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Heat begins road trip with inefficient effort in Boston


Losing to the Celtics at TD Garden is nothing new for the Heat — Miami has now lost its last 10 regular-season games in Boston — but let's consider the circumstances before filing this one away.

Sunday was Ray Allen's first game in Boston since signing with the Heat, so motivation shouldn't have been a problem. On top of that, the Celtics played without point guard Rajon Rondo, who learned he had a torn ACL before the game. And, let's not forget, the Celtics weren't playing very well entering the game. Boston's double overtime victory against the Heat was the Celtics first victory in seven games.

In other words, the Heat should be kicking itself after Sunday's loss.

Rebounding myths aside, the most consistent problem for the Heat in losses this season is turnover-to-assist ratio. It was horrendous on Sunday. The Heat had 21 turnovers and just 19 assists. Boston scored 19 points off of Heat giveaways. Dwyane Wade led the Heat with six turnovers. Chris Bosh had five. Mario Chalmers and LeBron James had three each.

Other observations:

—From the beginning of the game, it was obvious Chris Bosh was the Heat's most efficient offensive options. Bosh 5 of 6 from the field in the first quarter but attempted just six shots the rest of the game. Bosh was 2 of 3 from the field in the second half and both overtimes. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra called Sunday one of the Heat's most inefficient games of the season. Maybe the Heat should find some more shots for its most efficient shooter. Miami shot 40.6 percent from field (39 of 96). Bosh finished 7 of 12 from the field for 16 points. He also had 16 rebounds in perhaps the best game of his career against Kevin Garnett.

—Mario Chalmers was off his game. When Chalmers is playing well, the Heat is practically unbeatable. When Chalmers isn't playing well, the Heat has to compensate and that means more responsibilities for LeBron. Chalmers played three minutes in the fourth quarter and remained on the bench in both overtimes. He went scoreless (0 of 3 from the field) with three turnovers, two assists and four fouls in about 22 minutes.

—Rashard Lewis played more than nine minutes in the second quarter. Why, exactly? He didn't score and didn't contribute any rebounds or assists. What about Mike Miller? What about Chris Andersen? Is Andersen ever going to play meaningful minutes?

—Spoelstra went with the same five players—LeBron, Bosh, Wade, Shane Battier and Ray Allen—for the final 16 minutes of the game. LeBron played nearly 52 minutes. Bosh and Wade played more than 46 minutes. While Bosh attempted just three shots after the first half, James finished the game with 31 shot attempts. Wade missed his last seven shots of the game.

—Allen was 7 of 17 from the field in 38 minutes. It seemed like the Heat made Allen a priority. That's understandable, considering Allen's return to Boston, but the Allen forced some tough shots in overtime. He played the final 28 minutes of the game despite his limitations defensively. Allen was 2 of 8 from three-point range. Overall, the Heat was 5 of 23 (.217 percent) from three-point range.


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tooo many minutes for battier does he ever get a rebound put the tatooed freak in their hes athletic rebounds and defends the hoop stuff battier cant do we have enough scoring
why doesnt ud get any crunch time minutes like his toughness and still think he can hit clutch baseline j
millier bat jones lewis same type player dont need so many pat we have ray we need birdman in there spotard

Real simple play design for that left side out with 5-10 seconds left...with everybody expecting LeBron or Wade to have ball for the top of key iso. Have any guard back screen Bosh's guy standing on opposite Bosh can drop across the lane with his left strong side hand...then hit him with the pass with him either being guarded by his trailing guy or someone smaller at the rim.

Black...does this mean ...when the Heat win at home...the refs helped them ? The game should not even have to come to last minute heroics.

No Rondo - no problem...apparently.

Why is Battier playing so many minutes..what does he really bring I don't see it ..I think he is only in there because he is boy with nick arison. Mile miller is a way better option he moves the ball well a better shooter and rebounds..spoltra gets out vcoach all the time .. the heat win because of the talent definetaly not because if his coaching..Allen is a good shooter but a ball hog and takes horrible force shots all the time and plays no defense..and bosh should get the ball more if he is the efficient from the field but spoltra doesn't see that Cruz he can't see past lebron wade or allen

Battier is a smart player.. bottom line.. he knows when/how to foul a player, he can take a charge better than anyone in the league, and he is still a top wing defender, if yall cant see that, IDK why your a heat fan lol ... He's in a shooting slump yes, but he'll come out of it..

Thanks for your worthless contribution Igor.


for whatever reason we don't get calls at home either... is there some kind of vendetta against the Heat??? I don't know... but if you don't see that these games aren't called fairly, I have a bridge for sale.. you might be interested...

