill from the D-league than the NBA

I like Varnado's hustle. And he said all he wants to do is lead the league in rebounds and block shots. the heat are going to need him to do a bit more, but thats a great start! lets hope he can accomplish that in a Heat UNI!

People talking TIM OHLBRECHT from GERMANY into the NBA. A Good Center with solid Stats. Not sure about the D-LEAGUE Level though.....he currently plays for Rio Grande.....

^^ Pittman is looking better than that guy..

It's one thing to sign play the dang guys other than slop time - please.

thats SPO's problem.. Ill give him credit for noticing that you cant put guys like Bron in a box and say no you play this position. But other than that, I dont see how's this amazing X's and O's guy when he doesnt play the right pieces at the right time.. If he was not coaching a team full of all stars he probably would have been fired right after mike brown..


Comedy Central day at the Herald.

You know Greg, I was just thinking the same thing...

But, thought about some tweeks that would help and doesn't scrap the small-ball concept but adds depth up front... And gives us a six-man who would spell Wade some as well as play with him at times to ATTACK the rim...

1. trade Lewis, Anthony, draft pick to the Kings for T. Evans...
2. Allen to the Nuggets for T. Mozgov
3. J. Jones, draft pick to the Hornets for J. Smith..

Now we still can play small.. But against certain teams we have to be able to size up....

Black the trucker, you really need an intervention on trade talks. It's really getting old and just point blank stupid at this point. Not one of your trades will ever come to fruition. Get a life.

how many draft picks do the heat hold??

2013, 2nd rounder only. 2014, 1st and 2nd. As a Heat fan you should no that already though.

^^ LOL!!!!! i thought we got a 1st round pick from the sixers for giving them our pick, thats how we got Hamilton..

you must really like my trades... dam.. can i at least have a little fun... dam...

No, you can't have a little fun. Your trades NEVER make any sense! Bring knowledge to this blog, not stupidity...Everytime I read your responses I get dumber by the minute.

I feel bad that you get your basketball knowledge here on the herald.. sucks to be you.. tough guy... you should have listen to your father when he told you to stay in school...

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