Look, there are a couple of trades I've been putting together, I wanna wait until after I watch the White House visit before I post...

As a whole we should have a better record... Why are we getting robbed so much, man, it's a head scratcher...

RP - like that play design. With the talent on this team, and as many weapons as we have, just about any play will work, IF EXECUTED. Don't know what that last play was supposed to be, certainly didn't draw up a 25' heave for Batt.

Smitty was right with Batt's contributions. There is a reason (other than knowing Arison's son) that he was on the top of the Heat's wish list for years.

bky - you just keep coming up with intelligent thoughtful posts. Nice job.

black the trucker - lol. You are proving my point yourself. If the refs are entirely inconsistent, then the Heat should plan on that being the case...i.e. don't count on the refs. Again, that's why I say dominate from beginning and to end and try to blow the other team out and ref's calls won't be an excuse even if they are true.

Here's the deal with rebounding - bosh made a point that the forwards are all out for jump shots - that's Spo's offense so they are in there for rebounds. bosh said the team strategy needs to place him better position to rebound. This would go for Lewis also and Battier also since they are all used as jump shooters. Haslem is the closest in - he usually shoots 10-15 ft shots.

Joel Anthony should be cut. I'm not saying he isn't a commodity but for his pay and his roster space, we could possibly get more output.

Spo still doesn't know who to play with who - i.e. who complements who so he sticks with 8 player rotations for any given game.

Lewis, Allen, Wade (I take back he was lazy for shooting floaters - heck he must have been exhausted after reading his minutes), Lebron, Bosh need a better offense so it will be easier for them to score especially in marathon games like this. Having to create a shot from a stand still as opposed to having a running start (hence that's why people love fast break points) is more difficult. Put some movement in the offense.

A lot of the offensive movement isn't going towards the basket, but skins at the 3 point line with movement from sideline to sideline instead of going in toward the baseline and hoop.

Just wandering from the vast library of basketball knowledge on this post:

How SPECIFICALLY was Spo outcoached by Doc yesterday? What specific strategies, formulas, or plays are we talking about?

LBJ is third in the league in scoring, I think, and averaging 27 -28 points a game and we think there is some magical offense that gets him points easier? How about this, let's change his jersey number every game so the opponents don't know he is our main scorer.

Gotta move forward, because, well the alternate is going backward, or staying in one spot, lamenting about a game that is over and you can't change the outcome at this point.

Hopefully our self-appointed king can give these guys some advice today. Maybe we can have the IRS design our offensive sets, let the post office deliver the defensive assignments, and for goodness gracious, let's get some women under the basket to do the real combat work. I mean, the gov't sucks at just about everything, except for the military, and now we want to turn that into a social experiment. If everything goes as planned, the Muslims will be as armed as the US (not the citizens - no, we can't have them armed), the trickle-up poverty is starting to spread, and the ancient term of world power is finally going to be singularly referred to China, our communist civil rights leaders in Asia. Obama's dreams for this country are coming true - how y'all liking what you are seeing? Banks loaning money in Miami? Businesses pretty cavalier about their increasing costs of health care, that apparently, is an 'employees right'? Unlike the second amendment, which doesn't really mean what is says.

Oh, well, onto Crooklyn.

OK, that was a nice visit to see the President...

Now we move forward...

A couple of targets we should be looking at...

#1. center, Gortat, Suns... And keep in mind Scola might come free..
#2. center/guard, Cousins, Evans, Kings...
#3. center/forward, Mozgov, Randolph, Nuggets..
#4. guard, Williams, Jazz...
#5. center/forward, both Dalembert and Scola are being talked about as possible buyouts, which would make them free agents.. and k-mart is still an option...

let's keep an eye on the Celtics... with Rondo gone for the season, both KG and PP will more than likely be traded...

we don't need either one, but that might take some of these guys off the board...

I wanted to add Booby Gibson and Mo Speights, but y'all know the Cavs aren't giving us any of there players who might help us..

Spoltra is a horrible coach.. give him any other team let's see how many wins he embarrassing that the Celtics without rondo they take the heat to 2 ot ..n beat them.. it shouldn't have been even close..look at how the Celtics responded after each time out and how well they executed down the stretch and the heat with so many weapons they get 3 from Battier from almost half court that goes for the guy that ask who was the better coach.. or how he got out coach just like he got out coach in the finals against the mavericks the heat should have to tittle and last year the won't Cuz pat Riley intervene against the pacers series when send spo to go f himself.. pat Riley had a meeting with the team and that when they started playing better..n Shane Battier is a decent bench player but he doesn't deserve starters minutes

Oh yeah...just knew the White House visit would bring epic GregG. Always good chuckles...

Oh no...more Trucker pipedreams. Hey Black...we got no one anybody else it ?

Greg G...come on homey...did you watch the game ? The half court sets were dismal. Yeah...if you didn't see the game...just close your eyes and imagine what you've seen 1,000 times. Top of key iso's by LeBron & Wade holding/dribbling for 18-20 seconds of shot clock. Road record sucks...and a Rondo-less Celtics team waiting for another beating. Certainly not a game of vision by Spo.

Greggembe, Look at EVERYTHING I wrote. I know exactly what I'm talking about. If you think that moron Igor brought something on here, then your more dumb than I thought. And keep trying to be funny with your "political posts" that nobody cares about.

its just one game, you all should go wash your hands from typing all this sh*T, we're still first in the east....horrible last play, this and that, blah blah blah...7 game series true colors the mean time
sit back and eat your popsicles little ladies

RP - I did watch the game, and I saw the same predictable end of the quarter/half/game sets from the Heat as I do just about every other NBA team, and that is iso, with maybe a ball screen, very little movement off the ball, and almost no passing. I saw two very tired teams playing those last 10-12 minutes, which accounts for some of the standing around. So, I'm with you when you say some very predictable sets, but that's with every team.

I guess I was looking specifically out how SPO got 'outcoached'. Hell, most of the people on here that use that term probably have never coached. That's like me saying a nascar driver got outdriven by another driver when I've never driven (or watched much) nascar.

Was there a specific game plan employed by Doc that we constantly couldn't counter? Every team's bench coach (not necessarily the head coach) can come up with out of bounds plays, that pretty much junior high stuff.

"Spoltra is a horrible coach.. give him any other team let's see how many wins he gets...." - hey, easy there diaz, that's my phil jackson arguement you're using there.

Turnovers was the main reason I believe the Heat lost yesterday's game. Bosh and LBJ rebound real well, we didn't shoot very well, and Chalmers doesn't have too many of those suck games, he is a prime time player though.

Heat have lost 10 in a row in Bawston, and the C's had lost 6 straight games....something was going to give. I hope this doesn't diminish the Heat's confidence in playing against the Celtics. Anyone else think the Heat's post game locker room was gloom and doom, thinking 'we can't beat this team'? Me either. They were probably thinking they let one get away that they should've won and then LBJ, Wade, or SPO will break out the black, and say "WE MOVE FORWARD!"

Riles home with the flu - yeah, right. I'm feelin ya Pat!

Two trades that caught my attention...

Heat trade: Anthony, draft pick
Cavs trade: Speights

Heat trade: Allen, Lewis
Kings trade: Evans

these are possible trades that could help this year..
got couple more..tbc...

no way battier elite defender did u c him try to guard carmelo he gotlit up when lbj was on carmelo bye bye carmelo thats an elite defender batts tries hard hes not quick enough for small forwards not big enough for power forwards hes good at drawing charges and thats it spo sux for playing this guy too much

Hey bky let's slow it down with the insult that is my opinion if you disagree with it is OK ..but not need to insult for no reason .. i havent disrespected argument about spoltra come from many points of view yesterday bosh was having a great game. Spoltra as a coach should see that and make sure he is getting more touches as efficient as he was..

Hey diaz, Spell the coach's name correct then we can talk...And Andy, My God...

spo coaches like a robot the heat could be blowing somebody out in 1st qtr and instead of riding the lineup another few minutes to widen lead he brings in instant offense joel bat and norris bye bye lead bring wade back in to build lead back up every games has same substitution pattern in the first half no feel for the game to ride a hot hand

Bky go learn about the game you haven't said anything worthless here but to act like a 12 yr old..why don't you grab your milk and go to sleep

I will be at the Athletic Club in Weston tomorrow from 10am-7pm. Stop on by, I'm sure you won't though.

c u there punk

LOL! Ask for bky when you check in at the front desk. If you show up that is.

Need directions?

No need to bring your english book andy, I offer free grammar lessons.

your a dam asshole....

Andy called me a punk. You saw it here first. And I'm the a**hole? And Diaz acts all tough too. And I'm the a**hole??? Reread it again and get back to me.

Reread and, yep, you definitely have a lot of Kardasian in your posts.

Kardasian? I don't speak you idiotic language Greggembe. I will say it again, you try WAY too hard to make a joke. It's not working. Btw, I was talking to black not you. Go be miserable somewhere else old timer.

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